Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I hope that Santa has treated you well today. :)

Busy day here with lots of running around.

I miss you all.

A few pictures of the boys.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Recap from a volunteer. (long)

What a night!!!!

Hubby and I dropped off the kids with the in-laws and his aunt at about 9 am. We then drove to the ESPN Wide World Of Sports to pick up our credentials. After we picked our stuff up we wandered around the Expo. We bought a few small things. A girlie 5k sticker for me to add to my 0.0 and this cool belt less pouch called RooSport

 We then met some of hubby's friends in Clermont to eat lunch and hang out for a few hours. At about 5pm we decided to start heading back to Disney.  Pit stop at Walgreens to pick up some cheap ponchos as we knew it would probably rain. Boy was that a great idea!!

We followed a app hubby had for directions that had us turning off on to a side road rather than the main way due to traffic. Uhhh You can see where this is going right?  Pitch black driving down creepy rural roads is not where I wanted to be at that time. Once we finally got to civilization the damn thing let us to the Disney bus terminal. Ummm crap!  We then tried to figure out where the heck we were on Disney property to find the parking lot we were supposed to be in. It's dark and I am night blind driving on roads I don't know so you can imagine my stress level. It was getting closer to 7pm and we still didn't know where we were. I got flashed by a bus which at the time was hysterical.  We finally guessed the right way and followed the line of cars to park. We then realized that we were not where we were supposed to be. We talked to the parking people and they told us where to go. Thankfully we found the right lot at the Magic Kingdom and started our night.

We went to the volunteer tent where our badges were checked in. Then we picked out what size jacket we wanted. Then we went to the snack line. We were all handed a ziplock and told to take 5 items and a bottle of water. Many items to choose from which was great. After that we we boarded a bus to be taken to the finish area which is where our team was stationed. Turns out the team was on the same bus we discovered from texting.

We arrived and made our way to the finish area. We goggled at the finish line for a minute then jumped into our assigned tasks.

 Our group was placed in the heat sheets area. If you are unfamiliar with them they are the plastic blankets that you see runner with after races. They help you retain body heat. There were 3 stations for the sheets- Right, Center, and Left.  As soon as the racers crossed the finish line they walked by a few medical people who watched for various warning signs and then us. They could get a blanket from either side or the center as they walked past. After that they got their medal and then pictures and snackies.

Center station just starting.

We all started ripping off the sheets and folding them and placing them in the rows of the portable fences. We did that for well over an hour. Those dang things are a pain in the butt to rip. They were perforated but the design on the sheet of a blue running mickey silhouette made it hard to find the spots to rip.  Right about the start of the race the rain started.  I was ever so grateful that I thought ahead enough to grab ponchos. After a few thousand sheets were ripped and prepped we all took a small break. We got word that the race had officially started but we knew we had about an hour to kill. We just stood around talking to each other and the team leader who was actually also a volunteer not an employee like I originally thought. After all of the 12 waves started and the starting line festivities were over the DJ came to the finish line and set up shop. He was updating us and the small crowd the times of the lead man and woman.
Left side fully stocked.
They came around and told us to give the sheets out if the runners wanted them but not to volunteer them.  Did I mention that it was in the 50's and raining??  Did I also mention that we ripped a few thousand. Did I also mention that there were 14K registered runners?  Yeah.  About that....

The rain started coming down a bit harder as the first finishers crossed the finish line. I was starting to get very wet under my poncho but I excited and ready for the masses so I was able to ignore that.   DJ was playing music and we were moving around keeping warm-ish. More runners started finishing. I was a little sad that for the first 20 or so there wasn't much of anything. So If you were there I was the one yelling "WHOO" for each. After that they started saying the people's names at least. Just about everyone that crossed the line wanted a heat sheet. I was on the left side, the first person out of four. The only female on that side as well. The runners started coming in faster and we got to hopping with giving out the sheets. The way we stocked most of them I was able to stick my whole arm down the row and pull out many. Then I would retake my place at the front and hand off to runners that looked my way as they were walking up. A few I could see were making a beeline straight for me so I met them. We tried to tell everyone great job or congrats or the like. I totally lost track of time and there were so many finishers I couldn't even see the start line. It didn't help that I could barely see out of my glasses from the rain.  Then I noticed that we were flying through the pre-ripped sheets. So I jumped on a roll and started furiously ripping them. I was still stepping out and handing them here and there though. Then I saw the fences were so bare it was like MAYDAY MAYDAY in my head so I just stood at the roll and ripped through a roll. We of course ran out of sheets stocked. It got to the point that I was ripping and handing them straight to the volunteer behind me to hand out (which was my husband) That silly hard to find the rip spot made an appearance many times along with me growling. Hubby made a comment that we were providing entertainment for the crowd and runners.  LOL  I was to busy ripping to even look around to see what he meant. I knew my arms were going to be killing me the next day.

 A volunteer official walked by and told us that we were at the half way point.!!!!!!!  I just tried to turn into an automated ripping machine as best I could. Runners were coming by in droves at that point. Rip, hand, Rip, hand was my internal motto. People were backing up waiting for a sheet at certain points. Then I would run into that can't find the seam to rip and panic. A few runners reached out and ripped their own because they could see the perforations I couldn't at that point. I just ripped and handed over and over. I was so wet water was running down my arms but I knew we had to get those blankets out. These runners just ran 13.1 miles in the cold rain and they needed them stat!  Once the runners finally started to thin I was able to slow down some and watch people cross the finish line again.  I missed seeing majority of the runners since my back was to them from me ripping. I saw many, many costumes from the people I did catch. I didn't have time to admire them though. There was a really cool Ursula I would have loved to look at more. Tentacles and everything!

Right side after the balloon ladies
Center after the balloon ladies.

I finally remembered to snap some pictures.  Of course that was after the balloon ladies so at that point the race was pretty much over.  To run any Disney event you have to keep yourself at a pace of 16 minutes per mile or faster. The balloon ladies (who are volunteers) are basically your visual cue that you need to stay ahead of them to avoid being swept. From my understanding if you don't stay ahead of them then at certain points they literally close off the path and sweep you onto a bus that will take you to the finish area. Now that said people were still finishing for a good 10 minutes after them. We just figured that at a certain point they don't or cannot sweep anymore.
Left side after the balloon ladies. Red hat dude is my husband. 

