Thursday, February 28, 2013

60 days ago

I weighed in at 248.4 pounds.   That my friends it almost 250 POUNDS!

 The most I have ever weighed in my entire life. I had 1 pair of jeans that fit. (size 22)

On Sunday December 30th 2012 I decided that I wasn't going to spend this year morbidly obese. I decided that I would start out 2013 on a low carb diet. My grocery budget for the month was exhausted. However my father had sent a Publix gift card to us as a Christmas present and I still had that. I went to the store and purchased all kinds of yummy low carb items to get me started. I didn't want to label myself as being on Atkin's because I was not planning on sticking to under 20 carbs like induction has you doing. I planned on just cutting sugar/wheat carbs and going from there. I started eating low carb that night.

On December 31, 2012 I began my new life of making better choices and eating healthier. I am pre-diabetic so I find that low carbing works best for me and my body. I have cut out majority of sugar and a large portion of carbs. Some days I may have a little more carbs or sugar than my new normal. I am working on finding my trigger points so that I know to avoid them. Many chocolate covered strawberries the day after Valentine's Day?  TRIGGER!  I have had some bread here and there and it doesn't seem to be a trigger for me. I am still avoiding it though as I would rather fill my tummy with veggies than fluff carbs. This is my own personal way of eating so I can't give you a definite on what diet I am following other than choosing food that is healthy. For now it is working for me so I will continue on this path.

I am generally a much happier person now. I have started to exercise and don't I don't consider it a bad word anymore. I have walked a 5K and come in dead last. I am not sad by that though. I am happy because I can now say I have done a 5K. I now have a baseline time that can only get better. Just from a few days of exercise I already feel stronger in my legs. 60 days ago I tried to do a calf raise with just my own body weight of almost 250 pounds. I barely could!!  I stopped because I was afraid I would hurt myself!!!!

Last night I did them in the kitchen spontaneously and I had no fear. I felt strong and in control!

 Today, I weigh in 16 pounds lower at 232.4 (actual pic)  

Today I felt that I have come far enough that I am not ashamed to show my weight. I am finally lower than I was at start when I attempted this whole weight loss thing Sept 2009. You see I have been here before. Then my start was 239 though and I was on a prescription weight loss drug. You see how well that worked out for me huh? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Technically I am a soccer mom.

I don't classify myself as one though.

 I rarely go to games or practice. Even though it is my child out there I just have no interest in sports.  Last season I went to the first and last games only.

 This season I plan on going to all the games/practices when I am off. Today was the first practice that I was able to go to. I went in with a plan. To walk the field while A was playing and B was hanging out at the benches with his soccer sibling friends. I used hubby's garmin to accurately map my walk. 4 trips around the field (with pauses to check on B and sip water) equal just over a mile.

Sorry for the scroll.  I need to figure out how to make the actual picture size smaller. 
 The fresh air and open view was a nice change of pace.

As I was walking the fields I was a little surprised to see how many of us obese soccer mom's that there are. I know I shouldn't be surprised (hello, look in mirror) but I really was. I kept passing mom's standing around talking. They could have been walking and talking.

It felt good knowing that I am working on myself and getting more movement in my life and hopefully leave the rank of obese soccer mom.

I found an AWESOME picture that goes along with how I am feeling.

Trying something new

My 2nd day off in my string of three that happens every other week.  I don't know what I planned to accomplish today but I can tell you it was more than I have. :(

At least my eating has been consistent with my activity.  Very low.  I conned hubby into heating up two chicken sausages (with his) for me. I will be slicing them and tossing them into a bowl of reheated sauteed cabbage w/ bacon.  This is the 3rd batch I have made.  While I do like it the first batch was the best. I think I might move on to sweet taters when this is gone.  Of course my problem with those (the roasted sliced ones) is that I want to eat them all.  LOL  Yes, they are veggies but no that will not help anything.

After the late lunch is eaten we will be heading out to the soccer field for A's practice tonight.  I plan on walking the field edges while they are playing.  Hubby will be in charge of B. and making sure he is being entertained. I don't know how many steps I will walk but it will be neat to see them change to points. I am trying out a free web app that you earn points from when you work out.  You can then use those points for discounts on stuff who sponsors the site or you can donate them to charity.  With the fitbit roughly 250 steps is 1 point.  It seems to take 100 points (max 60 a day) to purchase anything. (Exception of one thing on sale right now)  I figure I can try it out and see if I like it or not.  If your intrigued and want to look into it feel free to use my affiliate link    Once you earn 100 points I would get 100 points.  Obviously you don't have to use the link if you don't want to.  I won't cry.  I swear!  LOL  If you do join though please let me know so I can friend you.  :)

Off to eat!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Said no one, ever

A whopping 1.2 mile on the treadmill today.  A 25 minute mile  LOL.  I know my average speed walking pace now from the 5K.  I ended up going .3 lower today as I am still sore.  My goal now is to work on endurance.

