Saturday, January 15, 2011

So tired!

I am in bed about to snuggle down and nest for the night. I just figured I would pop off a line to let you know all is well in the lake here. :)

Bedtime got delayed by an asshole dog that likes to pee on our bed from time to time. Of course we are only in our room to sleep so it isn't found till then. Ugh! She is sooo lucky that we put up with her ass as many would have sent her back to pound. We take a portion of the blame as we know she does this but we were not dilegent enough in make sure door to room always closed.

Off to sleep! Nighty nighty!

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  1. Sending you bloggy love - lol. Just found your blog at Rejecting 300 - love the name. My friends have a dog that does the same thing and they put up with him too but it's driving them crazy! New Follower Here.


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