Once the last finisher was done all the volunteers just dropped everything and walked away. My husband and I were basically left. LOL  Were so so confused because we figured we would have to help break everything down to but I guess the employees do that. We made our way to the bus. We were cold, very wet, and miserable but still in good spirits. Then we had to wait for another bus since the first two were full already. Sitting down on the bus was such a fantastic feeling after working our butts off. Some people knew the driver it seems and he was quite the comedian. We were at the front of the bus so we got to hear him.

After we got back to the parking lot we went through volunteer check out. Our badges were scanned again and then we got in line to get our free tickets. We were given little card things at packet pick up to trade in for the tickets after our volunteer shift. I pulled the letters out of our clear bag that they provided for our use and they were soaked. I gave up trying to open them and just ripped each one to get to the card inside. We each got our ticket (which we earned haha) and walked out to our cars in the rain (it never stopped!!) Once we got in the car I refused to drive until the heater was blowing hot air.  Haha.  THEN we got lost leaving Disney.  Hahahaha  We finally figured out how to get where we wanted to be thanks to googlemaps on my phone. I wasn't about to trust his after the almost disaster getting there. We stopped at Denny's to grab a bite before the long drive home and were shivering. I was practically hugging my plate of breakfast to try and warm up. I had spare clothes but was to cold to even try and change.

VERY LONG drive home. VERY, VERY, LONG!  Did I say very long yet? I was so wet and tired and hubby was sound asleep next to me. @@  When we finally got home at 6:30am we walked in the door, went to the bedroom, and stripped and pretty much fell in bed. I really didn't give a damn how dirty we were. Sheets and blankets wash after all. I woke up 3 hours later ACHING like I had the flu. Full body aches. I took some pain killer and went back to bed. Hubby got up at noon to let the kids in the house as the in-laws dropped them off after church. Thankfully they are old enough to be independent because he came back to bed for a few more hours.  I didn't get up till 6:30pm. 12 hours of sleep and I was still exhausted!!  LOL  But I loved it and would do it again in a heart beat.  I guess that make me crazy.  My husband's nickname is The Crazy Runner after all.  :)

I happened to look the next day to see that the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend in January still needs volunteers.....  

I tried to sign up but I am on the waitlist. Hubby and his buds are all running in it so I thought it would be awesome if I could volunteer during it. I did meet the volunteer director at the race and I tired to email her already to see how long the waitlist is. I wonder if she will even remember me though with all the people she sees everyday.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Very short update

I hope to have an official post up soon reviewing my experience as a volunteer for the 2014 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

I slept 10 hours on Sunday and I was still exhausted.  I kid you not.

That being said, I cannot wait to go back again.   Apparently I like being miserable.

 Haha   :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm so excited!!

I have know about this for a few months now I just haven't blogged about it. The day is so near now that I have no problem shouting about it.  WHOO HOOO!!!  :)  The stars and the moon aligned and we were able to get child care coverage and I was able to swap my work schedule.  (Thank you work wife and in-laws/Aunt C.)

As you all know my hubby is a runner.

 He and some friends have a Central Florida running club.

 One of the members submitted the club for a possible volunteer activity. The club was picked to volunteer at Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon that is happening THIS WEEKEND!

As the wife of a founding member (HAH!) I jumped right on aboard that volunteer ship.

We will be volunteering at the finish line. That is all I know about it so far.

I do know that Disney has some amazing perks in place which is why we jumped at the chance to volunteer. Plus I mean H.E.L.L.O.  It is Disney!  Even just behind the scenes will be awesome I am sure.

Straight from the web site with Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend selected:

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Appreciation
As a Sports Enthusiast for the 2014 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, you will receive one commemorative piece of apparel for the event (apparel sizes are not guaranteed), and one snack per shift (snacks are typically provided at the start of your shift.  If you have special dietary needs, please plan accordingly.) Upon the completion of your shift, you will receive a WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort 1 Day (1 Theme Park) ticket that entitles you to one (1) day of admission to your choice of one of the following theme parks: Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, or Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.

You caught that right?  A free one day ticket to Disney?  YES PLEASE!  Even though we live in FL just a few hours away from Disney my children have never been. Even with the FL resident discount it just costs to darn much to go. Getting these two tickets will finally allow us to take the kids to Disney.

Our plan is to drop the kids off with my in-laws and Aunt C. Saturday morning. Then we will be going to pick up our volunteer packets and attend the runDisney Heath & Fitness Expo.

As you all know I am so not a runner but I adore the expos. So much energy!  So many awesome things to see!

I will be reporting back with a recap and lots of pictures!  WHOO HOO!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


This is how I feel.

Therefore I do not blog.  I don't want to have a blog full of whine. I would rather just have a blog
full of empty.  

Consider this your November update.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


What we did today. :)  I have lots more pictures but Mr Sandman is calling.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Macaw flight pics

Yessss I am counting this as a blog post. Look how awesome these pictures turned out from the zoo. Notice the placement of birds in each picture as they flew overhead.

Ignore the white blobs. That is the flash from my phone on the pictures.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Computer blocked

I am officially computer blocked. GRrrrrr... My laptop has decided that once it turns on that it will show the windows loading logo then go completely silent and give me a black screen. Ugh! I hate not having a computer. I am slowly trying various possible fixes because it does at least start in safe mode.

I obviously have alternate ways to blog (cell) but I prefer a keyboard. My cell is a has a texting slide out keyboard which is the only reason your getting this much. Lol  I have a tablet to but I usually let the kids play with that.

I wanted to try to blog everyday this month. So this is my welcome October post.     :-|

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Naughty mom

I am a naughty mom because I had my kids to skip school on Tuesday.  Muahahaha.

We were planning on going to the zoo Saturday but B had a bit of a fever all day Friday. Hubby also had a big test on Monday he wanted to study more for. He is currently in Microbiology with a particular professor that is known for being hard. Not to mention he has failed a different class taught by her in the past.

