Friday, June 29, 2012


I am just so friggen meh and over whelmed right now.  I keep cycling through emotions.  You would think something is seriously wrong, but nothing is.

My job is really not fun.  However, being the only one working and having a OK pay for this area and no degree makes changing jobs hard. Plus, I have been at my job almost 6 years now.  I hate the unknown too.  What if I leave my current job for something that sounds better only to have it royally suck. I have always envisioned a M-F office job.  I have always worked places that are open 7 days a week with varying hours. I have never had a job with PTO or sick days.  Of course I have never called out either unless myself or a child was in the hospital.

I was supposed to have a 3 day weekend but I am pretty positive that I will have to work Monday now.  My coworker is having a last minute C-section first thing Monday morning due to pre-eclampsia signs. My job is super busy the first week of the month and then the holiday and then and then.  BLAH! I have family plans on Monday to take my sister and her hubby to see Silver Springs. Chances are I will have to work as I am the stronger of any of the others that can work that day. I wouldn't mind so much if they would allow me some overtime.  Or NOT cut my hours!!!  They are cutting our hours and it hurts!  Not for performance but trying to save money where ever they can to pay for lawyers and such.  One of our stores up north had a large amount of money stolen and they are trying to take the person to court. The state this happened in requires forensic accountants to be hired and they are not cheap.

And I just got hot pepper oil in my nose.  I think it is going numb.  Shit!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orlando for the day

Our pediatrician heard a heart murmur at little B's appointment last month.  Today we went to Orlando to see a pediatric cardiologist.  I knew it was minor as it was a grade 1 out of 6 with 6 being the worse.  I discovered today that I pee when I am nervous.  LOL  I peed a gazillion times before my sister's wedding and several times at the office today.  B was a stinker during the first test.  Fascinating how they can use what are basically stickers with wires attached to view how the heart beats.  He wiggled so much during the EKG.  The DR had a hard time listening but he finally heard what he needed.

B has what is called a innocent murmur.   Nothing major and no special instructions.  No follow up unless the pediatrician still continues to hear it. He is 4 and this is the first time he heard it so we will see if he hears it again. 

I have sooo much I could be blogging about I just am not feeling it lately.  Maybe one day the blogging bug will bite me again. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kittens update 2

<p>These little guys are right about 3 weeks now. I can already see a difference in just three days time. On Sunday they would sort of wiggle drag themselves. Monday started the wobbly walking.Yesterday evening I had them loose on the living room floor exploring. They were walking very slow but no falling over. My 6 yr old was laying next to them singing a made up song. The bits I heard were that they need to exercise so that they can be healthy and strong in a sing song voice.&nbsp; Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww<br>
Today I had them loose again in living room. They were booking it across the floor. It was funny to watch their little back legs move a teeny bit faster than the front legs.&nbsp; They will bite at wet food/formula mix but haven't figured out the spacing concept. They just suck in a nose full of it instead of eating.&nbsp; They will go about 6 hours through the night without eating. I don't even feel bad about it. LOL Why? Because I realize I read the formula directions wrong. I thought it was 2 tbsp per x oz. So getting grey 1 tbsp and orange .5 was ok but needed work. The first or second 4am feeding I realized it was 2 tbsp total a day per kitten. DOH!!!!

Falling asleep here so nighty night

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitty update 1


It looks like I am going to keep these itty bitties for a few weeks at least. :)

Everyone that contacted me back through Craigslist was just- Meh
I will take them if you do this/this/this and bring them to X.  I didn't like the vibe off of any
of them. I called my super and got permission to bring them to work with me so I don't have
to stress about them starving during my shift.  I figure I will keep them for like 2 more weeks
and work on getting them to eat formula/wet food gruel. Right now we seem to be in a holding pattern with the grey eating more. As long as I can keep them alive that is what is important.

Today we had a family day at Wild Waters. Our year passes allow us to bring people with us on certain days only.  Today was the WW day and we brought my sister and her hubby. It was an enjoyable day in the water with me having the boys most of the time. I don't mind so much though.

