Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today was a day I was a little worried about. First I have to say that I did lose and the side chat was updated on Tuesday. :) Hope to add to that lower number by this coming Tuesday. I am sure you want to know why I was worried huh?

We had a birthday party to attend today for the boys cousin who turned 5. Thankfully I had a plan of action in mind that actually WORKED!! We hit Perkin's before the party so that I could eat a meal that I could control. Just like they (WW and other weigh loss places) suggest with holiday parties and what not. That eating before hand really helped. I was able to eat food that fit into my game plan and not be tempted by crap at the party. The boys ate a real meal and didn't just snack on chips like they usually would. This particular cousin has lost over 80 lbs so she does keep the sweets to a minimum. Birthday cupcakes where the only dessert offered. I did have a finger tip of frosting - a dab, not a finger swoop. It was SWWEEEETTTT! LOL Hopefully that doesn't send me into a craving tailspin tomorrow.

I did leave the party totally wanting the cookies that we had in the truck for the boys from their Perkin's kids meals. They are really cool but I will not tell you as not to cause a craving. hehe We ended up picking up something for dinner to distract me from my craving and I didn't want to cook.

Hubby has been eating yummy ice cream in front of me the past few nights and thats just NOT COOL! I just made me a chocolate protein smoothie to hopefully quench that ice cream want. It does not taste bad at all but it is still hard to sell myself that it is a chocolate ice cream shake. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

2nd week down

Tomorrow is WI day and I think it will be a good one. :)

I am a bit behind on my bloggy reading. Some posts I have read already on my phone but hit to keep unread so I can go back and comment later. Now it is just a matter of sitting down and reforming my comments.

Tomorrow I want to finish my little crafting area. I recently bought a cricut and I can't wait to play with it more. However, I have no place for it. So hubbers and I set up a card table (24x48 rect.- wedding gift that is handy) in the corner of the dining room for me to use for crafts. It will be interesting trying to keep the boys out of everything.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's always nice to be blogging with your phone and head under the covers. Not!

B (2.5 yrs old) is not digging this thunderstorm we are currently having. He woke up screaming and shaking so now he is snuggled up with me. Hence the undercover blogging. It's always fun trying to explain the ites, noooise, and wha-wer as being a thunderstorm to a 2 year old. Lol

Still doing well on the eating front. I am having more cheaty type thoughts but so far I am resisting. I want to keep being able to say that for a long time because once I start it will be a downward hill for me. Sugar is not my friend and I want to keep staying away from it because it is a mean thing to deal with as an addiction.

Wonder if I can sleep with baby snores in my ear?
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Updated WI's

I could not figure out why I have had two comments telling me how good I was doing recently. I was totally flabbergasted and just figuring peoplee skimmed my blog. Then I realized what was causing the comments. My WI's that I had posted on the side were for 2009 & 2010. I haven't owned up to my weight in months and months. I have admitted gains but didn't update the weigh in's at all. My birthday in July 2010 was the last real update and it isn't accurate as I ended up gaining more than that even. :( Siiiiigh... It is done and over with though and I cannot turn back time. All I can do is march on and get myself back down to where I was and lower. I wiped all the numbers out and am starting over.

I have had an excellent week and will continue on this same path. I have cut sugar out along with most other starches. Trying to get more movement in which will only benefit me more in the long run. Tuesday is my new weigh in day so look for updates then. With our new schedule with *the gazelle attending school I will have every Tuesday off.

*the gazelle is hubby- a nickname a girlfriend of mine gave my hubby as he is a active runner

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pedometers and random thoughts

First of all. ARGH! I am reading so many great blog posts today that I want to comment on but I can't. Whaaaa!! I am surfing from my phone and it isn't allowing me to comment. I am reading through google reader though!

I wanted to ask what kind of pedometers you all have? It feels like every one I have tried is crap. I hate how the slightest jiggle counts as a step. I would like an accurate count thankyouverymuch!! I do have the gowear fit which is a pedometer in addition to other things. I just don't have an active account with it right now. I got frustraited with the whole arm wearing thing. Between customers asking me what it was to the glue dot of the velcro coming undone. I even bought glue to try and fix it but never did. It also seemed that my gowear had issues with my steps around Target and wouldn't recognise the 2000 steps I KNOW I walked. One loop around the main walk way at my local target is over 500 steps. I am talking the entire store from corner to corner. That is where I would go on my days off and do an indoor workout and get steps in when I was actively loosing in 2009.