Anyway with Swaptember still in effect we went to the zoo for free. We tricked the kids so they had no idea. Plan was to get them up on time and leave extra early. Well my boss had given me an idea and I was really tired anyway so we slept in an extra hour. Then we woke up the kids freaking out pretending that we were late for school (we were, but planning to skip) and got them ready to go. Then we told them that after we dropped them off we were going out to breakfast (To explain why we were both driving them to school) I went to the school but rather than make a left I drove past it. As I was doing so I asked them if they wanted to skip school. A said yes but B said no. (Because we saw the school sign said it was his teachers aide's birthday)

We were 50 miles from home before they thought to ask what we were doing.  Hahah.  We didn't tell them till we drove through the gate and they saw the sign for Lowry Park Zoo.  :)  The kids enjoyed themselves but their favorite was at the end. They were picked to hit the button to release the macaws for the fly over event. We have a video of it but I am not posting it since their full names are in it. We do have some AWESOME pictures from it that we bought from the zoo.  I plan on doing the old picture if a picture to let you see them soon.

I popped a melatonin and I am off to dream land.  I will be going to Perry tomorrow (3 hr drive) so I need my beauty sleep.  :)

Monday, September 15, 2014


On Monday, September 15, 2014, I lifted 4,140 lb, earned 141 FitPoints at YMCA Family Center.

Whoo-hoo!  I finally went inside the Y and got set up on the weight circuit machines. Ten machines total that are preset with your full range to keep you on target. Average weight was 40 lbs hence the 4,140 lbs lifted. The Y uses the fitlinxx system on the machines to keep track of your information. That is where I got the information above.

We went to the Y with full changes of clothing since it was raining this afternoon but we wanted to swim. By the time we got there though all was well. We dropped off B at the child area then went to the pool. A, myself, and hubby all swam around the open swim area. After just over an hour we went and changed to go inside. Hubby hit a treadmill while A. rode a recumbent bike and watched cable cartoons. (We don't have cable) I spoke to a trainer and accomplished the above. :)

I was kinda worried about being able to open the car door when we left.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I worked from 10-4 today.

Two different people told me that I looked like I had lost weight.   Umm I love you?

I told them I had lost 40 lbs but had regained half. That I was currently working on taking that gain off again. They both said I looked good.  I am not sure what make me look different other than a sports bra? LOL  Maybe the flatter girls made me look thinner.  Hahah

Today marks one week down of my latest yo-yo attempt. It made me feel good that people were noticing. Even though I have a feeling they are just now noticing from the 40 lb loss period. It made me really want to go to the Y. Problem is I get out at 4 pm and the pool closes at 4 pm and the gym part 5 pm. Yeah... that want wasn't going to get me to far. As I was driving home I had the idea that maybe we could all go up the the Trailhead. Hubby had plans to help a fellow student from his class so it was just me and the boys. I loaded up A's bike and B's big wheel type thing and their scooters.

My plan was to walk the 1 mile loop while they rode the bikes. However B decided that he didn't know how to pedal (Umm I have seen him pedal a big wheels) nor did he know how to scooter so he just walked with me. I made sure not to tell them exactly how far we were going. I did give them the option to turn around at one point but they wanted to keep going. Not till we got back to the car did I tell them how far we really went.  Muahahaha  

I used hubby's spy belt to hold my wallet and phone. Since this was so spur of the moment I didn't think to bring a garmin or even turn on map my run for tracking. No pictures either because I was just focused on completing the mile. I have never walked the mile only there. I had a bit of fear about turning the wrong way with the boys and being trapped in the middle with two kids. All was well though obviously. LOL

Bed now and a half day at work tomorrow.  I am on day 5 of 7 as of tomorrow.  It should only be 6 but had to do a day off switch. One of hubby's family members passed away on 9/11. She was a dear old lady who loved her kids and grand kids. She was 92 and went by the nickname "Icky Grandma" that was given to her many years ago by her grand kids. Two of my hubby's uncles married a set of sisters. She is the set of sisters mother.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


do you run out of receipt paper???  I mean really?  HOW?

Especially when the closest office supply store is 45 minutes away.

Busy day at work AFTER my help left for the day of course.

Then I made probably 10+ phone calls to a store that isn't even under me trying to get them situated. I know it isn't the girls fault. They were thrown into a busy store with piss poor training from the former manager of the store. With 9 stores spread out and some of them over an hour away from corporate and 3 hours away from my store (where boss lady is stationed) makes for some interesting fires that need to be put out.

I am responsible for five of the stores. Thankfully mine are all employed by people that have been with the company 3+ years.

Now to bed for me. I am trying to be in bed ready to sleep by 11 pm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I wonder

if my arms will be dead tomorrow. Probably not since they are not right now. I finally made it up to the YMCA today to swim. It was glorious! I had the boys with me since it was a half day at school today. I was so paranoid of afternoon rain that I even checked the radar before we left. Haha

Two hours of pool play time that I really enjoyed so yeah! Neither child can swim. Honestly I pretty much only doggy paddle myself. LOL  The boys don't understand how to float or lift your legs underwater to float forward. They asked me how I knew and I told them I grew up with a pool. This of course got the NO FAIR because we don't have one. Sorry kids- I cannot help that.  A. tried and spent most of his time entertaining himself. B either sat on the inner pool shelf or clung to me for dear life.

We tried the Dollar General waterproof sunscreen today and so far I have no complaints. Ask me tomorrow though. LOL  Last time we went to the beach I sprayed them down with coppertone to lightly and didn't rub. They were splotchy for a few days. Whoops!

Dinner both last night and tonight were DELISH! But I will delve into that more tomorrow. I want to hit the sack early tonight because I have been up to late the last two nights.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More than you needed to know about my coffee drinking.

I have no clue what to blog about today but I still want to blog.

Today was day one of two days off in a row. I slept in way to late then played on the computer. Once hubby and the kids got home we went to Sam's Club. Our membership expired in July and I have been putting off renewing because it costs so much. However we got a flyer in the mail that if we renewed before Sept 30th we would get a $15.00 gift card. That helped take some of the sting out of the $45 fee.

I got a humongous box of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (Decaf) k-cups that I cannot wait to plow through. I am so very weird about coffee.  I like it but I don't have to have it every morning like some. I also cannot make a pot of coffee worth a damn. It always tastes like ass to me when I make it. No matter what measurement or type of coffee I buy.

