Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yummy Lunch

(Tastes just like the ginger dressing at Japanese Steak houses)


 (minus dressing/noodles in kit)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I feel weird doing that.

For me it is writing in books/highlighting.  I buy a used books and see where people have done something like this.  Or flip through my hubby's used college textbooks and see this.  It just seems so very foreign to me.  I cannot wrap my mind around it being OK to write in a book.  Even though I paid for and own whatever book/magazine I feel really odd trying to write in them. I guess it is a weird mental hang up or something for me.

Do you have anything that you see others doing that you feel weird doing?

PS. I tried Karen's idea of changing the battery and I was so excited when it seemed to work. But then it started being wonky again.  I will try again though because I found the battery loose in a drawer and I really have no idea how old it is.  Who really has random 9V laying around anyway?  LOL  (The only reason I am willing to try again is that the scale I have while cheap has really decent reviews)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I need a fire

under my ass!!

I have been playing slacker the last 2.5 days and I MUST stop it!!!  If I do not I will landslide back into gaining.  I also really need a reliable scale because this crap ass piece of junk is about to be returned to my brother.  If I can weigh myself 6 times in a 10 min. period with me changing nothing (no eat/drink/potty) then I should not get 5 different weights.  UGH!   I guess I will have to resort to Amazon to get an accurate one.

I have today and tomorrow off so I hope to refine my game plan and get it back in action.

What helps get you back on track when you have been veering off the weight loss road?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm here, I'm here

I know, normally when I go this long without posting things are bad.  I am happy to say that is not the case though.  I just haven't felt like blogging when I can and when I want to I am in a position that I cannot.

I had Tuesday off but instead of the normal do nothing or go to town we chose to do something different.  We finally decided to drop the money on year passes to a nature theme park located near our house.  As far as yearly fees they really aren't that bad (47.99 or 54.99) but yeowch we don't normally drop that kind of money at one time.  After we bought our passes we went inside to walk around a bit.

 First stop the glass bottom boat rides which made B squeal with delight.  Then we wanted to walk to the petting zoo so I could grab a picture of the llama for my sister and her fiancee.  Her fiancee and her have an odd obsession with llamas.

We never got a chance to explore the rest of the park for the additional hour it is open (we went late just to get passes and poke our heads in) as I got a phone call from my work wife.  She had locked herself in the lobby.  Our manager was in Perry, FL so she couldn't go rescue my wife. So we had leave the park which made for a very, very unhappy family as they really wanted to go on the jeep ride.  We were almost half way in the park and the boys were starting to complain of walking to much (of COURSE I left my gowear fit at home @@ The strap has been irritating me so I haven't been wearing it for a few days) after they were told we have to book it out of there.  I work about 25 minutes in the opposite side of town plus we had to walk out of park so I told wife it would be a little while.  She mentioned her fiancee and son were on the way up to see if they could figure anything out.  After we got out of the park and were heading home to pick up my work keys (I left them at home so I didn't lose them in the nature park) she called to say she was in.  The wall we are behind doesn't reach the ceiling for air flow and sound.  They were able to lift her 4 year old over the wall and have him land on the counter to unlock the door.

 So we went to the drink store (Sonic) and to a playground.

 In my almost 7 years of being a parent I saw the most interesting (for lack of a better word) parenting I have ever seen.  How about 6 kids running wild while the two ladies sit in the car "watching" them listening to the radio.  I may hover when they are younger but my boys are at a age I don't feel I need to be right there if they fall or anything but I am standing by or sitting on a bench about 10 feet away. I am way to paranoid about the world we live in to not keep my eyeballs on them.  Even if I am texting I am looking over the top of the phone towards them.

Hubby and A went down on the track to walk/run.  They had a little follower....  no one said a peep about it either.   Just W.O.W.  Circle on left is my hubby and A.  Circle towards center is the random child that just followed them. Not a peep from the two ladies.  That is a actual FOOTBALL FIELD!!!!!
Click to enlarge.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sometimes I wish I had more readers.

