Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our zoo +1

When I was a child I always wanted lots and lots of pets. I did have pets as a kid but they were all caged pets.  At one point there was a cat but she was given away shortly after we got her as we moved. I never had a dog growing up. (There were some when I was itty bitty in pictures but I would have been about 4 so I don't count that) Hubby's family has always had dogs. When we bought our house and got married I had a parrot and 2 cats. We then added a dog-Monty.  Then a few months later we adopted another dog-Maggie. Those four were our "kids" for a few years. Then we added the kids. Hah! The parrot and the kitties have crossed over to the bridge.

As you know we now have four dogs (Kiwi and his mom are the additions) You also know about the turtles/guppies/snakes. We had my brother's cat for a period of time last year. He went home a few months ago.  

The night of the wedding we stopped at Petco for fish for the turtles. 

While we were there hubby and the kids wandered off. Next thing I know they are back and telling me about this cat. They are all excited as the cat is named Mr. Monty. I agree to visit with the cat to see the personality. I was shocked that it walked right up to my 5 yr old for loving. He is the terror that most animals smaller than him run from (Kiwi and Autumn) Mr Monty was friendly/sweet and from the same shelter Monty and Maggie are from. He is also declawed, so indoor only. 

We brought him home and he has made the play room his home. He isn't terrified of the dogs but he isn't BFF's with them either. Kiwi and Autumn are to barky for him. He is slowly exploring the rest of the house though like we wanted him to. I had him in the bedroom with me for a while tonight till I had to kick him out. He was all up in my kool-aid and I wanted space. 

 3 yrs old. Siamese mix (face shape and blue eyed) 

I planned on making this a short post that I was still trucking along but once I realized this picture was good I had to post it. Then I had to explain it.  :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WI day

It was time to face the music today. I knew it was going to be positive music as I have been on track. Happy to report that I am back on the downward trend. Now the issue will be STAYING THERE.

 213.8 this morning.    

I have taken my weight lower (by a few pounds) many times this year. For whatever reason I make some dumb choices and then *BOOM* it is all back. I get off the low sugar/low carb wagon and then the sugar monster attacks.  I let the bitch win and the cycle starts all over again. 

Two weeks in this cycle and I want this to be one that matters. I did it last year and lost 40 pounds but then regained 9 from excuses due to my brothers medical issues and hospitalization. 

Dropping forty pounds in a year with minimum exercise (more movement in daily activity but no set routine) is damn good. I can do better- there is NO REASON I shouldn't be able to lose at least 30 pounds this year. I was hard core the first part of last year then started slacking. I have been hard core the last three weeks. 

I am a forgetful gal.

 I like knowing I am sliding size 16 jeans on my ass. (down from size 22) I like knowing that the scale isn't showing me numbers in the 220's anymore last it has the beginning of this year. (started at 248.4 Jan 2013) I like the look of my jawline in the mirror now (double chin almost gone) 

I forget those positive feelings way to easily. I have tried to come up with ways to remind myself of that shiny happy feeling when I am not feeling it but I never remember. Hell, I have even considered some type of inner wrist tattoo but cannot decide on a good symbol that I want to have forever. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Do you remember the candy called Atomic Fire Balls? Let me tell you! I am drinking tea right now this second that tastes just like them to me. No sweetener needed!

This stuff is wonderful!  Loving it!  I personally do not tastes the orange but this is my first cup who knows what I will taste tomorrow.

My nose hurts.  Why?   I thought I outgrew a childhood allergy to them that caused a full body rash if I touched skin or tree (oils). Well it seems it changed. When eating a yummy mango at times you put the skin to your face and bite the fruit right? Well when the skin edge touches your lips it shares. Apparently mangos are members of the posion oak family and I happen to be one that is extra sensitive to the oils. My face has posion oak.  It looks more like a sunburn than anything and it feels like one with the heated skin. No one else in my house likes them so at least I don't have to worry about being in contact with them.