Hubby and I bought a Keurig earlier this year and we both love it. He dislikes coffee, but likes the smell. He does however like chai tea so he uses it for that and hot cocoa. I went a little crazy at a k-cup sale at Winn Dixie a few months ago so I am using those slowly. I have found that breakfast blend is my favorite type. I got my metric ass ton in decaf so that I can drink them whenever I want without fear. Caffeine typically doesn't effect me but I am getting older so better to be safe. I have plenty of the hard stuff from the above mentioned sale. LOL

My eyes hurt so I am going to bed. Now you know my coffee habits not that you cared.  Haha At least I blogged though. I need to get back into the habit.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Short post

By the time I think about blogging it is usually to late and I am just plan tired. Or I am trying my best to get to bed at a normal time and I know opening blogger will keep me up later. I really need to learn that a blog post doesn't have to be long. I am totally fine with reading short posts so why wouldn't other people be.

I took my second vacation of the year a few weeks ago. The week that school started actually so that I had a nice and quiet house all week. :)  Smart Momma here.  LOL  It was a stay-cation and I cannot wait for the next one!

I was sick Labor Day and spent it in bed watching Netflix all day. Hubby and boys went to his brother's house for a BBQ.

Yesterday we went to the FL Aquarium in Tampa. It is Swaptember for members of MOSI, FL aquarium, and Lowry Park Zoo. If you are a member of any of the three you get free admission into the other two for this month only. We are members of MOSI so all we had to pay for was parking. In a few weeks we are going to hit the zoo.

I was going to keep this unpublished to toss a few pictures in but I know me. It would sit in draft for another few weeks and by then be outdated.  LOL

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cliff Notes of the last two weeks.

I keep meaning to sit down and write a real post but time just slips away. So here is the cliff notes version so that you are up to date on this story I call life.

I meal prepped HM meatballs, scotch eggs, raw sugar snap peas, and baked cubed sweet taters. I put them in the cute ziplock containers I bought for the boys last year. Started back on track July 31st, 2014 as I had blogged about last.

I went two days of being good.  That flew out the window on the third day. That damn washing machine crapping out just pushed me down even though it happened a few days prior. (Excuse)

Went out to dinner with my brother and family Saturday. Then my parents came up to visit for a few hours on Monday and took us out to dinner.

Tuesday, August 5th we joined the YMCA. We were approved for a scholarship based on my income so while it is extra money out each month it is less than a tank of gas. 

I haven't been yet because I have been wanting to use the pool and it has rained here every time I could have gone. The pool is heated which is awesome but it is outdoors. Hubby and the kids have gone several times so far. This past Friday I got home from work early around 5 pm and they were already at the YMCA.  I didn't want to drive up there as it was thundering and that meant no pool. (totally not bluffing about the thunderstorms/rain lately) It was lovely to come home to a quiet house though. I sat and did nothing for an hour then the want of movement struck me.  I planned on doing 10 min. on recumbent bike but ended up with 25. 

Three day weekend for me so we did the shopping and some cleaning Saturday. I re-started with the good girl eating. 

The part for the washer came in Friday but I figured we would just run one last load with it rigged. Umm yeah. HUGE MISTAKE!!!!  The problem was the lid switch failed. I had a piece of metal picture wire closing the contact making the washer think the lid was closed and all was well.  I had been checking on it a few times a cycle while it was being used rigged. Turns out that was the best thing ever as I walked out into the garage to a burning plastic smell. I immediately unplugged the washer and checked. Holy shit! You can see for yourself. The vibration unwound a thread of the picture wire which turned it into a red hot heating element.

After I found this I was freaking out. Never mind the fact that had I not caught it, the house could have potentially burned down. I caused this by trying to run that one last load. I had the damn replacement part!!

I goggled thinking maybe I could replace the wires/connector- Um No such luck. You have to replace the entire set which would be double what I paid for the used washer to being with.

So then the freak out commences of what the hell am I going to do with no washer. Thankfully I have family close that would let us use theirs but ugh I did not want to deal with that.  I don't know why not having a washer or dryer makes me feel helpless but it so does. I lie- I do know why it freaks me out. I am spoiled. I did not reach for food oddly enough.

However after I calmed a little I did finally start dinner for the next night which is why I was in the kitchen and what made me check the washer. So yeah for planning to make this recipe.  I made Anna's Slow Cooker Kalua Pig pulled pork  which cooks for 16-20 hours which is why I started it Saturday.
You know the  named Anna from her blog An Evolution in Mind, Body, and Spirit. right? She just hit 100 lbs down in just under a year. If you don't know her then go visit her. Leigh from Poonaplooza was a big inspiration for her and she too used the Dr. Poon diet for her weigh loss.

By Sunday I was much calmer about the whole thing. Just grateful that it didn't do more damage than it did. Rained almost all day and the YMCA is only open for a few hours on Sunday so we just had a lazy day. I ended up on the recumbent bike for another 25 minutes. Today (Monday) the kids and I went and bought a new (used) washer. I was thinking either playground or YMCA afterwards but of course RAIN. It didn't really matter anyway though as they were able to get the new washer delivered right away so we had to go home and wait for them.

I did however stay on track again today AND got 30 minutes of recumbent bike today. Now that you are all caught up I am going to bed.  Good night!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

So much for planning

I had planned on writing up a real blog post tonight.  It got eaten by various other things that needed my attention more. Like a non working washer!!!  Ugh! Darn thing washed but wouldn't drain. I was able to self diagnose thanks to the internet. I have it temporarily rigged for the moment so it works but I don't really want it used while rigged. $5.00 part that Amazon will have here in about a week.

Now I am off to put the leftovers away of my creation that was dinner. I took a picture but it is to much work to upload at midnight.

Then attempt to get these monster children in bed so I can sleep myself. I allow them to stay up till whenever in the summer but this midnight stuff is bullshit.  School starts in two weeks though so it is almost over anyway.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I like to be weird.

Weird in the aspect that I do not start things on the first. I start them on the thirty first of the prior month. Haha  I did it when I was successful in 2013 (started 12/31/12) I have been farting around this whole time.  I try and start over and may lose a few pounds but then I fall right back off that damn wagon.

I was thinking about not posting this for a few days but why the heck not. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to deal with this crap. That damn wagon needs seatbelts!!!!!

I wanted to type more and smack up some pictures. However it is after 11 pm at night and I have to work tomorrow. Instead I will go portion the noms I cooked tonight for this weeks lunches. (My week will run Thur-Mon this week)

We went to the store and I snagged some fantastic deals and was able to use coupons as well. Two bags of name brand fresh spinach for .99, 2 lbs of breakfast sausage for a buck a pound, and six containers of 8 oz spreadable cream cheese for .59 each. I adore a bargain!