Sometimes I wish I had more comments.

Then I bounce around and read blogs and I am grateful that I don't attract attention.  Several people I read have been given much attention lately.  One has even gone private recently. (Pssst... Please email me your info so I can continue to read your blog)  

Maybe it is better to just exist quiet in the corner.     :/

My eating has been light today.  Last night we went out to dinner with my lil sister and her fiancee who were in town again.  On the way home hubbers and I got into a  thing that I still cannot figure out.  We both are normally people that get over things in like an hour or two.  I. am. not. over. it.   I am still really annoyed and I am not sure when I will not be. On the bright side it has me pissed and not hurt so no reaching for food. (Emotional eater here)

Food is light today as I just wasn't feeling it as I said.

B-Slim fast creamy chocolate.
L-picked at leftover stir fry broccoli
S- Cliff bar power granola- white chocolate macadamia
D- Baked salmon, mixed veggies, 1/2 servind Lipton noodles.

S- frozen strawberries with coconut milk and splenda.  YUM  I think this is my new favorite dessert type thing. Healthy with fruit servings and cold.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wow-O-Wow (Eyes wide open)

You may or may not have noticed that I cleaned up my WI's over to the side there.  I tried to make it more stream lined and not so splotchy looking. Last time I did this I copied all of the WI's and saved them to a notepad file on my computer.  I did the same thing this time as well.  I ended up marrying the two files and now have all of my recorded WI's at my fingertips.  Wow-O-Wow-O-Wow!  The weight differences between September 2009 when I started till now.   I can see how I started climbing when hubbers got laid off.  I tried to come back but failed a few times.  Then I ended up at my all time high  E-V-E-R!!  Now I am on a slow decline from that weight.

When I had my eyes closed and was gaining I had bought some loose organic cotton knit pants. They were very comfortable and forgiving.  The were carpenter pants style with pockets on the legs.  I knew they were crazy sized when they started trying to droop on me when I had my wallet (coin purse I use usually) in the leg pocket but I ignored.  They buttoned and tied around the waist so i would just tie them tighter.  The pairs I had were 18's and I even grabbed some 16's in the same style but cargo short.  The 16's fit a little bit tighter than the 18's.  I KNEW I wasn't losing but I allowed the size on the pants to fool me and let me hide in my ostrich hole longer.  Finally the pants really started breaking down and were just not looking nice anymore.  I tried to fit into my size 18 jeans and they were not fitting in any way shape or form. I had to admit defeat and buy some jeans in a larger size.  I grabbed two pairs of size 20's from Walmart back in November 2011.  They were right next to each other and were the same cut but the colors varied a bit.  I tried them on when I got home and one pair fit and the other were a bit to tight.  I have been practically living in the larger ones and the two pairs of organic knits that still look somewhat OK. Well I had the bright idea to try on the tighter ones the other night and THEY FIT!  They are still 20's but seeing as they were to tight just a few months ago I am pleased they fit now.

Now to get back into those 18's again!!

Todays Eats:

B-  I slept in
L- 2 ham/swiss wraps with 3 pickle slices inside
D- Large piece of salmon/ small amount of white rice/soy sauce stir fried veggie mix (stir fry mix from EatSmart)
  (saved some salmon for lunch tomorrow even)

S- took all the tired looking strawberries and threw them into Magic Bullet with some splenda/coconut milk./ 3 frozen strawberries and some splenda.  Yummy strawberry smoothie with a few fruit servings in there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

C25K day 1 - Completed

I did it!  Whoo hooo!

I completed day 1 of C25K

That was why I was trying to make a playlist Sunday night.  I wanted to do it on Sunday but as you know it took three hours to get that playlist done.  Whoops!

Afterwards I was one hungry, hungry hippo but wasn't sure what my tummy would tolerate.  I remembered I still had some Atkins protein shakes so that is what I had.  Dinner is in the oven now.  I am sorta scared of it to be honest. LOL It is loosely based on  this recipe  with many extras added in.  For one I subbed out cream of broccoli for one can of the cream of mushroom. I also added left over peas and a bag of broccoli salad that I was worried about eating straight up as it had gotten partially frozen in the fridge. I used leftover chicken sliced thin for the meat. I just took it out and stirred it and added some bacon bits and more cheese on top. I have to attempt to dress it up for the hubby to eat it.

