Saturday, December 28, 2013

So yeah umm

I really need to update my ticker, not in a positive way either. :(  I may just be a pouty little girl though and ignore that for now.  It is what it is, and I cannot turn back time. I ate, I pay. Period.

I did get some Christmas money but that isn't why I was asking about the $100. I buy scratch off lotto tickets when the mood strikes. Seems like it was a good thing I listened the other night as I turned $2 into $100. Well really $96 as I did by two of the $2 tickets but one was a loser. I used it at the grocery to stock up on LC foods. I have been really slacking in the LC department for what amounts to months now. I have had some spurts of being good but they didn't last. Time to pull the boot straps up though and avoid the sugar monster inside of me.

I received some cool goodies for Christmas and I hope you did too! I cannot show pictures of what my mom got me as they all have our last name on them. Well I could, I just don't want to. One is a trinket box though and it has me tempted to start a trinket box collection. (I have always called them pill boxes but it seems they are trinket boxes) I love tiny things and they could sit on a shelf and look lovely so I just might. :)
I now have more necklaces than I know what to do with as well. LOL  I bought some cheap jewelry from China on Amazon a few months ago. Well it seems hubby and the kids did the same thing from another website for me for Christmas. I now have several swan necklaces in many shades. LOL  Also GF from my brother to use on glasses for the boys and a little extra for me. He used a cool website and had a picture put on the prepaid GC's. He used the picture I posed a few weeks ago of me hugging the boys on either side of me. Hubby's had a picture from when we went to Juniper Springs in July of him and the boys.  

Hubby is out on his 10 mile run currently. When he gets home and showers I expect we may do some errands around town. He is training for a 50K in March currently.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Third time is a charm right? I am on my phone and wanted to post a picture of the boys Christmas but the blogger app keeps crashing on me.

What would you do with $100 dollars? No cheating and spending on bills. Preferably weight loss related but not necessarily. Anything particular that would help you on your path? Or just something fun? ?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Prepping for Christmas and a break.

I am on a blogging break if you haven't noticed. LOL

I am not even reading your blogs (sowwy)  I am just not feeling the blogging world lately.

In 10 days I have ready maybe 10 posts. I usually read 15 + a day from my various blogging buds.

Only 3 (well really 2 with how late it is) days till Christmas!!!  I have sooo much to do and so little time it feels like.

Just wanted to update you as to my absence. Nikki has already come looking for me once. Didn't want to make her do it again. :P

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another day off

that almost was spent lounging around doing nothing.

Thankfully my butt and I got moving at 3pm and got some stuff accomplished! Yeah! I got two loads of laundry washed and dried. (Notice I didn't say folded? lol) Got the kitchen clean and swept the floors. Cleaned and diced (vidalia onion chopper) over 10 pounds of onions. It seems I kept buying them planning on doing something with them (soup?) and I had a collection going. Now they are chopped and ready for anything and everything. I also fried up a pound of bacon and then made my sauteed cabbage. Then I took some of the bacon to make a new recipe. We went to Sam's Club on Sunday and they were sampling a recipe for brussel sprouts with bacon, They left out the asparagus so I did as well.  Also made some more mint tea with the tweaked splenda amount. Will see how that is tomorrow at work.

Baked chicken with bbq sauce and the sprouts made up dinner. I only ended up eating half as I was satisfied with that and all the brussel sprout sampling I did while I was cooking them. I had to eat all the ones that browned to fast after all. :)

Only down 3.4 pounds of the original nine I gained Oct/Nov. For about 30 seconds I was sad, but then I realized I am now only up 5.6. Slow and steady will whittle down that number and have me on the losing edge again. No matter what, I am ending this year over 30 pounds lighter than last year. While it may seem small to me at times I know that it is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Off to finish reading blogs before I go to bed.

Pic of the brussel sprouts.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another day gone

Worked a normal 10 hour shift today. I was pretty slow for the first half but then it picked up. Eating -while not the cleanest choices, 100% on my plan. (Remember I do my own low carb ish type plan) When I work it, my plan works for me. I suppose that could be said about any plan though. :] 

I had stressful dreams last night so I just popped a melatonin for tonight. Work related dreams are a sign of stress for me. I kept dreaming I was supposed to be at a store 3 hours north of me to open at 9am. The clock kept on ticking and I wasn't leaving for whatever reason. Not the exact happenings of the dream but that is the storyline.

I finished a new conners test for B tonight. It seems the one the teacher and I did before was for a 6 yr old not 5. I was supposed to do an update for something else and order a new cell for my BIL also tonight. Maybe tomorrow on those things as it is after 11pm.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stuffed pepper chili?

I almost wish I had waited till today to do an official WI.

As of this morning I am down 5.2 of that 9 that I gained over the last two months.
 I am thinking it is the increase in non sugar filled liquid in my life. I had gotten a little to reliant on McD's sweet tea. It also probably helps that a certain visitor is on it's way out. :)

I have been making myself cold mint tea to drink. I use 1 bag of mint medley and 4 regular bags to make 2 quarts. I nuke a glass bowl of water for 5 minutes then steep the bags about five minutes in the hot water. Then I mix it with cold water/splenda and put in the fridge.  I am currently experimenting on the amounts of splenda I use. Making it with less and less to see where is a tolerable level for me.

I had recently started to wear my fit bit zip again. I went to check my step count earlier though and it was dead. Poo! It did warn me Sunday by email but I forgot about it.

Dinner was super yummy! I am sure many of you could do the same thing with changes to make it fit into your meal plan if you wanted. I sauteed up a pound of ground turkey with two sliced yellow onion. Added soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and A-1 to the meat mix. Then I sliced the top off four green bell peppers and seeded them. Then I added leftover rice to the bottom of hubby's two with some rooster sauce for spice. Filled his and mine all the way up with the meat/onion mix. Topped with a can of spaghetti sauce and baked for an hour. (I like Hunts) His was moist while mine was a little more watery since I didn't have the rice to absorb the juice. Once I sliced it all up it was more like a chili to me.

Very flavorful and I am looking forward to my remaining pepper for lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A setback

You might have noticed that my ticker dropped down 9 pounds as of the 1st of December. I have no defense (other than first day of monthly heh) That is what two months of eating whatever you want whenever you want will get ya. :insert negative noise of choice:

I do not like the fact that it dropped down so much. Those forty pounds I was down turned into thirty one way to easily. Sunday began my journey at laying off the sugar/carbs again. Just 2 days in and I am down 1.6 lbs. It is probably water weight but I don't care. I hope that next week I will be down some more.

Again because I know it will be a never ending battle against *myself/food/feelings/temptations/ blah blah* good (clean) and evil (processed/sugar) I must pick myself up and continue the fight.