Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ultrasound pics

Here are the promised ultrasound pictures. I am soo paranoid as I said. The first picture (if these post in the order I think they will) is from about 14 weeks at an elective ultrasound place.

Tears just started rolling down my face and I had to collect myself when she announced girl because I fully expected boy. The next one is from 15 weeks because she had me back to give me clearer pictures since she knew I was having a hard time believing it. I don't really think it is a clearer shot but she brought me back free so :shrug:  The third is from 23 weeks.

My anatomy scan was done at a maternal fetal medicine office (basically a high risk dr) due to my ahem advanced maternal age. It worked out to be a good thing as you saw me mention two possible issues. She didn't think I would have them but better to follow up. I go back to her in 2 weeks for follow up and you bet your bippy I will have them scan girl parts again. I *should* be ok as the parts are supposed to be fully developed at 20 wks and I was 23 wks and it was done by person at a high risk place.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My poor neglected blog.

I happened to come to my bog to check the backer of my blog to pass it on to someone else and saw I had moderated comments. Whoops.

Um yeah about falling off the face of the earth. There just never seems to be enough time in my world. Nor am I hit with the blogging bug much anymore.

All is going well with the pregnancy. I always wanted to be one of those gals that blogged about thier pregnancy but my kids were born when I started blogging. Here I am with a late in life baby and nope I still didn't. Cannot take the lazy out of the lazy I guess, Haha

I just hit 27 weeks this past Thursday, So far all is well but I am being monitored for two possible complications, I am scared to believe it after the issue with my 10 yr old DS butttttt  IT'S A GIRL!!!! (For those that do not know I was told he was a girl at 20 wks and didn't find out till birth he was a he. That really messed me up good as I was bonded with my "girl" not boy)  I will have to come back and update with ultrasounds so you all can see as well. I had elective at 15 wks and a in depth from specialist at 23 wks and both say girl.  :)

I will see if the blogging bites me, and fill you in on more soon hopefully.

My weight is totally awesome right now. I am a lucky, lucky preggo in the aspect that I do not get morning sickness nor do I gain lots of weight. I was like this with both boys and am following the same path with this pregnancy.

Hope all is well with you all. I haven't read blogs in MONTHS and MONTHS so if there is anything new you want me to know please comment. :)