Update:  It was really yummy!  Of course with the amount of cheese it better have been good.

NOTE: I am not committing to the C25K plan.  I just used it for inspiration today.

Monday, March 12, 2012

For the record

I HATE HATE HATE HATE those stupid captcha things that some of you have on your blogs!!!

  If you want to make sure none of your comments are spam then just make them have to be approved.  I would so much rather see that my comment is awaiting approval than to have to try and put that damn code in a zillion times.

I am so excited!  I got a new battery for my gowear fit display.  I was really scared at first because it wasn't working.  I fiddled with it for a little while and finally go it working. Yeah! Now I will have an idea of how many steps i take before I upload.  ARGH!  Of course I picked it up as I said that and it stopped working.  GRRRRR.  I am going to have to come up with a new way to secure my strap.  The tape I used is starting to chafe my skin and hurt.

The project worked last night worked but I am to tired to deal with it now.  Thankfully I am off of work for the new two days.  I cannot wait to be able to go back to sleep after we get A off to the bus.  Now with that said I am off to bed.

I actually logged my calories today on the gowear fit.  1573 eats for the day.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward leaves me tired

I sprung forward out of bed and I feel like I have just kept going all day.  I actually got a report done at work I have been putting off for a while. Yeah!

I even had great plans to get on the treadmill tonight.  Making a playlist of 30 minutes took for*friggen*ever!  I thought it would be a simple process but I was trying not to spend a fortune on tunes.  After THREE HOURS I finally said screw it and just paid the $1.29 per song I wanted.

Now I am working on a little project so off to bed I go with the tablet to try and hammer the details out.  Hope you had a great spring forward day.  Tomorrow is going to be extra long I fear.  My normal 10 hours will feel like 11.  Booo!


B-Cottage cheese

L-1 turkey/pepper jack wrap with pickles

D-1  whole wheat cracker
    2 cheese pringles
    2 slices of ham lunchmeat (I was making the kids dinner and I was starving!! lol)
    a home made taco salad just like Friday nights. Yummmy!  Lots of fresh veggies in there.
    1 reeses klondike- I blame hubby he got it and brought it to me. :X

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New kicks

Today was my day off and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Snoozing and playing with the kiddos in bed.  They like to pretend the floor is water and our bed is a boat.  It makes for lots of sneaking in hugs and kisses on my boys.  Neither one of them are cuddlers so I have to sneak it in as I can.  I knew I needed to get out and about to get some movement in today though.  We joked around about pawning the boys off on someone.  A. called his Mama (grandparents on hubbys side are Mama and Pappa) but she was at the baptism for the boys newest cousin. :X Whoops, I kinda forgot about that.  They didn't expect me there though so it worked out.  The last two times I have gone to church were for my own children's baptisms and they all know that. They try every once and a while and I tell them no.  That one of the great things about being an adult is that I CAN say no. :)  Thankfully my inlaws are pretty understanding about my lack of religion. I am pretty positive they pray for me as a matter of fact. LOL   I have beliefs- they are just different than theirs and I keep them to myself.

 A. called my older brother but he didn't answer.  I ended up texting him that A. wanted to come over to his house.  He replied "bring him"  I texted him back that he would be bringing his younger brother too so that we could have date night. He said "ok"   I think you can imagine the speed that we all got ready in.  Haha! We spent a few minutes with my brother after dropping off the kids.  We were trying to decide on a nice place to go.  We ended up going to a place on the NE side of town.  It only ended up being like a mile or so from my brothers house.  Dinner was good and it was nice to be in a grown up place.  We did not see one child there until we were almost leaving.  I couldn't even imagine trying to take B there.  In his almost 4 yr old-ness he is always a squirmy little worm in a chair. After dinner we decided now might be a good time to run up and look at new shoes for me.  Since it would be way easier to try to shoe shop at Dick's sans kids.  I called my bro to make sure it was ok and he said it was.