Good night!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's plans/2 hour drive update

I survived the two hour drive!  I only got lost TWICE!  Thankfully both times I realized I was going the wrong way thanks to maps and GPS using my phone. When you see your little blue dot headed in the wrong direction you know something is wrong.  I was in Winterhaven, FL for the day. The day flew by as that store has a lot of bill payment activity. I felt like I barely had time to eat lunch in a 10 hr period. Worst part was the getting home at 9:30 then winding down till after midnight. Made for me not wanting to get up on Friday for work.

Thankfully Sunday is a early day around here as my job closes early. We met up with my brother and his daughter's mom (They are actual friends after 21 yrs of shared child) for dinner. Then we went to Walmart to buy fishing stuff.  Holy crow I was so darned overwhelmed with all the stuff available.  I haven't been freshwater fishing (our plan) since I was about 5 or 6.  I remember saltwater fishing a little more because I was over 10 but that is a while nother ball of wax. Finally I called my brother saying HELP!  He told me to keep it simple which is what I wanted. Cheap poles. hooks, sinkers, and bobbers.  Check!

Once hubby gets home today the plan is to go to a local that allows fishing for the kids. Catch and release only. The kids got a taste of saltwater fishing on July 4th. I want to see if fishing is something they will enjoy. If they do then we can always invest in better stuff and branch out to real fishing holes.

Now I better go eat so I am not tempted by crappy food when we are out and about.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A two hour drive.

I have to be up ass crack early tomorrow. Ugh!  My own damn fault though.  I will be driving two hours in the AM to go work a store for 10 hrs. Then a two hour drive home.

Good night!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday A! & race recap

Today is my little A's 9th birthday.  Sniff, sniff

Here he is at 5

Almost 9 (Taken July 4th) 

As much as I didn't want to get up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday I did.

 We dropped the kids off at my in-laws and drove to the park. I didn't think to ask anyone anything about the course. All I knew is it was a mostly trail run. I went in planning on walking and walking I did. I started out last but then passed 3 women sometime in the first half mile. I did have on map my ride with walking selected but I forgot to turn on my gps till after I passed the ladies. I had no idea there was so much uphill in this course.  Ugh!  Final time was 1:10  I was number 71 of 72. Turns out only one of the three women were registered.

We went out to breakfast with hubby's running friends. Then home to shower then rushed to purchase party supplies. Monday afternoon we decided to throw together a last minute family party for A. Since the kids were already at the in-laws and other family was coming from Fruitland Park we had it at their house. Inflatable slide/pool set bought on clearance at Target last year and water guns completed the fun. 

Two days later and I am still sore. LOL It is a good sore though as I know I earned it.

This was my third 5K but the other two were on pavement with minimal inclines. I encourage anyone who has not done their first 5k to sign up for one. Do some googling for one in your area on a good date and sign up! The money is typically for a good cause/charity and tax deductible I believe.

I am not a competitive person and I go in knowing I will probably be last. It helps take some of the pressure/sting out of coming in last when you expect to.  :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Third time is a charm!

Just a drive by post to let you all know I have to get up in a few hours.

I will be doing my third 5k in the morning.  I doubt I will be doing any running as it is a trail race. I plan on walking the whole thing. I DL'ed a new book from the library (3rd in series I have been listening to) and I will see how I like that to distract me.  If that fails my phone has some music programmed on it. I am sure I will be cussing myself out the entire time but will feel like a million bucks when I cross the finish line.

It is a free race so the only money shelled out will be gas money as it is in Inverness, FL

Good night!


My brother was able to throw the class on a credit card for us and we will be making weekly payments to him starting August.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On a break

If you haven't noticed. I am on a break. I just wanted to update in case anyone is wondering why it has been almost a month since my last post. I don't know when I will be back to write more.

I am in my ostrich position of head in the sand currently. 

Financial stuff as always. 

Still waiting to hear if hubby got into nursing school. In the mean time though he needs to take one more class to the tune of almost five hundred bucks. The fee is due in two weeks. Ugh! Since he is already technically graduated we have to pay out of pocket for this class. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life is harder without old friends.

Life is so much harder without my former old friends. Sugar and Junk food.

Not to say I am perfect because we all damn well know I am not. Some days it is easier than others to resist temptation.  Friday was a total I don't give a flying fig day. Even though I have been absent for a few weeks I am happy to say that has been the only one. I also nipped it so that it stayed ONE day.

I set myself up by "allowing" myself one sugar filled treat. I rationalized it to myself that it was one cheat and that would be it. Once you allow (at least this is how it was for me) that one break in the armor then the rest of it is easily shattered. You know the whole- Well I already f'ed up this day so I might as well continue. I might have been ok with just that one thing. But then I saw a flavor of ice cream that I haven't seen since I was 5 years old. I just HAD to get a one scoop cone of that. The flavor?  Smurf.  Anyone remember it? Creamy blue raspberry with mini marshmallows. Then that opened the door to some fancy cupcakes.

I am finding myself sad a lot more often now. I think it is because I am not burying my face in a pint of ice cream or box of little debbies. I have to face certain feeling now that I was able to bury with crap. Right now I am dealing with something borderline traumatic for me. It is so unbelievably dumb I fully admit but it really bothers me. My hair is thinning along the part. I have been unhappy with my hair for a little while now hence the darker wash out dye to see if that helped. Once I realized the thinning I mentioned it to a coworker and she was all like "Yeah, it has been for a while. It shows more when your hair is dirty and in a ponytail" Those words were a smack across the face and really hurt me. It isn't like she intentionally planned to hurt me but to admit you noticed and didn't say a thing to me was the hurtful part.

 Amazingly enough (to me at least) I still haven't eaten my feelings away regarding this. Still getting used to the idea and hoping that the trauma will fade in time. I would so much rather go grey

Yes I know I sound like a whiny baby. There is more to the sads also but some stuff just shouldn't be blogged about.


