Thursday, January 28, 2016

The dreaded GD diagnoses.

I fought and fought over taking the glucose tests that are required in pregnancy to check for Gestational Diabetes. I "forgot" to remind my midwife to give me the orders and one appointment and then at the next I got them but they sat in my car with 2 other orders. My son sat on a leftover container that was on the seat and got chinese juice all over all three.  I did dry them out and used the two but gosh darn the 3rd for the glucose test was just to far gone ya know?

When I had my first appt with the MFM to do the level 2 ultrasound I mentioned my reluctance as I have past my last two kids and resented having to take it a 3rd time when I knew I was fine. She mentioned an alternate test that was just taking blood.  SOLD! Asked my midwife at next appointment if I could do that one after I explained the chinese food soaked orders. She said sure and gave me the order for that. I went and took it after Christmas and I thought that would be that. This one measures the blood glucose average over a three month period.  I was sure I would be fine!  Of course AFTER I took the test I researched and found out it wasn't great for detecting GD and not recommended for use for that. Whoops!  The MFM and midwife were ok with it so I figured I was ok with it. Well at my last appt the midwife was making faces as soon as she saw me pursing her lips and what not. She told me she had my results from blood work. I thought she meant the standard blood work (one of the chinese soaked orders) as it wasn't ready last time I was there. She said "6.6" and I said "Oh, my iron is that low now?" (I KNOW I have low iron but she has never addressed it) She was like umm no you have diabetes.  :THUD:

(typing break as it is time to check my blood glucose- alarm just went off on my phone)

Going to publish this for now and maybe add to it or do a new post later.  I am not feeling like typing currently but I don't want the post to sit here unpublished forever and ever.