I have decided that I am weird.  I really, really wanted to buy the two pack of C9 workout undies that Target sells.  They are boy shorts and just so darn tiny but stretchy. LOL  I picked up another pair of those yoga/workout pants that I fell in love with.  Honestly I have plenty of work out pants but it is turning into a addiction.  I really need to stop as I hope they will be to big one day.  Oh well, at least they are stretchy so they should last a while.  

Is it Monday??

I know it is Tuesday. I know this because I missed blogging yesterday.  I realized it after I was in bed and I just did a "whatever"  I figure it will all even out as there are some days I did more than one blog post.

Anyway I ask if it is Monday because my day is ::insert crashing plane sound here::

Flood last night of epic proportions for me.  Although it does explain the 4 lbs up when I haven't eaten anything wrong.  I was blaming the 5k for the weigh being high from pissed off muscles or something. (I mentioned starting last week but that was just a teaser that day apparently)

8:10 am wake up and heard my 4.5 yr old telling daddy he wet the bed (top bunk soooo annoying to change)

8:22 am a phone call from 7 yr old's school to come pick him up for pink eye.

There goes my plans of sleeping in on my day off.  MEH!

Get 7 yr old from school and while his eye looks a little puffy from rubbing there is zero pink or watering going on.  Tell the clinic lady it is allergies but I will take him home.  She then tells me that I need a DR. note to bring him back. Ugh!  I know he was uninsured as of 2 weeks ago but I hope the insurance company got their act in gear by now as I sent all the required info last week.

 Get him home and sit on hold for 17 min and get hung up on.  Call back- 10 min and get hung up on.  Call a different number and am told they are processing it and it will be another 3-5 days.  Call Ped office and it is $100 without insurance.  I am NOT paying that for allergies.  No way no how!  True pink eye?  yes   allergies? no  I call school and ask clinic lady how many day out without Dr note.  I explain to her I gave him allergy pill and he looks a million times better.  She puts me on hold and comes back saying it is up to me.  But that if he looks like there is anything wrong they will send him home again.  O.K.

I have him laying down next to me as I was hoping he would nap but that isn't happening.

I had plans today for myself.  I don't know if I will be able to do them now though.  : (  It would require an hour of treadmill time and it will just be me and the boys till like 9 pm.  It seems dad is planning on watching another movie at school for his class. Yeah for getting out of cooking but booooo for mucking up my plans.

The good news?  I am not reaching for food to soothe my irritation at life today.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know none of this is really thaaaat bad but if I was in a dark place already it would have thrown me spiraling down.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Am I sore you ask?

 Yes I am sore.

Thanks for asking.  Last night it was my hips and thighs.  Today it was the top of my feet and my shins.  So maybe tomorrow I will be all better?  LOL

I haven't taken anything for the pain as it is that "hurts so good" pain.  The kind that tells you that you worked out your muscles well.  I am sorta amazed that my feet bottoms do not hurt at all.  Even during the 5k they never hurt.  Towards the end the bottoms were getting a little bit numb but as we all know I have never walked 3 miles at one time either so thaaat would be why.

I thought I was going to sleep well yesterday but I slept like POOP!  I couldn't fall asleep and after an hour I took a sleeping pill.  That finally knocked my ass out.

I had a HUGE feel good this morning.  Yesterday when we were gallivanting about town we ended up in Target.  Hubbers wanted me to get a sherberty orange semi fitted shirt so I could have a nice work out shirt. I thought it was to tight when I tried it on and I didn't like the color on me.  I did find some clearance yoga type pants though.  I grabbed the XL Short and figured no matter what they would fit.  It would just depend on how tightly. (All my Target yoga stuff is between XL and XXL) I picked up a clearance sports bra too but I have not tried that on yet.  Well this morning I decided to wear my new yoga pants to work.  I slid them on and they were firm in the calves but they fit me really well everywhere else.  I have never had a pair of yoga pants slide on so smoothly. I told hubby I would go buy more but on clearance they were still almost $16.