Day 2 here of back on track ness.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our zoo +1

When I was a child I always wanted lots and lots of pets. I did have pets as a kid but they were all caged pets.  At one point there was a cat but she was given away shortly after we got her as we moved. I never had a dog growing up. (There were some when I was itty bitty in pictures but I would have been about 4 so I don't count that) Hubby's family has always had dogs. When we bought our house and got married I had a parrot and 2 cats. We then added a dog-Monty.  Then a few months later we adopted another dog-Maggie. Those four were our "kids" for a few years. Then we added the kids. Hah! The parrot and the kitties have crossed over to the bridge.

As you know we now have four dogs (Kiwi and his mom are the additions) You also know about the turtles/guppies/snakes. We had my brother's cat for a period of time last year. He went home a few months ago.  

The night of the wedding we stopped at Petco for fish for the turtles. 

While we were there hubby and the kids wandered off. Next thing I know they are back and telling me about this cat. They are all excited as the cat is named Mr. Monty. I agree to visit with the cat to see the personality. I was shocked that it walked right up to my 5 yr old for loving. He is the terror that most animals smaller than him run from (Kiwi and Autumn) Mr Monty was friendly/sweet and from the same shelter Monty and Maggie are from. He is also declawed, so indoor only. 

We brought him home and he has made the play room his home. He isn't terrified of the dogs but he isn't BFF's with them either. Kiwi and Autumn are to barky for him. He is slowly exploring the rest of the house though like we wanted him to. I had him in the bedroom with me for a while tonight till I had to kick him out. He was all up in my kool-aid and I wanted space. 

 3 yrs old. Siamese mix (face shape and blue eyed) 

I planned on making this a short post that I was still trucking along but once I realized this picture was good I had to post it. Then I had to explain it.  :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WI day

It was time to face the music today. I knew it was going to be positive music as I have been on track. Happy to report that I am back on the downward trend. Now the issue will be STAYING THERE.

 213.8 this morning.    

I have taken my weight lower (by a few pounds) many times this year. For whatever reason I make some dumb choices and then *BOOM* it is all back. I get off the low sugar/low carb wagon and then the sugar monster attacks.  I let the bitch win and the cycle starts all over again. 

Two weeks in this cycle and I want this to be one that matters. I did it last year and lost 40 pounds but then regained 9 from excuses due to my brothers medical issues and hospitalization. 

Dropping forty pounds in a year with minimum exercise (more movement in daily activity but no set routine) is damn good. I can do better- there is NO REASON I shouldn't be able to lose at least 30 pounds this year. I was hard core the first part of last year then started slacking. I have been hard core the last three weeks. 

I am a forgetful gal.

 I like knowing I am sliding size 16 jeans on my ass. (down from size 22) I like knowing that the scale isn't showing me numbers in the 220's anymore last it has the beginning of this year. (started at 248.4 Jan 2013) I like the look of my jawline in the mirror now (double chin almost gone) 

I forget those positive feelings way to easily. I have tried to come up with ways to remind myself of that shiny happy feeling when I am not feeling it but I never remember. Hell, I have even considered some type of inner wrist tattoo but cannot decide on a good symbol that I want to have forever. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Do you remember the candy called Atomic Fire Balls? Let me tell you! I am drinking tea right now this second that tastes just like them to me. No sweetener needed!

This stuff is wonderful!  Loving it!  I personally do not tastes the orange but this is my first cup who knows what I will taste tomorrow.

My nose hurts.  Why?   I thought I outgrew a childhood allergy to them that caused a full body rash if I touched skin or tree (oils). Well it seems it changed. When eating a yummy mango at times you put the skin to your face and bite the fruit right? Well when the skin edge touches your lips it shares. Apparently mangos are members of the posion oak family and I happen to be one that is extra sensitive to the oils. My face has posion oak.  It looks more like a sunburn than anything and it feels like one with the heated skin. No one else in my house likes them so at least I don't have to worry about being in contact with them.

Things are going well here and I am coasting along the track. :)  Ninth day here of eating what I should be eating.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Ok, Ok  last post with a color referring to my new hair color.  LOL

I must wash it out ASAP and start over again.  Lighter this time or something.

Why?  Because I made a tactical error when I decided to darken my hair.

A couple times a month I get "Do you watch Big Bang Theory?" from random people. Some people seem to think I look like Amy Farrah Fowler and it chaps my hide. Why? Because I do not agree what so ever. However the new hair color is almost identical to hers and I got it twice yesterday from customers.

The picture of me is from 2010 when I
was on  Phen and was 204 lbs.
Hmmm... maybe it is the brows.

I did get a nice present from myself this morning.  A good WI. Now to keep that number going down. I am in good girl land with full intentions of staying there. Of course we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Rich brewed black coffee would be the color of my hair.

(How long will I continue the colors?  I don't know  Haha)

Humor me I had a shitty day. Boss lady took day off as she is expecting her first grand baby and I didn't know she was off.  Got yelled at a few times for things I didn't do nor that I had control over. Plus just normal daily crap that wouldn't be on my radar except for the chewing on I got today.

 They started a promotional program and boss lady sent out a set of rules and today I got chewed on that those were incorrect and not what they want done.  Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don't.


I put up a FB post saying that if I drank I would have one in my hand plus many more lined up. It has been a few hours now and I played some video games and killed things and now I feel better. Plus I talked to boss lady (baby not here yet) through FB and found out she received hiney bites too.

I knew my brain was fried.  I knew I was going home to an empty house as hubby and the kids were at graduation. I had the smarts to realize that in the past I would have stopped on the way home and grab something sugar/fat filled or a fast food meal I didn't need.  I knew damn well that I was not going to do that and I did not.  Yeah me!

Peek-aboo!  I see you!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


That would be the current color of my hair. I finally used a dye kit that has been sitting around forever it feels like. It is a wash out in 28 washing type ones so I am not trapped into the color forever. It is so much darker than my natural color so it will take a lot of getting used to.

B had a little girl skip him in like today when they left the library. He got mad and kicked her in the leg twice. He got sent to the Asst. Principal's office and I got a call. He is now suspended from school for tomorrow.

There was a sub today and I have no doubt the day would have gone differently if his teacher had been there. I left the teacher a detailed message from B's point of view after I spoke to him when he got home. We had dropped all seeking of a ADHD innatentive eval as he had improved so much. (His teacher also changed the way she was treating him and started giving him more attention in little ways that she could. Like he doesn't walk in line when with her. He walks in the back holding her hand- small things that she said helps him so much) Lately he has been backsliding some. We identified what has changed in the last few weeks and are going to go back to what we were doing to see if that helps. The Asst. Principal was strongly urging me to take him for eval but with 17 days of school left I am not stressing about it.

