Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I don't know how.

I really do not know how I managed to lose weight the past two weeks.

I am totally not complaining though and plan on using this to get myself back on the correct path.  I was walking one foot on and one foot off. I totally expected to see a gain on the scale when I stepped on. I have been hiding out in my ostrich hole because things at work are in such an uproar right now. I have never feared for my job till last Thursday. It's bad.  Boss man was furious with numbers and was talking about firing three people to set an example. My home store is one of the biggest with the numbers in issue. UGH!  He seems to have calmed a little bit so I am not terrified anymore, but I was. I was tearing up all day off and on at work. Tomorrow is a new month though so I hope that with the reset of numbers that he will let the anger go.

I stumbled onto a website that is a work from home type thing I have been playing with. It pays literally pennies but hell I am wasting my time on the computer anyway I figure. We have big plans for Christmas this year and I am trying to do whatever I can to come up with extra money to help. I am whoring out shopkick to all of my friends and Receipt Hog. Those are the only two I actively use. I have ibotta but I never seem to buy the stuff they are offering money for.

Tomorrow is the 1st and I expect a busy day at work so off to bed I go. I smell like a peach and I LOVE IT!  I had a coupon for Bath and Body Works and two weeks ago hubby and I went there.  Actually it was Father's Day come to think of it. It happened to be our 12 year anniversary on the same day so that trumped. Hah! I fell in love with Peach Bellini.  It is my new favorite! It is normally a scent smell but they are testing as the bath products. LOVE!

Our new roof looks beautiful and it only took them one day to do. You can see it was time for the old roof to go bye-bye.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The roof, the roof, the roof is going bye bye

Tomorrow will be a early one for us as the roofers should be here at about 7am. Getting a new roof tomorrow. Painful, but the current roof is in bad shape. We believe it is the original roof and house was built in 1988.

Eats are right on the money. I am starting to feel creative again about meal planning and that is a good thing. I realllllllly need to clean out my pantry. Pulling out all kinds of outdated stuff. In my diet forays I have avoid pantry items (rice mixes,boxed stuff and the like) I am including beans this go around so those are finally leaving.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

1 week down

It has been a long, long time since I could say that I successfully managed to eat mostly on track for a week. 

I did have a blip one day in a moment of weakness. Happy to say that I pulled through the next day and didn't give in to the "wanties" and got back on track. You know how it is right?  Your doing well and you give in and make a choice(s) you shouldn't have. You vow to get yourself back on track tomorrow because after all it is only one day right? Umm yeah that is an issue for me. Normally I say I will get back on the next day and then the next and so on till I have lost all forward movement.
 My whoops was Friday afternoon while I was driving 1.5 hours home after going cross eyed looking at paperwork. I had a visitor that was a whole week late and I was over the day and caved on a chocolate chip mcfrappe.  Then that led to the choice of pizza and coke for dinner. 

Saturday I almost chose the dark side again. However I did it! I was able to get back on track and here I am Sunday night doing great. I have managed to lose 4 pounds this past week so I am pretty happy with that. 

I am trying my darnest to have more actual water and less processed stuff this time around. Basically a LC meets whole foods approach. LC as far as avoiding flours/sugar but whole foods in that I am eating all the fruit or veggies I want.