Work for 10 hours tomorrow then off for 3 days.  I cannot wait!  Nighty night yall!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My first 5k-I did it!!!!

I participated in my first ever 5k.

I was last from about 30 seconds into the race.  I was the 172 person to cross the finish line. (Psst 172 participants)  I held a steady 22.25 pace for the entire way.

 I don't think they planned on having someone being as slow as myself because they were breaking apart the course as I passed.  Hell, they even offered me a ride in on a golf cart at mile 1.  I told them no, that I was fine.  It took a lot longer to get to 1 mile than I thought it would.  Just over a mile in the finishers started passing me to the left.  Hubby's friend that ran the race was BOOM right there so I was able to waive at him as he yelled "Go realname"

Mile 2 felt a teeny bit quicker in my head. I happened to look at my hands then and did a WTF? because they were both seriously swollen.  I didn't wear any jewelry today thank goodness.  I would have had to take off any rings had I been wearing them.   Just after mile 3 hubby ran out the course the wrong way to meet me.  His friend watched the boys so he could.  We walked the last mile in together.  I ran for like the last 20 steps to cross the finish line. I immediately went pee (see below) and wow did my hands hurt.  I don't think I have ever had my hands swell- even in pregnancy.  I ran cold water on them and splashed my face also when I realized I was a dull red.

(Of course I had to pee about a quarter mile in.  LOL  I am not saying I would have been faster had I peed but I sure as hell would have felt better.)

I WILL do it again.  I will increase my speed in the future as well.

After shot- Facing the sun so my eyes are closed.  Looks at those sausage fingers!!

I hit 10k steps on the fitbit by 9:30 am!  I wanted to hit 15K so we ran around town afterwards on some errands.  I am currently sitting on 16,020 and am wide awake.  My husband on the other hand is fast asleep @@  My 150 lb marathon running husband that is.  LMAO

I tried to give blood when we were at Sam's Club.  I have always wanted to but my iron tends to run low. I finally decided to at least try.  I figured with all the leafy greens and what not I have been eating that I would be able to.  Sad to say that my iron was way to low.  I was at 10.5 and you need to be a 12.

Off to cook dinner-  Turkey taco salad here

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jumping in feet first!

Yesterday the size 20 jeans that I have been wearing had a chub rub blow out in the thighs. Well I went digging and I found that second pair of size 20's that I had been missing.  If your following me then you may remember that they were the tighter pair so I was hoping to fit into them.  Wellll they are not the tighter ones. They were the looser ones. I have been wearing the tighter pair this entire time!  But of course they have a thigh rip too.  EKK!  So all I have that currently fits is the Ralph Lauren (hand me downs) that do not cut off air but I prefer to wear them a little looser.  In all my digging I had hubbers pull out all the jeans that I had stacked in the closet.  Four pairs of size 18's and six pairs of size 16. I want to fit into those 18's!!!!!   I must start moving more if I want that to happen.

  I had previously been thinking about announcing a future 5k that I wanted to participate in.  I have everything set up to do it now (March 23rd) but I will not know until last minute if I can do it.  I planned on announcing it and then working on a training plan that would force me to be on the treadmill.  Well in typical Mrs. Swan fashion I am jumping in feet first instead!  My first ever 5k will be tomorrow February 23, 2013!

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at 6:30 am to get ready. Hubbers and the boys will be going as well.  Hubby plans on taking the boys over to the playground to play while I walk.

Now I am off to go prep for the 5k tomorrow.

Good Night!!

Oh yeah!  Today was WI day.

- 1

Possible big announcement tonight.

If all goes well today I may have a exciting announcement to make tonight. I will found out by the time I get off work if this will happen.

Check back tonight for update. 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 53

It's late and I want to get to bed so no major blogging tonight.  I have blogged everyday this year though so I had to throw something up.  :P

Avoided sugar :    51/53    
Avoided simple carbs :   47/53
Avoided every other* sugar junk food:  53/53   minus chocolate covered fruit  :X
*= ,cake,cookies,ice cream, pie, pudding and the like.
Avoided regular soda: 53/53

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yes- literally    POOP

Poop all in the toilet and all in the tub.

I hate my house's plumbing.   A LOT!

1 minute outside (in the dark after work) with a plumbing snake and I had the clog cleared. This happened at 2 pm but my husband is such a helpless baby sometimes so he had to wait for me.  UGH!