So B is coming to work with me tomorrow for an hour then Mama is picking him up for a few hours till daddy can pick him up. Daddy volunteers at the hospital and has been picking up lots of hours lately as he needs them by a deadline to apply for a 2 year program.

I don't think I ever updated you all in bloggy land because I was originally against the idea but after much discussion and making sure he is serious I have come around. My husband has decided to change his major to nursing. He graduates with a AA in Allied Health tomorrow. Next step is taking one class in the fall then applying and hopefully getting into the Nursing Program that starts in Jan 2015.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to the family!

My brother in law is now officially married!

Mr. & Mrs.

I have no pictures since I performed the wedding and hubby was a groomsman. I have to wait until the family member in charge of pictures gets some uploaded. 
I did have wedding cake. 

I will probably have to deal with sugar cravings for the next days. 

Oh well, the cake was worth it.  :)

There was some dancing done with the kiddos.

At one point everybody in the hall did the locomotion. (With exception an elderly aunt)  I cannot wait to see those pictures!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Early WI

I haven't blogged in a few days but all is well. 

WI is a day early this week and it was a day late last week so really this is for only 4 days. I am happy to report a loss. ::CHEER:: I had no idea what it was going to be as I haven't been peeking like usual. I can tell you that I am really happy to see a loss knowing that I have been back on track. The past few weeks even on weeks I stayed the same it has been a step and hope that the crap hadn't caught up with me yet. Today was more of a lets see what happens positive feeling since I have been on plan. Down 2.4 pounds to:

I haven't posted a weight picture in forever I realized this morning. This is the new scale that tells me I am to fat to use the extra stuff. 

Scrolling through pictures to find the one above in my computer I saw various scale pictures of ones under 210. I cannot wait to get back down into the 20X range.  

I am back in my happy place currently. Where sugar has no control over me. I can look at it and just look past it as I cannot hear the siren call anymore. 

Anyone that has ever been in this position before knows what I speak of.  

Friday, April 25, 2014


I drove far north this morning for work.

On the way up I noticed many flowers in the median on HWY 19. On the way home I pulled over to snap some pictures. I really should have gotten out of the car for better pictures but I didn't want to look like a dummy.

 It just screamed Valentine's Day to me with the colors. I wonder if it was chance or someone once threw out bunches of flower seeds into the median hoping they would take root once upon a time. There is at least a mile of this and then many other sections of all purple then purple and short pink heathery looking flowers

Lunch and dinner were the same today. In Perry, FL there is a banging Chinese restaurant called Jin Jin #12.  I love the place and always eat it when up there. I brought take out home for hubby to try it. I know I had starch today as the pepper chicken is velveted. Plus the sauce has a slightly sweet taste so there was sugar involved to. I am not going to let that worry me though. It isn't like I drink the sauce and I have been able to tolerate BBQ sauce fine so I am lumping it in there with that crowd. Plus I only have it once every six weeks or so. (They have amazing green beans as well so there is no missing the rice at all)

I feel satisfied and am not even wanting a little sweetie after dinner. After lunch at one point I did want but I got over it pretty easily.

Tomorrow it should be even easier!   :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Second day back on track.


I started to flounder around lunch time.

I had a perfectly healthy lunch in the fridge with me. My mind kept thinking of all the yummy take out I could order instead though. I fought with my inner carb/sugar child. I explained to her that today is only day two and I could not eat out so soon. That I would probably not be able order something that is compliant with how I want to be eating. That would have to save that for when I am totally on track and not tempted by stuff I shouldn't be. I don't know if she understood but she shut up at least. I really need to name her.

I can now create my own church!  LOL  I am a FL Notary and being so I can perform weddings and marry people. I will be performing my BIL's in two weeks as a matter of fact. I have a coworker who is planning a commitment ceremony in a year and a half. She asked me to do the wedding. I told her I would love to. She asked if I would considering becoming and ordained minister. Ummm say what? It seems her Gram would really like the wedding to be performed by a minister. I am now officially an ordained minister as well as a Notary. LOL (The wedding will be un-official unless FL changes the laws by then)

This week B had a project. He had to make something out of recycled objects. We did this with A many moons ago and made a kick ass cardboard dog out of a Brooks shoe box.
2010  A's project

2014 B's project

Can you see it? It's a CAR! That he can wear.

 Box from Family Dollar. Spray paint from I cannot remember what. Paper plates for steering wheel and wheels. Bottom of styrofoam cup for odometer. (Set at 100 mile per hour and 2181 days old)  Edges of two Sonic cups wrapped in Dollar General bags for headlights. Custom FL print out tag (not pictured due to full name on it) Circle shaped styrofoam piece cut from cup covered in edge of dinners aluminum foil (part wrapped under pan) with a hole in center to be ignition. Fake key from car dealership junk mail.    *Yes I know it is the wrong side but I didn't center the steering wheel very well*.

Worse part is that I have to drop it off at school tomorrow as that will not fit on the bus well. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have let the evil siren call of sugar seduce me the last few weeks. 

I managed to gather my wits and start fighting back today. 

Than evil snot was whispering in my ear every time I walked past any of her counterparts in the store. I fought with her and won. Today.

Tomorrow it will be another uphill battle until I get all of this drug out of my system. 

I kept blaming my gain this week on monthly things but I know better. I know it is really all of the Easter candy that jumped into my mouth.

Figured I would update you all as to my recent absence.

 I have also been staying up way to late reading massive numbers of free kindle books. I love to read and do so at a pretty decent clip. The problem is that once a book interests me I do not put it down until I am done. Even if it is 4:30am like this morning. :X

Here are my two little demons. Arn't they cute?  

The little one was a HUGE turd about getting out of bed this morning. He slept on the top bunk and when told it was time to get up he threw a fit. Then proceeded to move into the far corner of the bed which is in a corner. @@  Early bed time for him tonight. Sheesh!  Me as well since I was up so late last night. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm not done.

Lately I have been trying to remind myself that while not at goal I have lost over 30 lbs.

