Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My sister's wedding. In pictures


You didn't know that a day or two translates to over two weeks in my mind?  :)

The wedding feels like it just happened to be honest.

This is going to be VERY picture heavy just to warn you

The wedding in pictures  :)

(You would think after all this time I would have gotten permission from everyone to use their pictures.  I didn't so just in case their faces are at least partially blocked)

Gym of the Church- Everything the Church provided was free to them.

The wedding Llama's I made.
All done up- waiting to pull those spanx on last minute.

My two brothers and I

Gotta tame the tata's some how! Hehe


Older brother and I  (Same parents)

I now announce MR & MRS!!!

My family  (Mom & Stepfather, full brother behind me and younger half siblings)
Although as I have gotten older that half doesn't matter and I usually don't mention it.  Mentioning it here as you can see the coloring difference on the younger two. They favor their father's side with that curly hair.

The wedding party

This was hilarious!!!!  We tried picking him up and it was a FAIL. The groomsmen picked him up then handed him off to us. You can see the best man in the foreground in case we looked like we were going to drop him.

This makes me tear up every time I see it. The end of the Father Daughter dance

My husband and I

Us with A.  B stayed with in-laws here as it would have been hectic with me and A in the wedding.   

He's got this!

Off to the Honeymoon!!
(3 days on Tampa Bay overlooking the water)


  1. {{{{{{{C}}}}}}} I am positively cryintg over here. What beautiful pictures! How big A has gotten! It looked like absolutely every brides Dream Wedding :o)

  2. aww, you look lovely <3 I love photo posts and that pic of you guys holding up the groom is too funny :) (and those llamas are so friggin ADORABLE)


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