Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have dreams. Some times those dreams are about certain things. They clue me into big event that will be happening in my life.


When I dream about tornados something big is going to happen. I had a dream many weeks ago to what amounts to a tornado going over my house while my family and I were hiding out in a bedroom. It hit hard and fast and then was over. There are a lot more details but that is the gist of it. I have come to realize that all of these things happening around me are probably the tornado in my dream. So many I know have had things happen to them but nothing (other than germy kids) has effected my house directly.


You were waiting for it huh?

I had a dream last week.  This one had THREE tornados in it. I never saw the one in the first dream. It was just green outside and implied. This one I actually saw each one.  I am trying to decipher what happening goes to what tornado. First one I saw was in distance and seemed to be heading straight towards me but I don't know how fast. The from the left field there was another one trying to swoop in. Same thing, I don't know how near or fast or even if it would clash with first one or what. I had my brother's friend with me and we where in a barn or something?  I don't know what it was but it was barn like but had a open side which is how I saw the first two. He was like OMG I am going to the car lets run. I told him no lets stay thinking that they might skip the building and we would be safer than in a car.  He ran out a door to the right while I stayed there. Off to my left there was an open door and BOOM there was a tornado right outside. I could see the bottom of the twisting vortex and feel the suction just start as if it was trying to empty the room. I then woke up and was like OH SHIT because pf this dream.

My brother was re-admitted today.  It's bad. Holy crap- that is really infected bad. Wound care specialist is coming in tomorrow to evaluate him. I have to work and I cannot go up tomorrow night as I will have the kids since hubby has a school thing. No one wanted to listen to us. @@  He is on two heavy duty antibiotics currently.

I am trying to figure out what tornado he is out of the three. The one right there since this wasn't exactly a surprise or the one from left field as we were hoping he was done with hospitals. Time will tell and I will be able to unravel the meaning.  With that I bid you goodnight. I have to work tomorrow and be up in five hours.

My life is a soap opera

Guess who is back in the hospital?  On two antibiotics and admitted for observation. 

Then extended day calls because B is saying his tummy hurts.

It never ends.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WI and stuff

My brother doesn't have a PCP which is what complicated things in the hospital and why he had like 5 DRs. They picked one out for him it seems as he has an appointment first thing Thursday morning. I called the surgeon today to book his appointment there (next Wed? ugh) and stressed to the receptionist the ick/smell problem. She ended up asking me for the home health care companies information for the surgeon to call. The home health care called my brother later and said the surgeon ordered them to bring a wound vac. The supervisor of the home company is coming tomorrow to assess my brother due to the wound vac order.

*I did mention the culture to the surgeon's office and she said they would call when they got it back if he should be on anything.

No fever or new pain so he wants to wait till the appointment Thursday (I am expecting the DR to give a script for antibiotics)

We already explained to the kids they might not get much ToT in due to all the running we will have to do. Wednesday night drop off my car. Thursday night they (and daddy) have to pick me up from work at 7 pm then we have to drive over to brother's house to get my car back for me for Friday.  They were not thrilled but they understand.

I just finished A's mask not 20 minutes ago. It is currently drying.  I hope that it looks decent. He wants to be a zombie and the coolest way I saw to do that was toilet paper and elmers glue. I didn't want to be gluing that to his face though so I did it to a mask. It isn't as neat looking as I hoped but at long as he likes it that is all that matters.

I had court today for work. I was a ball of nerves but ended up sitting next to the gal that I took to court. She was nice about it all and understands I am just doing my job. I can mark that off my list of stress. Now my personal court stuff is possibly back into play but I can't do anything about that. Since there has been no action for 60 days the court wants to close the case. The plaintiff has 30 days to re-stake a claim. I have turned into an ostrich when it comes to that type of stuff.  I know it is there but I cannot do anything about it so I ignore it.

My weight is up and I was a tad sad about that, but then when I was in the courtroom a certain visitor appeared. I realized later that the weight this morning was probably not a true weight. Still three pounds up though.  Booo on me!

Due to the shit storm that is surrounding my life my weigh in days are changing to Tuesdays.