  •  I like the various changes that have happened to my body. 
  •  I like that I went from a size 22 to a size 16.
  •  I like that I can wash all of myself without my skin splitting microscopically in delicate 
               areas. (Top of intergluteal cleft
  •  I like that my rings are fitting looser.
  •  I like that my bras are easier to fasten.
  •  I like that I feel thinner.
  •  I like that my pannis apron is smaller.
  •  I like that I can wear clothing that has been sitting in my closet for years. 
  • I like that my fitness level has improved.

While I like what has changed. I want to change more. I want my tummy roll to flatten. I want my pannis to shrink more. 

I'm not done. 

Therefore I need to get off my ass and stop poking myself in the eyeball. I cannot follow the path I want to if my eyeball is watering up and hurting from me repeatedly poking it. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My day (heebie-jeebies warning)

I slept in till noon. (What? I was up till 4 am reading)

Got the kids off the bus at 12:30. Got them all set up for homework and snack/drinks.

Walked into the bedroom and sat down on my bed and grabbed my laptop. Autumn was on the bed with me and B walked in and climbed on the bed. I heard a funny rustle noise off to my right. I look over and there are no dogs or anything there that would make a noise like that. Then I hear it again. I stood up am looking over in that dark corner and I realize there is something coiled on the desk bar that should not be there!!  OMG F'ING GOSH THERE IS A SNAKE IN MY BEDROOM!!!  I tell B to GET OUT NOW there is a snake in the room and take the dog. To my surprise he listened but I think it was more to go out and tell A. I am freaking out thinking it is a rattle snake or something poisonous from that rustle noise I heard.

I went and got a light and prayed that it didn't move. As soon as the light hit it I could see it was a non venomous snake (Thank god!) I realize the rustle was it's butt moving on brown paper bag that is between my dresser and the desk in my room that was half folded over. It was all black and I figured it was a rat snake. I don't know how the hell it ended up in the house all the way in my bedroom though with FOUR dogs in the house!?  Then came the gears turning of how to catch this thing and get it out of the house. I know many females would scream and haul ass but I knew I had to deal with it. Because I didn't like the concept of a loose snake and I knew hubby would never come home. He would move in with my brother or something.

 I came up with a plan and went out and told the kids it was harmless but I still needed them to keep the dogs away. I took one of those heavy duty thick baby blankets that the hospitals use on newborns and planned on throwing it over him and grabbing. Thankfully this whole time he just stayed there looking at me. (Flashlight was a headlamp one so I had full vision in dark area)  I tossed the blanket over him and started to try and get his coil off the bar. He struck at me a few times but the blanket did it's job of protecting me. I was finally able to get him pinned two inches behind his neck and I uncoiled him and picked him up with the blanket enveloping him. I told the boys to stay out of my way as I walked very carefully out of my roof and down the hallway. I let them see it's rear end hanging out of the blanket so they knew I wasn't playing with them.

I planned on throwing it outside but I knew if I opened the back door the dogs would run out to potty and I wouldn't be able to let it go. So I opened the front door and the kids followed me out to the front porch. I walked to the middle of the yard and tossed the sucker away from me. He landed and immediately slithered to the neighbors yard. That bad boy was at least three feet long and 1.5 inches thick.

 I have no idea how long it was in the house. I assume it came in the back door one day. We have that as seen on TV Magic Mesh up so that we can leave the back door open for the dogs/kids. After everything was said and done of course I posted on facebook about the snake. Quite a few people said that they would move or burn down the house. For some reason I don't think the insurance companies would find that to be a valid reason for doing that.  LOL

Now B and hubby are freaked out by every single noise they hear thinking it is another snake in the house. LMAO  When I showed the kids the butt I saw the underside was grey so I googled black snake with grey belly and was able to figure out what it was. A black racer.
Example of what snake looked like.

I found another critter in the house two weeks ago that I didn't mention. I was in the bathroom and I saw something dark behind the hamper in the corner of the tub and wall.  It was a fallen shampoo bottle with a lump on it.  Looking at it I almost thought I saw a face. I figured it was a dark sock of one of the boys.  I moved the hamper to pick it up and the damn thing moved. It was a large tree frog. I scooped him up in a take out container and rinsed him off as he was coated in grime and dog hair. I put him in the back window sill but he didn't make it. We are going on 11 yrs in this house and this is the first time anything weird has come in. I almost wonder if the snake was chasing the frog and they both ended up in the house.

You may remember that I do have two baby snakes in the house as pets. The sizes are a wee bit different though.  Below is an example of how big the babies are. Poor things are still nameless.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5k recap and beach trip

Holy huge looking boobs! That is with a sports bra.

Fresh and ready to go in the picture above.

Myself and one other gal (she is in the above picture I see) were in the back. We were keeping pace with each other till about the last mile when she started hanging back more. I thought she was going to stay with me the whole time and I envisioned being able to turn around and urge her to catch up to me so we could finish together but she ended up being a few minutes behind me so that idea went poof. I was finisher 112 out of 113.

The course went long which really annoyed the poop out of me when I had gone 3.11 miles which as you know is the 5k amount. I hit lap at the 3.11 mark so I had an accurate time since my race time would be for longer. I used hubby's garmin to keep track of my pace and the distance traveled so I was able to do the above using it. It really did help because when I found myself going a teeny bit slower I was able to try and increase my pace. I felt a lot better once I finished as you can tell from the pictures below comparing 2013 5k end picture with this 2014 one. The weight difference between the two is only about 20 lbs. What a difference in the jaw line!  Plus I look like I am about to keel over in the 2013 picture. 

My official time is 64.13 on a course of 3.3 miles. My garmin time for 3.11 was 60 min on the dot. My time last year was 69.23. No matter what time I take I beat my  last year which was my only goal. That is why I said I didn't care if I came in last. I just wanted to beat my time last year. :)

I wanted to go to the beach afterwards but that idea got tossed after I saw the radar. I discovered I had battle wounds when I got home. Blisters on both feet on the side of my big toes and heel rub spots also. I felt the pressure on side of toes but never dreamed they were blisters. I was sore for two days afterwards and I still have the blisters today. (Tuesday)
Sides of big toes
We hit Daytona Beach on Sunday instead. My sore ass was dragging but we promised the kids and I wanted to go. We haven't gone in over a year (feeling fat does not go well with the beach) 

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure of my adorable kiddos

We were planning on taking this home. Problem 

Live snail

Daytona Beach boardwalk