Thursday, July 31, 2014

So much for planning

I had planned on writing up a real blog post tonight.  It got eaten by various other things that needed my attention more. Like a non working washer!!!  Ugh! Darn thing washed but wouldn't drain. I was able to self diagnose thanks to the internet. I have it temporarily rigged for the moment so it works but I don't really want it used while rigged. $5.00 part that Amazon will have here in about a week.

Now I am off to put the leftovers away of my creation that was dinner. I took a picture but it is to much work to upload at midnight.

Then attempt to get these monster children in bed so I can sleep myself. I allow them to stay up till whenever in the summer but this midnight stuff is bullshit.  School starts in two weeks though so it is almost over anyway.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I like to be weird.

Weird in the aspect that I do not start things on the first. I start them on the thirty first of the prior month. Haha  I did it when I was successful in 2013 (started 12/31/12) I have been farting around this whole time.  I try and start over and may lose a few pounds but then I fall right back off that damn wagon.

I was thinking about not posting this for a few days but why the heck not. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to deal with this crap. That damn wagon needs seatbelts!!!!!

I wanted to type more and smack up some pictures. However it is after 11 pm at night and I have to work tomorrow. Instead I will go portion the noms I cooked tonight for this weeks lunches. (My week will run Thur-Mon this week)

We went to the store and I snagged some fantastic deals and was able to use coupons as well. Two bags of name brand fresh spinach for .99, 2 lbs of breakfast sausage for a buck a pound, and six containers of 8 oz spreadable cream cheese for .59 each. I adore a bargain!

Good night!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's plans/2 hour drive update

I survived the two hour drive!  I only got lost TWICE!  Thankfully both times I realized I was going the wrong way thanks to maps and GPS using my phone. When you see your little blue dot headed in the wrong direction you know something is wrong.  I was in Winterhaven, FL for the day. The day flew by as that store has a lot of bill payment activity. I felt like I barely had time to eat lunch in a 10 hr period. Worst part was the getting home at 9:30 then winding down till after midnight. Made for me not wanting to get up on Friday for work.

Thankfully Sunday is a early day around here as my job closes early. We met up with my brother and his daughter's mom (They are actual friends after 21 yrs of shared child) for dinner. Then we went to Walmart to buy fishing stuff.  Holy crow I was so darned overwhelmed with all the stuff available.  I haven't been freshwater fishing (our plan) since I was about 5 or 6.  I remember saltwater fishing a little more because I was over 10 but that is a while nother ball of wax. Finally I called my brother saying HELP!  He told me to keep it simple which is what I wanted. Cheap poles. hooks, sinkers, and bobbers.  Check!

Once hubby gets home today the plan is to go to a local that allows fishing for the kids. Catch and release only. The kids got a taste of saltwater fishing on July 4th. I want to see if fishing is something they will enjoy. If they do then we can always invest in better stuff and branch out to real fishing holes.

Now I better go eat so I am not tempted by crappy food when we are out and about.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A two hour drive.

I have to be up ass crack early tomorrow. Ugh!  My own damn fault though.  I will be driving two hours in the AM to go work a store for 10 hrs. Then a two hour drive home.

Good night!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday A! & race recap

Today is my little A's 9th birthday.  Sniff, sniff

Here he is at 5

Almost 9 (Taken July 4th) 

As much as I didn't want to get up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday I did.

 We dropped the kids off at my in-laws and drove to the park. I didn't think to ask anyone anything about the course. All I knew is it was a mostly trail run. I went in planning on walking and walking I did. I started out last but then passed 3 women sometime in the first half mile. I did have on map my ride with walking selected but I forgot to turn on my gps till after I passed the ladies. I had no idea there was so much uphill in this course.  Ugh!  Final time was 1:10  I was number 71 of 72. Turns out only one of the three women were registered.

We went out to breakfast with hubby's running friends. Then home to shower then rushed to purchase party supplies. Monday afternoon we decided to throw together a last minute family party for A. Since the kids were already at the in-laws and other family was coming from Fruitland Park we had it at their house. Inflatable slide/pool set bought on clearance at Target last year and water guns completed the fun. 

Two days later and I am still sore. LOL It is a good sore though as I know I earned it.

This was my third 5K but the other two were on pavement with minimal inclines. I encourage anyone who has not done their first 5k to sign up for one. Do some googling for one in your area on a good date and sign up! The money is typically for a good cause/charity and tax deductible I believe.

I am not a competitive person and I go in knowing I will probably be last. It helps take some of the pressure/sting out of coming in last when you expect to.  :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Third time is a charm!

Just a drive by post to let you all know I have to get up in a few hours.

I will be doing my third 5k in the morning.  I doubt I will be doing any running as it is a trail race. I plan on walking the whole thing. I DL'ed a new book from the library (3rd in series I have been listening to) and I will see how I like that to distract me.  If that fails my phone has some music programmed on it. I am sure I will be cussing myself out the entire time but will feel like a million bucks when I cross the finish line.

It is a free race so the only money shelled out will be gas money as it is in Inverness, FL

Good night!


My brother was able to throw the class on a credit card for us and we will be making weekly payments to him starting August.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On a break

If you haven't noticed. I am on a break. I just wanted to update in case anyone is wondering why it has been almost a month since my last post. I don't know when I will be back to write more.

I am in my ostrich position of head in the sand currently. 

Financial stuff as always. 

Still waiting to hear if hubby got into nursing school. In the mean time though he needs to take one more class to the tune of almost five hundred bucks. The fee is due in two weeks. Ugh! Since he is already technically graduated we have to pay out of pocket for this class.