With the thing that happened to my coworker's baby our schedule is all jacked up. He has to have three appointments a week to work through the damage he sustained that horrible morning at daycare. He is doing better and is back to crawling. It is a abnormal crawl but it is better than nothing. PT puts him at 7 months physically when he is actually 15 months.

Good night.

He's home!

I am pretty positive that his wound has an infection (@@) but he is home!!  I am feeling like being home in his own environment will be a million times better for him than that joke of a hospital.

I have had his wound looked at by a friend who is a home healthcare nurse and he said he didn't like the look of it but it wasn't horrible. He showed me how to dress it as the hospital gave no aftercare instructions to anyone. Never mind the fact that he has a open wound that must be packed.

It seems the nurses noticed it was leaking pus and took a culture and requested the DR give antibiotics but he refused!?  What kind of DR refuses a nurses request like that?  This DR is a DOUCHEBAG 100%.  I don't really have time to right out why, but that stereotype god complex would be him. Pus and foul odor- Even I know that is a sign of infection. My mom is staying with him for the week seeing as he will need help. Old style c-section cut (zipper ?) so it will take a little longer to heal than a bikini cut is my understanding.

Even thought he doesn't read my blog a big shout out to nurse D for his help!.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Short update on my brother.

I have not been in any mood to write but I know some (Hii Necca) would like an update. My brother is still in the hospital. I am so angry at this hospital. 8 xrays and 2 ct scans and they couldn't figure out the problem??  Ugh he had surgery Tuesday. Will write more about that later though.

on cell where I am not supposed to be so short update here

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What did I do?

THis post comes to you courtesy of a cell in bed and melatonin. This morning I stepped on the scale before I went to the hospital to visit my brother.  Up 3 pounds from the shitty food I have been putting in my body. Then on top of the shit food that has already effected my weight, I add more today. @@ at myself here. I am taking a stand!! If I continue this path I will be right back where I started. I may not be under 200 yet but I like looking in the mirror at my face and not seeing a double chin. I have to really concentrate and look for it to see it now. I cannot see my collar bones but I can feel them with my hands. I cannot wait to show them to you actually. I think I have really short ones compared to others. Makes me think I need to rethink my stance on saying that I am not built to be petite even though my height is.

Another blow at work today delivered by fax. It seems the President\owner of the buisness I work for is retired as of today. THe accountant is now the President. The VP quit Tuesday as you may recall. Tomorrow (Friday) is my seven year anniversary. I am not worried about the company folding. More so about the unknown the future holds.

I had a dream a few weeks ago. Typically dreams of this caliber means things to me. Well so many things are happening at once I cannot figure out which one the dream is referring to.  EEKK

On a brighter note the bowel obstruction my brother has is no longer a full one. The ng tube overnight helped it become a partial blockage now. Treatment is continuing with the ng tube till it is gone. No matter how many days it takes. He is not thrilled. No shower or food\drink for over 5 days now. With the tube in he is unable to do much but lay there and watch tv. He can talk, but it is hard for him. I hope tonight does the trick. HIs baby momma (baby is 21 lol) is coming up for the weekend to see him. She is a nurse at a VA place down south so that will be good for him.

I Wonder if I can link this picture from my phone in here. Hmmm

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rain= pouring in my world


What a week it has been!  The new baby is a new car.

I thought I had a picture on here to share but I do not.  Google image silver 2012 Dodge Avenger with rims and you have what my car looks like.  I sure as heck do not care about the fanceh rims but the car came with them.  Hubby's car is due to be paid off in December and mine was paid in full. We should have waited till January or so but I am dumb and jumped in feet first.

(back story- previous Friday) Our VP of Operations at my job found out her boyfriend had cancer. For the second time. He only has one lung and now there are spots of cancer on it so he starts chemo right away.

(previous Monday) My immediate supervisor's FIL dies. His wife wakes up to him with his eyes open and not breating.

Fast forward a few days

Thursday we did the final walk around and paper signing for the car.  Called my older brother to see if he wanted to see it before I bought it but his tummy was hurting and had been for a two days.

Friday I took my brother cranberry juice at his request as he was still feeling bad.