Toilet cleaned
Tub cleaned


(oh yeah- and my period started so I am GRUMPY)

Avoided sugar :    50/52    
Avoided simple carbs :   46/52
Avoided every other* sugar junk food:  52/52   minus chocolate covered fruit  :X
*= ,cake,cookies,ice cream, pie, pudding and the like.
Avoided regular soda: 52/52

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am NOT giving up the days I earned!!!

I have so much bouncing around in my noggin right now. So many thoughts that are fighting with each other because they want to be heard. Lets see if I can sum them all up here.

By having the sugar on the chocolate covered strawberries last Friday I feel like I failed. :(  Failed myself and you.

 I feel like I was tested and I *knew* I could have turned it down but I chose not to.  I went through the cravings on Saturday (which were a bitch!) but I was able to keep them at bay. Yesterday I was really annoyed with someone for brushing aside my feelings.   I let that bother me a bit to much and the chocolate covered bananas thateveryonewantedtotrybutnooneliked made an appearance into my mouth. I have such conflicting emotions on the eating of the chocolate covered fruit.  Everything from "It could have been worse" to "you call this a fail?! this was a snack last year" to "at least it was chocolate covered fruit and not cake/pie/ice cream/cookies/insert stereo typical dessert here"

I had a good day today despite the stress leading up to it (remember that summons I mentioned a month ago?) Afterwards I thought about hitting up a fast food joint to try their new fish bites but I realized I had way yummier cabbage/bacon at home.

So now that I have that typed out the next part of my boingy thoughts.

I failed at the avoiding sugar on day 47 then again on day 50. I was so torn on if I should just start all over on day 1 or keep going. Last night I totally planned on making today day 1 again.  This morning I totally thought about making this day 1 again. This afternoon I totally thought about making this day 1 again.  This evening I said F that shit! I earned those other 48 days!!!!!!!  So I am not starting over at day one.  Instead I will continue to earn my days one by one.  I am sticking with my avoiding sugar/carbs but I need to realize that there are going to be days I am not as perfect as I would like to be. There are days I might have a serving of *gasp* carbs. I have not felt I failed the two times I have had sushi or even the biscuits from Red Lobster.

SUGAR is my enemy.  However simple (non fruit) carbs go with sugar hand and hand most times. (Fruit doesn't trigger me)

Today makes day 51 of the new and improved eating habits I have adopted in 2013. (started 12/31/12)

This is how I am going to keep track for myself and for you.  I am quite proud of the bottom two. Maybe I am cheating by saying except chocolate covered fruit but eh it is my blog.  Hahaha!

Avoided sugar :    49/51    
Avoided simple carbs :   45/51
Avoided every other* sugar junk food:  51/51   minus chocolate covered fruit  :X
*= ,cake,cookies,ice cream, pie, pudding and the like.
Avoided regular soda: 51/51

Monday, February 18, 2013


I will bite my tongue though and life moves on.

Looking forward to a long stressful day tomorrow. NOT!

Good night!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2 of my favorite veggie eats right now

  I have been having one of them plus protein for dinner all this week.

Sweet potato slices
(this is a basic recipe that was stolen and tweaked from scroll down to sweet tater recipe)
  • Slice sweet potato into half inch slices.
  • Lay aluminum foil on baking sheet.  
  • Spray Pam on foil then lie down sliced potatoes.
  •  Spray Pam on the slices then sprinkle with sea salt. 
  •  Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.  
  • Take out and flip slices and respray Pam and sprinkle sea salt. 
  •  Bake in 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes
This makes the sweet potatoes taste like candy  The natural sugar in the potato caramelizes and almost forms a crispy crust on top (if eaten while HOT) After they cool the flavor is still amazing they just melt in your mouth.  
I always eat the leftovers cold the next day so I don't know how it reheats.  LOL
2 thumbs up!

Sauteed cabbage with bacon
(this one is 100% mine but I am sure there is a recipe that does the same thing as it is really basic. The salt of the bacon pairs so well with the flavor of the cooked cabbage)
  • Core and slice one cabbage into 1/4 in shreds.  
  • Add 2-3 pats of butter to large pan and turn heat on med high.
  • Add cabbage and slowly saute to bring out the natural sweet/savory flavor cabbage can have.
  • Take cabbage out and place in bowl for now.
  • Take a pack of bacon an rough chop into 1 inch chunks.
  • Fry bacon till your desired crispness
  • Serve pile of cabbage with a few chunks of bacon as garnish.
  • When putting food away add bacon into cabbage mixture.  
Reheats very well.  
2 thumbs up!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not feeling it

Just not feeling the blogging love tonight.