My only issue with the water park today

Just because they make a bikini in your size does not mean you need to wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who wants kittens??

Someone come get them!

2 weeks old- 2 of them

Orange tiger and a grey one with orange accents.

I've got them bathed and fed right now. They are so stinking little and cuuuuute! My in-laws tore out a shed 2 weeks ago and found four 2-3 day old kittens. They moved them to the carport and momma was still coming around to nurse them (wild). Yesterday momma started moving them. They got home right about when she was moving the 3rd one. They watched her drag it off. Hours later they realized she never came back for the last one. The went looking and found the third one in middle of yard crying after it had been storming for a while. 

MIL went and bought all the supplies to nurse them but she couldn't quite get them to eat well. Grey (3rd) one does eat some but orange (4th) one barely. Orange is the runt and obviously smaller than grey.

 I picked them up thinking my newly married sister would be able to foster them. Dropped them off and we all went grocery shopping. Got a phone call saying please come get them- we are overwhelmed! Haha So no kids in their future anytime soon I bet. LOL

I got them bathed (twice- friggen fleas! Baby shampoo didn't kill them all) and blow dried. Got the grey to take a tablespoon and the orange to take half a tablespoon of formula from a bottle. They are sound asleep now. I have a listing on craigslist now asking if anyone wants to foster these babies. I work 10 hour shifts and they need to eat every 3-4 so that wouldn't work.

The kittens 5/27/12

Grey one after his first bath tonight.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stress lock down

I am quite sure that you noticed I am no longer blogging regularly.

When I get super stressed I completely shut down.  I just want to live in my own little bubble and stay to myself. No one wants to share the negatives about their lives.

 Due to some unexpected expenses (tooth pull for hubby and new tires for his car) we are completely tapped out.  I am doing that whole rob Peter to pay Paul and it sucks.  However the bills are getting paid (except that niggly little car payment- it will just have to run a month behind for now)  and there is plenty of food in the house.

All the other bills are on time so at least there is a roof and lights.  I should call for a mortgage modification but I hate the idea of opening that can of worms.  Plus I know that BOA runs all that stuff through a call center and you have to jump through so many hoops that causes a whole new kind of stress. (I fax people's paperwork doing modifications at work regularly)  Our property insurance doubled last year which cased the escrow to be short so they jumped the payments by $90 a month this year.  Realllly sucks!  Then my job had a massive amount of theft in our SC stores so now we all have to pay the price for that.  Hours being cut and shaved off to help get money together for forensic accountants and a legal team.  (I work in the financial industry but for a small Pop place.  We have 14 locations through out Central FL and  South Carolina)  

That is the story of my life lately and why my blog has been silent if you were wondering.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My sister's wedding. In pictures


You didn't know that a day or two translates to over two weeks in my mind?  :)

The wedding feels like it just happened to be honest.

This is going to be VERY picture heavy just to warn you

The wedding in pictures  :)

(You would think after all this time I would have gotten permission from everyone to use their pictures.  I didn't so just in case their faces are at least partially blocked)

Gym of the Church- Everything the Church provided was free to them.

The wedding Llama's I made.
All done up- waiting to pull those spanx on last minute.

My two brothers and I

Gotta tame the tata's some how! Hehe


Older brother and I  (Same parents)

I now announce MR & MRS!!!

My family  (Mom & Stepfather, full brother behind me and younger half siblings)
Although as I have gotten older that half doesn't matter and I usually don't mention it.  Mentioning it here as you can see the coloring difference on the younger two. They favor their father's side with that curly hair.

The wedding party

This was hilarious!!!!  We tried picking him up and it was a FAIL. The groomsmen picked him up then handed him off to us. You can see the best man in the foreground in case we looked like we were going to drop him.

This makes me tear up every time I see it. The end of the Father Daughter dance

My husband and I

Us with A.  B stayed with in-laws here as it would have been hectic with me and A in the wedding.   

He's got this!

Off to the Honeymoon!!
(3 days on Tampa Bay overlooking the water)