Almost two hours later the bench I was trying on shoes on looked like this.

With each pair I put on I would walk around the little track they have on the floor in the shoe area then run as well to see how they felt. I liked the purple ones on the left a lot but they were better for walking than running for me I felt. Nike Free Run +2 in grape.  Then the Nike Lunarglides were my next choice in the matter.  I liked a lot of shoes I tried on but I wasn't in love with any. I have high arches and most of the time I feel like they are not supported well in these kinds of shoes.  I was trying to explain to the sales rep and hubby how I feel like the shoe is flat in the arch area and that my arches are just totally unsupported and feel stressed like that.

See the my poor little arches just all unhappy unsupported!

The Nikes seemed to have a bit more arch support for me which is why I was heading towards them.  Then I happened to ask the rep what the most cushy shoe is that they have.  He said the Nike Lunarglide (which I had on) or the Reebok ZipFlys. It was right at closing time by that point and he skedaddled to find me shoes in a 7.5.  He came back with 8's and said that was the smallest.  The were tight and narrow seeming in the middle of the shoe but opened up in the toe box.  The tightness made me feel as my arches where not floating in space so that was nice.  I took a few steps and a light jog and they seemed nice.  Then hubby asked about the return policy and I decided to just go with these as they seemed like they would do well for walking and running.  They were on sale and we decided while I liked the Nike Free Run it might be better to start with a cheaper pair (sale $69) and I could look at the Free Runs online if I really wanted them later.

My new kicks!

Some of those shoes were a mission to get off and on.  I was joking that it was a workout in itself trying to make the ones that don't have tongues fit on. They had laces so you could tighten them but I felt more like I was trying on a boat shoe with the bootie type feeling of a few. This upload is from just after 11pm and you can see my spikes from 7:30pm till 9:30pm.   Now as usual I am up way to late and it is bedtime. Good night!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The eats today.

Full 10 hours at work.  Moderately busy day today. 

4 (20 oz) glasses of water

Emeralds breakfast on the go
cottage cheese/pineapple


 broccoli salad

2 turkey/pepper jack cheese wraps with side of sweet peppers
1 mini bag of cheetos (160 cal)

2nd emerald breakfast on the go

1 serving of fruit loops (dry as snack)
home made taco salad with lots of veggies (tomato/lettuce/sweet peppers/onions)

I tried to wait until I was hungry with each meal/snack.  I was starving before dinner so the dry fruit loops really helped tone it down.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buckling down- Day 1

That silly dress arriving had me in a frazzle today.

 Hubby was super confused as to why I was upset.  He didn't see how yesterday (dress not a thought in my mind) to today (dress here) was any different.  I tried to explain to him over and over but he just wasn't listening.  Finally I went a little psycho on him yelling at him that he will never be fat and never know the feeling of not being able to fit into clothing. That before it wasn't a thought in my head and now it is here smack in my face.  I don't want to look like a fat hippo squeezed into a light blue tube.

So today starts my **Oh FUDGE** (Think A Christmas Story) this is here. now. freak out.

I worked for 3.5 hours then hit the grocery store for BOGO items.  Then I popped some chicken in the oven for hubbers and I got on the treadmill.  1 mile later (30 minutes) I got off and got to work on my dinner. My dinner was the same as my lunch but a variation of it.

I was able to score a bunch of these for really cheap with BOGO and $1 off coupons.  They will make cheap and healthy lunches and or dinners for me.

Todays eats:

2 ham/swiss wraps with half a tomato inside
1 diet cherry coke

1 atkins strawberry shake before I left work for the grocery store

1 pack of the new Emerald Breakfast on the go before my walk.
2 turkey/pepper jack wraps with a sprinkle of feta and some sweet peppers
   with a side of sweet peppers, strawberries, and pineapple/cottage cheese.
3- 20oz cups of flavored water (crystal light packets)

All in all I would say that today is a successful day. I would like to have seen some more movement but that will come. Now to go to bed and get some sleepies in.   :)

ACK! The dress is in

I am sitting here stressing.