Eating was on track.  I do admit I did have some negative thoughts today though. Thoughts of why the hell should I bother?  8 weeks and I am at -12  whoop do f'ing doo!  I should just eat some of the Valentine's Day candy that a competitor's store dropped off. (We send them our turn downs LMAO)  I already had chocolate yesterday so wtf does it matter if I have it another day and so on and so on.

I finally told myself to STFU and I was just feeling like this due to the sugar yesterday.  I made sure I ate lunch so I it would be easier to not have those thoughts.  Then I told myself I cannot fail.  I cannot "forget" I am on a diet and go back to my old ways of eating.

I do enjoy healthy eating- I just have to remind myself of that    A  LOT   sometimes.

Friday, February 15, 2013

85% SF and WI

Welllllll  it looks like I need to reduce the percentage of me being sugar free.

I was saying 98% sugar free before as that is what I was at.  After today I will have to make it more of a 85%- for this month at least.  I didn't have anything for Valentine's Day yesterday but today some chocolate covered strawberries jumped into my mouth.  My coworker's fiancee went all out yesterday and she brought in the edible arrangement that she received.  I debated on it for a while but then decided that I would just have one.  Yeah- You know how well that worked.  It was semi-sweet chocolate so it was a little less sugar than it could have been. Not that that makes it any better but you know how us fat girls like to rationalize things.

Weigh in was today.  I did lose, but not that much. I had hoped to have more of a loss.  I have not been consistent with my water intake so I blame myself and that.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

My yummy Valentine...

 to myself.

Salmon with baked sweet tater slices

I should have attempted to make that heart shaped but I just didn't care that much.  LOL

Regular chocolate did enter the house, but not my mouth.  A. brought home a goodie bag from school. I talked him into giving B. a few so that they both got Valentine's Day candy. I did have some temptation when the goody bag of candy was right next to me but I was able to ignore it. Old memories of rummaging through the kids (Halloween) candy resurfaced and it made me want to snag some for the mom tax. I resisted and had 3 SF Russel Stover coconut chocolate candies instead.

Tree work did not start today due to the rain.  I am not sure if it will tomorrow either.  Oh well, just means the money will get to stay in my account a little while longer.

I waited all day to blog and now I am not even in a blogging mood.  Whoops.

Ohhhhh wait I do have something to share.  Before my shower tonight I tried on a pair of jeans that I previously couldn't wear. They fit!  They are size 20 (Ralph Lauren- hand me downs) but cut differently than the ones I have been wearing.  When I found the 20's (both Walmart) there were two pairs.  One I could fit into and one I could not.  I was trying to find the pair that didn't fit when I found this third pair. Hopefully by the time I find the second Walmart pair they will be falling off me.

When I was in the shower I noticed that I felt smaller. Whoo hoo  When I got out I had hubby snap pictures so I could compare to the Target ones a few weeks ago.  I cannot see a difference which made me sad but then I realized that I KNOW I have lost something as that 3rd pair of jeans have not fit in like a year. They were always on the smaller size.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Full belly of yummy food.

Full of REAL food!

BBQ'ed pork chops that were leftover from Monday and fresh sauteed cabbage with bacon (for me) frozen zesty broccoli and cheese (for hubby)

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but you will find no chocolate being brought into this house.  If I get desperate I have an 85% cocoa bar up in the top cabinet.  Who would have ever imagined that chocolate would have lasted in my house? :)

I love that I am in the low carb sweet spot and able to just not give a flying fig about sweets.
We went to Publix tonight and Valentine's Day treats were abound. It was easy look at all the sweets without imagining the flavor of the fake chocolate or the fried fatty dough.  Cutting out sugar was like stopping a drug addiction.  I have never felt better mentally!  I no longer feel sad (except when I try and live on juice LOL)  Basically I am my own happy pill.  Sure, I get frustrated with the kids or hubby but I no longer automatically reach for shit. Yes shit-  I never reached for an orange or apple.  I reached for candy/cookies/chips.

I wanted to get the kids something small like a chocolate heart or something but I forgot. Whoops- Oh well, they don't need anything anyway.

B. doesn't have VPK tomorrow so he will be up my tuckus all day.  The tree is scheduled to have the cutting start tomorrow.  It will be a two day affair.  

Will you be avoiding sugar tomorrow?   I will be

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I think I will be a juice fast FAIL!