Saturday my brother was still in immense pain but didn't want to go to the DR.  I finally convinced him to go to the ER and we ended up at quickcare in the hospital. (Was aiming for his lower doc in a box copay rather than ER- For the record just go to the ER.  The copay is the same) He was literally walking like he just had a c-section and was getting out of bed for the first time. (I have had two- I know) They took blood and urine and gave him an IV.  Diagnosed him with gastroenteritis and low potassium and sent him home with bactracin and potassium pills.  I got him all set up and he was starting to feel better and I went home. (1am at this point)

Sunday I talked to him and he said he felt like shit all over. Sunday night he said he threw up the pills and all the cranberry juice from the other day (Do you see where this is heading?)

Monday he finally admits he is throwing up blood. Hubby leaves school to take my brother to ER. ER runs tests and finds out that it is a bowel obstruction. He is admitted and they start on the testing to figure out course of treatment.

Tuesday they want to do a particular thing but he says no (NG tube down throat) Tuesday the VP of Operations (that hired me) quits and they notify us via fax!? I admit there was some McDonalds in my belly that day between that and my brother.

Here we are to today- late Wednesday night. Before I left work I got some news that made me sad. Then I hauled ass to the hospital after work to spend time with my brother. He finally conceded to the NG tube so at least there is a course of action being followed now. .

I want to crawl in a hole and sleep- so goodnight.  I just wanted to give you all somewhat of an update since the longer I put it off the longer it would be to type up and the more I would skip it and the cycle would continue.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Avengers Assemble!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Work is crazy wacky! Lots of fires being set (operational problems- we call them fires at work) and trying to work with people to get them put out.  

My weight is the same this week.  Happy but sad about that. Sad that there wasn't a loss but happy because there wasn't a gain (lol)  Mother Nature is visiting so I hope for a whoosh next week.  

Hubby and I made a huge decision that I hope doesn't turn around and bite us in the ass.
I will share what it is as time moves on and I get used to the idea. (no babies or new pets!) 

Small hint that I doubt anyone will get:  When we leave the house from now on we plan on shouting out "Avengers Assemble!"

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I think I love you.

That is all.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sometimes I am not very smart.

I wanted to be asleep an hour ago.

Instead I am here and wide awake. @@ The reason I wanted to be asleep is because tomorrow will be a very busy day for me at work. With coworker being out attending her son that leaves me to work the busiest day of the month- alone. Woo hoo?  It is giving me 6 hours of overtime at least so I can feel like I am getting paid well for it at least.

The reason I wanted to blog is because I am being a good girl! :)

 My eating has been spot on the last three day actually. I even experimented for dinner tonight.  One day I was googling and ran into a way I hadn't seen* to make zucchini noodles. I stored that little tidbit away until I needed it. Tonight I called upon the information and was handsomely rewarded with a yummy dinner.

 Here is a picture of mine sauteing in the pan while I boiled hubby's noodles.

 * is the website I found it on and here is her gif of how she makes them

I bagged the centers of the two I did and plan on using them in another dinner. I just did it slow and carefully so that I didn't cut myself on the grater.  I highly recommend this way!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9 months

No this post is not a pregnancy announcement! LOL

It has taken me nine months but I am proud to say that I am down 40.2 pounds.   :)

Please send good thoughts.

Please think good thoughts for my coworker and her son.

On Friday she dropped her son off at daycare (private home- state certified) and went to work. At 11 am she got that phone call none of us ever want. Her son (14 month old) stopped breathing and started seizing. He was taken to local hospital where they found bleeding on the brain. He was sedated and air lifted to Shands. Over the course of the last few days they have discovered more things through the tests. Retinal bleeding being one of them. 

He still hasn't regained use of his right arm. They are still accessing the full damage through testing. He will have quite the road of recovery but thank goodness he is with us to recover.

Bradley (BLT) is his name. He will be 15 months on Wednesday.

Updated:  5:40pm 10/1/13    (Per his mom)

****ATTENTION****Time to go home! B. is being discharged! This is only the beginning if the road. He is currently not using his right arm and his right side is slower than normal. We have optical, neuro, and physical therapy prescriptions and he will be on seizure meds for at least 4 more months. Thank you everyone for your prayers and concerns. Thank you GOD for all that you do.