Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's plans/2 hour drive update

I survived the two hour drive!  I only got lost TWICE!  Thankfully both times I realized I was going the wrong way thanks to maps and GPS using my phone. When you see your little blue dot headed in the wrong direction you know something is wrong.  I was in Winterhaven, FL for the day. The day flew by as that store has a lot of bill payment activity. I felt like I barely had time to eat lunch in a 10 hr period. Worst part was the getting home at 9:30 then winding down till after midnight. Made for me not wanting to get up on Friday for work.

Thankfully Sunday is a early day around here as my job closes early. We met up with my brother and his daughter's mom (They are actual friends after 21 yrs of shared child) for dinner. Then we went to Walmart to buy fishing stuff.  Holy crow I was so darned overwhelmed with all the stuff available.  I haven't been freshwater fishing (our plan) since I was about 5 or 6.  I remember saltwater fishing a little more because I was over 10 but that is a while nother ball of wax. Finally I called my brother saying HELP!  He told me to keep it simple which is what I wanted. Cheap poles. hooks, sinkers, and bobbers.  Check!

Once hubby gets home today the plan is to go to a local that allows fishing for the kids. Catch and release only. The kids got a taste of saltwater fishing on July 4th. I want to see if fishing is something they will enjoy. If they do then we can always invest in better stuff and branch out to real fishing holes.

Now I better go eat so I am not tempted by crappy food when we are out and about.


  1. Glad you survived. Long days with long commutes are not on my list of favorite things. Hope ya all have fun fishing.

  2. Gosh darn that blue light going the wrong way. How dare it. :D I hope your kiddos enjoy the fishing!!

  3. Well done on surviving the long drive.

    Have fun fishing - it's relaxing.

    All the best Jan


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