10 hours down and I am not sure I will continue this.  I feel fine, but I want to eat!!!!!

 I fear I am not as strong as I thought I was. I am super stressed- while I don't want sugar/carbs  I do  want solid food.  

 The tree is going to be *A LOT* of money to get cut and hauled.  The roof is going to be at least $1000 more than I thought. B has a dental visit Thurs for some work that is stressing me out. (I dislike the dentist)

I haven't caved yet but I fear I will the second I get up from the computer so I am pre-warning you all. 

I could lie and say I am doing the fast but umm this blog is for honesty even if I look like an idiot. 
It wouldn't be the first time   :)

Here is the tree

the tree

 the top floof of the tree

3 days of juice?

Well it looks like I am going to try do it!

I already have my juice made for the day and have drunk down my first glass.  I am only doing this for 3 days (my days off) to see how it makes me feel.  Today is day 44 of very low sugar and avoiding wheat carbs.  I know I am getting that in the juice but again, I am eating fruit so that is no big deal.

I did go to bed early but I woke up at 4am.  Our taxes were supposed to hit today and 4am is usually when the bank updates. They were not showing so I puttered around for thirty minutes then tried to go back to bed. I slept but it was very lightly and restless.  After hubbers and the boys left I fell into a deeper sleep. Then I realized I better get my ass up if I want to try this juicing thing.  I am working on post that will detail the juicing and how I feel.  You might have to wait till day 3 for that though.  I am not sure yet.

Taxes are here now- Yeah!  Now to find a reasonable roofer and tree cutter upper.  The person that fixed a leak in our roof two years ago I planned on using seems to not be in business anymore :(   Anyone know a roofer in Central FL?  For the tree I have a phone number of who the neighbors across the street used.  I just have to call to set up an appointment.  (Our roof is the original roof and is 25 years old.  When we bought the house 10 years ago we knew it needed a new roof. We kept putting it off.  Now is the time get it done before we have a major problem)

Off to drink my water and see what trouble I am going to get into today.

EDIT:   10 hours down and I am not sure I will continue this.  I feel fine but I want to eat!!!!! I fear I am not as strong as I thought I was. I am super stressed- while I don't want sugar/carbs I do want solid food. 

 The tree is going to be *A LOT* of money to get cut and hauled.  The roof is going to be at least $1000 more than I thought. B has a dental visit Thurs for some work that is stressing me out. (I dislike the dentist)

Monday, February 11, 2013

I slept

for 11 hours last night.  I am thinking about following my own footsteps and hitting the hay early tonight as well.

Eating was not much today because I was super duper busy at work. Only 2 bottles of water. :(  BAD!

 Dinner was BBQ pork chops and corn. I wanted something *bad* before my juice fast. LOL  Still not 100% sure if I am going to jump in. I will find out tomorrow when I wake up and see how I feel.   Of course I realized AFTER I not a good idea corn might have been before a juice fast.  On the bright side I will know how fast things are moving through my body.   Hehehe!

Good night!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I should

be taking a shower and hopping in bed.  Instead I think I might just hop in bed.  I can throw my hair in a ponytail tomorrow. (I work alone anyway LOL)  Or maybe I will wake up early and get it done.  My sickies have turned out to be a head cold. I feel better now but I could go to bed right now so I should take advantage of that.

I am playing with the idea of doing a 3 day juice fast.  You predicted that would be in my future didn't you?  I am off Tues/Wed/Thur so I might take advantage of that.  Any of my readers ever try one?

Good night!

Small appliance (juicing) fun!

Hubbers and I bought a new toy today.  We bought a Breville juicer.  The same one that they use in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.  Here's the thing-a-ma-ring.  We bought it before we watched the movie.  LOL

Tonight after everyone was in bed we played.  Wewould juice something just to see how much liquid came out.  We would taste test the juice. Then pour the juice into little kids cups so we could keep the flavors separate.  Once we decided we were done we mixed all the juices together (which made an awful color) and each had a glass.  We now know that cucumber is a strong flavor!  LOL

Our mix was 1 red delicious apple, 1 cara cara orange, 1 navel orange, 1 whole cucumber, 1 red grapefruit. I am sick so my taste buds are off.  I could still taste the bite of the cucumber and the tang of the citric acid.