2010 was supposed to be the best year ever but when hubby had his position "eliminated" our whole world went into a tailspin. I guess it has taken me this long to recover mentally. The bills are paid and we have our house but for so many months I have been carrying internal stress. And gaining...

We are entering the next phase of our lives currently. I am still working full time. A is now in Kinder and B is our little terrible two boy. No more "mommy days" as there is no more daycare. Hubbers is in school FT but only attends 2 days a week so he has to squish it all in then. The only way we could afford him going back was to not need daycare. My work schedule is all wonky but thankfully my work wife is OK with it. Speaking of my work wife (you may remember her as Kiki ) she is pretty much done with blogging :( She says she has no time. Blah I say!

Well now that my little tangent is done. Maybe I will revisit with my gowear fit for a month or so. A trial to see if now that time has passed maybe we could be friends again.

Sorry for the jumping topics but on my phone blogging and that's how things go through my mind. :)
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

So tired!

I am in bed about to snuggle down and nest for the night. I just figured I would pop off a line to let you know all is well in the lake here. :)

Bedtime got delayed by an asshole dog that likes to pee on our bed from time to time. Of course we are only in our room to sleep so it isn't found till then. Ugh! She is sooo lucky that we put up with her ass as many would have sent her back to pound. We take a portion of the blame as we know she does this but we were not dilegent enough in make sure door to room always closed.

Off to sleep! Nighty nighty!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The swan

Announcing The swan

How is that for an easy blog address? As I was trying to pick out a catchy open blog address I had all kinds of thoughts. My main one being "How would it look on the back of a shirt" I don't know why though as I doubt I will ever be doing anything that would require it on the back of a shirt. I basically wanted a title that I could tell someone that they might actually remember. Slenderswan dot blogspot dot com is a lot to remember.

Today marks day three on my road back to finding my (slender) swan. She is in there some where I tell ya!!! Now please go visit Karen and throw a comment or two her way so that she can curse me while she rides. tee-hee She has helped me when I have been slacking and now it is my turn to help her. Just a little OMPH to get her restarted.

Also my 3rd day of a touch of movement - Not a lot but it will add up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 part dos

Today has been an excellent day! I am very happy with my eating. 5+ veggies and at least 2 fruits today

I did a pathetic 10 minutes on the stationary bike. 7 then 3 while cooking dinner. That is more than I have done in months though. I figured that I had such a good day that that it would be a shame to not do any activity.

Hope you had a positive day as well. Lunch stuff is all packed up. Breakfast stuff is prepped as well. No snack prepped but I have an idea for something I can grab ingrediants for easily in morning.
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I just wanted to type that date out. :)

I figured I should at least type something up short as I am doing a lot of blog hopping recently. I don't want anyone to check out my link hear themselves echoing.

Short story of my in the past 15 months...
Lost weight
gained weight
need to lose it again and find a way that is doable to make it STAY off.
Ta da!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's that time again!

Time for a new year and a fresh start.

No resolutions here- as a matter of fact no one even talked about them last night at all. :)

I am going to attempt a start today like 80 gazillion other people. Lets just say me and my scale are not friends today. He's lucky I don't chuck him out the back door really.

Already polished off 3 eggs cooked with a whole green pepper and a sprinkle of cheese.I am not even hungry but I am going to go with that whole eat breakfast within an hour of rising for now. Nursing a glass of flavored water right now. I like healthy food- It's yummy. I just don't do well with the planning ahead and being prepared to make healthy meals.

Going to see about talking hubby into heading up to Dick's. Either by myself or as a family. I got new shoes last year (Brooks even, which if you know my hubby that is his love) but I really don't like them. They are corrective and quite frankly they hurt my feet. I prefer my old cushy adidas that cost less to be honest. The cushy has all gone bye bye but I still wear them over the Brooks so that is pretty sad. LOL