Over stupid stuff to be honest but I am still stressing.

Whyyyy you ask?  Because I just got the phone call that my bridesmaid dress is in. We ordered them on February 1st. It wasn't supposed to arrive till about April 28th.  The wedding is May 19th. The place I ordered from is over two hours away from me. (David's Bridal in Clearwater)  My sister (the bride) will be picking up my dress for me though.  She should be coming here in two weeks for a day or two for spring break so she can bring it to me then I guess.

 I don't even know if this thing will fit me.  It should as I ordered what the sales lady said to but the one I tried on was two sizes larger and very big on me. I do have some pictures of us trying on the dresses that I never shared.  I just looked at them again.  Pardon me while I go cry now.

 I should be happy it is here but now but instead I am filled with dread.

 Dread of trying to fit a fat ass/sloppy boobs into a strapless tent dress in 10 weeks.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is a request of the trying to learn to work out system.

  • If you yourself are a new runner (or run/walker) or want to start running in baby steps please share your blog with me so that I may be inspired.  
  • If you are hard core on the ball right now and kicking ass then please share your blog with me.  
  • If you know someone who's blog will help motivate me please share the blog with me. 

 I did a crap ton of movement for me yesterday and my right heel was really hurting today. I planned on today being a rest day but I still wanted to get some simple walking in. I met hubby in town after his classes for lunch.  I planned on giving him the 3 yr old to take home and go to Target to walk around for a while without a kid. Maaaybe check out if they had some clearance workout pants. By the time we got out of the place hubby needed to get home and get A off the bus ASAP.  As soon as I pulled out and saw the traffic I knew hubby wouldn't make it (he had to go drop a former coworker of his back off at work that we had lunch with) so I hauled butt home.  I got to our road just as the bus turned the corner to drive down a connecting road.  SHHEEWWW!  

He can walk home on his own but at 6 I really don't want him to.  (Especially since he did yesterday because SOMEBODY fell asleep on the couch and had the 3yr old running wild and slept through the bus drop off time @@)  Shall I post a picture of the 3 colors of lipstick currently decorating my bathroom wall?  UGH!

Hubby then reminded me that he had to go back to school tonight to watch a movie for extra credit.  Well POOP! By the time I would have gotten back up to town I would have felt super rushed and that would have just been crappy. So instead I resorted to a nap (Hah, how is that for opposite!) till I had to deal with my demon spawn alone. 

It is late and I do work in the morning.  Goodnight!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The world is ending! I RAN.

Pardon me while I YELLLLL!   :)

I just spent 45 minutes on the treadmill!!  At at least seven minutes of it were spent RUNNING!  Sporadically for a minute at a time but they were done- By me!!  Most of it at 3 mph (don't laugh!) but 1.5 minutes of it at 4 mph.  

I asked hubby to take a picture of me and it looks wonky due to me moving in it.  Don't ya think?

 Then he was a butt and took a 10 second video of me running.  I don't look like I am running- more like a fast walk. At least now we know I am a forefoot strider so that will be good to know when shoe shopping in future.  I can say that as I come down I feel the back hip padding jiggle/jerk. When he told me I was a forefooter I tried to heel strike and it just feels like I am slamming down stomping.  Hubby is a heel striker but he is a string bean so I am sure it doesn't feel like as much of a stomp to him with long legs. I am a shortie at just over 5'2 though so my legs are much shorter.

WARNING:  Cuss word and movement!!!!
You need to turn your head a bit.  I don't know how to turn it.  

I had him grab a picture of me when I was done.  Boy do my pits stank right now.  tee-hee
Sexy right there

Running wasn't that scary at 3 mph.

I think you can see the treadmill movement. ::grins::

Sunday, March 4, 2012

T to the I to the R to the E to the D

Whats that spell?