I have to tell you that it is SO FUN to watch the stuff go from whole to pulp in like 4 seconds!!  We felt like mad scientist making the juice concoction.  The cleaning was interesting, but not that hard. Basically a good hot rinse and swish with the brush and mild soap and it is good to go.  We will have to work something out with making the most of the counter as we have a small kitchen. Galley style to be exact if your aware of that type of set up.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The sickies are here

I am the infected one.

My dad left yesterday morning.  I then typed up that blog post about weight staying the same and posted it. I went to work early. (wasn't scheduled till 2pm but since my dad left early I went in)  I had already been snuffly at home with a slight sore. After about an hour of being at work the sneezies started.  I had to admit that I was sick and work through the fog. I knew I wasn't going to be cooking dinner feeling like that so I swung into Publix for a sub for hubby. (Publix makes the greatest subs!) I grabbed a can of french onion soup for myself. Right before I left I decided I just wanted a few slices of roast beef and swiss so back to the deli I went. When I got home I had my roast beef and swiss and was totally satisfied.  Went to bed at about 10:30 pm.

I am off today so I was able to sleep in.  I thought I was going to have to get up early and run to Chiefland  for my job (2 hours north) but I wasn't needed.  I do have to run into town and pick up some office supplies for work though.  I am short hours anyway so no big deal.  A.'s glasses should be done about
12:30 pm so we will go pick those up while we are out and about.

My dad will be coming back tonight to spend the night one more time.  That way he doesn't need to pay for a hotel room again as he expects to finish his business today. He has to leave for home by 2pm tomorrow though to be home in time to take his GF to work. I work myself tomorrow but not until 10am. (normal is 9am)

Friday, February 8, 2013

I cheated- kinda

First thing is morning my weight was up by .4   :(

After about an hour and a visit to the potty my weight is now down by .4  :)

Therefore I stayed the same. I will take it!!! I was really worried about having to subtract a marble from my pounds lost jar.

Sitting at  -11 

Day 40 of no sugar crap which is awesome if I do say so myself!  

Now I must get ready and head into work as my Dad left 30 minutes ago.  Have to go make some money to pay for those new glasses for A.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is it bad...

that I want to skip WI tomorrow because I doubt it will be very good?

I haven't eaten anything HORRIBLE but it has all been at restaurants which basically equals massive sodium content.  The boys (adult ones too) wanted ice cream after dinner so we went through the McDonalds drive through.  I had ZERO temptation of getting a ice cream or even stealing a lick.

I got to drive my Dad's new car around town today which was fun.  I have never driven a *new* car.  It only has 1700 miles on it.  A Kia Soul- no, there were no hamsters in the car with us.  I asked him to buy me a new car.  He told me he would if he wins the lotto.  My mom says the same thing (basically) So that is two people on my side.  LOL

We bought A new glasses today.  He got his first pair in Sept 2012 and promptly lost them about 6 weeks later.  His teacher suggested we get him tested for gifted so we signed all the papers they sent home.  The school health adviser called me today to make sure A brings his glasses tomorrow as she was told he wears them. (I kept him home from school today to visit with grandpa) I explained to her that he lost them. She told me that if he fails the vision/hearing part of the screening that the gifted testing will halt and he cannot be retested this year. HUH?  I thought that was bizarre.  Thankfully we were able to pick up his script from the original place and go get one of those 2 for $78 deals.  It was twice that ugh but he likes them and we have full coverage on breakage.

Early night for us all.  My dad is watching a movie in the playroom. The boys are finally winding down after a long day. Hubby and I are going to watch Hungry For Change.  Have you seen it?  What did you think of it?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My dad is here!!  Whoo hoo!

We went out to dinner tonight to a little hole in the wall sports bar that we love.  They have grilled chicken wings that are just so yum.  My dad really enjoyed them as well. When I was in the bathroom washing my hands I flung my hands to get the water drops off before I reached for the paper towels and my wedding rings went flying.  WHOOPS!  LOL  Thankfully they were easy to get to.  I know that the first place I lose is my fingers then my face so that is a good sign for me. I know my weight might not be the best this week as tonight was salt and tomorrow will be more salt. I will have more control over the salt tomorrow though as it will be soy sauce.  I think you can figure out where we will be  Haha.

I sucked down quite a bit of liquid today especially with the wings so I am hoping that will counteract the salt.

The boys are loving the extra attention they are getting from grumpy grandpa. (His choice on the name LOL) B spent quite a while tonight sitting in his lap looking at pictures with him on his computer.  B is my little social butterfly while A is my quiet, shy one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stop the rinse and repeat.