Things are going well here and I am coasting along the track. :)  Ninth day here of eating what I should be eating.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Ok, Ok  last post with a color referring to my new hair color.  LOL

I must wash it out ASAP and start over again.  Lighter this time or something.

Why?  Because I made a tactical error when I decided to darken my hair.

A couple times a month I get "Do you watch Big Bang Theory?" from random people. Some people seem to think I look like Amy Farrah Fowler and it chaps my hide. Why? Because I do not agree what so ever. However the new hair color is almost identical to hers and I got it twice yesterday from customers.

The picture of me is from 2010 when I
was on  Phen and was 204 lbs.
Hmmm... maybe it is the brows.

I did get a nice present from myself this morning.  A good WI. Now to keep that number going down. I am in good girl land with full intentions of staying there. Of course we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Rich brewed black coffee would be the color of my hair.

(How long will I continue the colors?  I don't know  Haha)

Humor me I had a shitty day. Boss lady took day off as she is expecting her first grand baby and I didn't know she was off.  Got yelled at a few times for things I didn't do nor that I had control over. Plus just normal daily crap that wouldn't be on my radar except for the chewing on I got today.

 They started a promotional program and boss lady sent out a set of rules and today I got chewed on that those were incorrect and not what they want done.  Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don't.


I put up a FB post saying that if I drank I would have one in my hand plus many more lined up. It has been a few hours now and I played some video games and killed things and now I feel better. Plus I talked to boss lady (baby not here yet) through FB and found out she received hiney bites too.

I knew my brain was fried.  I knew I was going home to an empty house as hubby and the kids were at graduation. I had the smarts to realize that in the past I would have stopped on the way home and grab something sugar/fat filled or a fast food meal I didn't need.  I knew damn well that I was not going to do that and I did not.  Yeah me!

Peek-aboo!  I see you!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


That would be the current color of my hair. I finally used a dye kit that has been sitting around forever it feels like. It is a wash out in 28 washing type ones so I am not trapped into the color forever. It is so much darker than my natural color so it will take a lot of getting used to.

B had a little girl skip him in like today when they left the library. He got mad and kicked her in the leg twice. He got sent to the Asst. Principal's office and I got a call. He is now suspended from school for tomorrow.

There was a sub today and I have no doubt the day would have gone differently if his teacher had been there. I left the teacher a detailed message from B's point of view after I spoke to him when he got home. We had dropped all seeking of a ADHD innatentive eval as he had improved so much. (His teacher also changed the way she was treating him and started giving him more attention in little ways that she could. Like he doesn't walk in line when with her. He walks in the back holding her hand- small things that she said helps him so much) Lately he has been backsliding some. We identified what has changed in the last few weeks and are going to go back to what we were doing to see if that helps. The Asst. Principal was strongly urging me to take him for eval but with 17 days of school left I am not stressing about it.

So B is coming to work with me tomorrow for an hour then Mama is picking him up for a few hours till daddy can pick him up. Daddy volunteers at the hospital and has been picking up lots of hours lately as he needs them by a deadline to apply for a 2 year program.

I don't think I ever updated you all in bloggy land because I was originally against the idea but after much discussion and making sure he is serious I have come around. My husband has decided to change his major to nursing. He graduates with a AA in Allied Health tomorrow. Next step is taking one class in the fall then applying and hopefully getting into the Nursing Program that starts in Jan 2015.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome to the family!

My brother in law is now officially married!

Mr. & Mrs.

I have no pictures since I performed the wedding and hubby was a groomsman. I have to wait until the family member in charge of pictures gets some uploaded. 
I did have wedding cake. 

I will probably have to deal with sugar cravings for the next days. 

Oh well, the cake was worth it.  :)

There was some dancing done with the kiddos.

At one point everybody in the hall did the locomotion. (With exception an elderly aunt)  I cannot wait to see those pictures!