Thursday, January 13, 2011

The swan

Announcing The swan

How is that for an easy blog address? As I was trying to pick out a catchy open blog address I had all kinds of thoughts. My main one being "How would it look on the back of a shirt" I don't know why though as I doubt I will ever be doing anything that would require it on the back of a shirt. I basically wanted a title that I could tell someone that they might actually remember. Slenderswan dot blogspot dot com is a lot to remember.

Today marks day three on my road back to finding my (slender) swan. She is in there some where I tell ya!!! Now please go visit Karen and throw a comment or two her way so that she can curse me while she rides. tee-hee She has helped me when I have been slacking and now it is my turn to help her. Just a little OMPH to get her restarted.

Also my 3rd day of a touch of movement - Not a lot but it will add up.


  1. I freakin' adore you. I hope you know that!

  2. The URL is cool - and it would look great on the back of a t-shirt!


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