I planned on sleeping in this morning as I will not be able to Thursday when my dad is here.

The pups woke me up at 9:09am and I couldn't shut my mind off to go back to sleep.

 Especially after I read an amazing post on Norma's blog.

2012 - I was half ass trying. I finally realized my heart wasn't into it and I wasn't going to lose weight for my sister's wedding. So I stopped and then rarely blogged after that.

2011 -  I unpublished several of them as I cannot believe I posted that bullshit.

Prior to that- Well it just doesn't matter.  I lost, I gained- rinse and repeat.

It's time to break the cycle and prove to myself I can do this.  No more rinse and repeat!

The no sugar thing really helps.

Today is day 37 and life is grand. Not having massive quantities of the drug sugar in my body really does help me make better decisions. I really do not get cravings now a days. If I do it is generally for something healthy.  Instead of swinging by the grocery for (insert crap food of choice) I swing in for zucchini or whatever other veggie I am craving.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My daddy is coming to visit!

I predict I won't be blogging to much later this week.

My dad will be arriving here Wednesday afternoon and spending two nights with us.

Hubby has been running around trying to get our clutter in order.  This will be the first time we have ever had anyone stay with us so we are trying to do last minute stuff. At least I don't feel like I need to paint over my kids coloring on the walls for him. :)  He said he will be happy with a bed and that we have a spare of.

I am hitting the hay.  Eating was on track- water was not.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kale Fail

I hold kale blameless.

Recently I have been reading a blog where the blogger* eats kale just about everyday.  That made me curious as to what kale was really like. I tried to buy some Wednesday night at Publix but they were out.  Thursday I went to a different Publix and found the kale.

I decided to open the large bag of pre cut/washed kale tonight.  I planned on sauteing it in butter like I do with fresh spinach. I tried a chunk of raw kale. Very interesting.  A combo of broccoli  cabbage, and spinach to me- lots of fiber chew too.  I put half the bag in the pan to cook.  B (my 4 yr old) kept hopping around the kitchen after repeated warnings that I was cooking and he needed to vacate the room. I was looking at him and picked up my large container of sea salt and flicked the half lid open.  I then went to do a quick shake (while still looking at him) and realized that it hadn't felt quite right.  Looked down and saw this

OH FUDGE!  I opened the side that you do when you want to use a measuring spoon.  Whoops!  I might have yelled out CRAP as well.  I debated on if I would chuck it or try and save it.  I scooped out all the sea salt and kale and tossed in a strainer to rinse.  I then cooked the frozen pepper mix I had planned to use for dinner.  Thin sliced the pre-cooked pork chops I made Thursday night. Then tossed them into the peppers to heat.  Hubby's meal was the sliced pork and pepper with a side of cheesy zesty broccoli (frzn Green Giant- he loves it and it is a better side than starch for him) Mine was the same but with the kale added back into the pan.  It was still quite salty but I ate it anyway.  I figure it will make getting my water easier tomorrow.  HAH!   

* Please note the blogger is NOT a sugar coater.  Put on your big girl panties before you read her blog.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Empty jar to 1/8th full.


The above picture is pretty much all I got for ya.  I. is. pooped!  Very busy day at work and then I had to go pick up the kiddos from my in-laws.  Hubby was at some sporting event through his college that was basically homework with his major.   Not the healthiest of dinner for me but technically on plan. Not something that I plan/want to have regularly. (Fast food burger hold the bun)  I was so busy at work I never got a proper lunch so it all equals out- kinda, sorta, maybe.

Snafu at work that I have to iron out tomorrow with some major ass kissing.  Thankfully the guys seems like he is going to work with me on it.  That is a wonderful thing because it really isn't his fault. 

I may have been feeling like my 11 pounds was just blah yesterday. Today though, when I looked at the picture of the 11 marbles, I realized what a difference there was just in that.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1st

They day is over and I must hit the hay.

 I forgot my fitbit at home today so that made me sad.  :(

I called hubby to make sure he didn't wash it. (it was on my nightshirt in the dirty clothes basket)  Later he called me to say he put it on and was getting me some steps. Silly boy!

I didn't grab a picture of my marbles yet but I was able to add 2 more to the jar today.

That makes 11 marbles in the pounds lost jar.

 I am happy, buuuutttt, I am also not happy.  11 pounds is nothing compared to the many more that I have to go.  I am wearing the one pair of 20's that fit now at least.  I haven't tried that 2nd pair yet.  I am currently mad at them anyway. HMPH