I am not really sure why I am so tired other than staying up way to last night.  I do not plan on making that same mistake tonight though.  I might even crash reallllly early.  I did get more steps in today but my calorie burn is way lower than I would like it to be.  However, I don't want to get moving and then lose my tired feelings and stay up to late again.  I do have a certain visitor now if you catch my drift so I am sure that isn't helping any.

I want to get my lunch prepped for tomorrow but I am tiiiiired!  LOL  I am so tempted to wait till the morning.  But then I am afraid I will get up late and not want to make my salad.  Lately I have been in love with the wedge salad from a local place.  They just do a lettuce wedge with red onions,diced tomatoes,bacon,blue cheese crumbles, and homemade ranch.  I bought some hearts of romaine, 2 tomatoes, feta (coupon with BOGO) and a red onion tonight. I thought I had the supplies to make HM ranch but I guess not.  I will just have to deal with the store bought stuff.  LOL  I have plenty of bacon crumbles thanks to a Sam's Club purchase a few months ago.  I also picked up some cottage cheese, pineapple,edemame, and strawberries.  A few snackies as well that I hope to portion out. I need to stop buying lunch at work.  I hope to entice myself into yummy HM lunches.  Dinner was a Birdseye Voila! meal (coupon with BOGO) that I added cooked broccoli slaw to for mine.  Really bulked my .75 of a portion up by doing that.  I hadn't eaten much today so I needed to get some veggies in me.

The budget is in check and I always feel soooo much better and on top of things when I am on top of our money.  All of the bills are paid for March I am happy to say.  The good ole checking account is empty but it will receive two paychecks soon to feed it again.

5 minutes till 10pm... I wonder if i can make it in bed by 10?  Byeeeeeeee!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is your calories burned goal?

Here are my screen shots for the last three days.

My GoWear fit says that I burn 1.2 calories per minute just breathing.

I didn't put the GWF on till later in the evening so most of my burn for that day is what they say I burned plus the few hours I had it on being a sloth.

First full day wearing the GWF for 24 hours (minus the few minutes for upload)  I also realized a way to rig my armband.  Since my sister hijacked all my cute duct tape (like my Hello Kitty roll) I used some pink my coworker had.  I just took like a two inch strip and cut it in half.  Then I wrapped the halves around the fastener part going opposite ways.  I cannot adjust it now but really the band is stretchy so that is fine.  I will re-adjust later or just buy a new one.  Free fix!  Yeahhhh!  I tried logging my calories for the day.  I feel really clunky trying to use the logging tool.

This was Saturdays that I uploaded at just after midnight. I worked a full day today and uploaded when I got home.  My steps were only at 19xx so I put it right back on and tried to move a little more.  I tried to upload again at 11:52pm and I was 10 calories away from my burn goal so I threw it back on and walked in place to reach it.  LOL

If you have a bugg or a GWF what do you have your calorie burn goal set at?  How many calories does it say you burn a minute?  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lost and FOUND.

I have been missing three items for quite a while now.  Today hubby and I ripped apart our room and I am happy to say that we found all three items.

First- my itty bitty diamond studs.

Second- my swan pendant.

Third- this bad boy right here!

I had been missing this dude for well over a year.  Considering where it was found I can safely say it has been missing for 22 months.  (We took a trip to Miami- it was still in the bag, never unpacked)  The little display I have know about the whole time as it kept moving around the house till the armband was found.  We plugged it in for a few hours to charge and it fired right on up.  The display on the other hand is a goner.  We did read it is a watch battery though so we will try and change it.  I have the old style from 2009 so this is exactly what mine looks like. I decided to pay for one month and see if it helps me out.  I cannot believe they charge tax on a subscription though.  That kind of irked me a little but what can you do. ::shrug::

Tomorrow will be a very busy day at work so I am excited to see what kind of calorie output I have. My arm is a little pissed at me right now since I am not used to the band anymore.  I need to look into ordering a new band actually.  The velcro dot has lost most of the stick on the plastic band end.  I tried using nail glue (think super glue) to anchor it but it didn't bond with the plastic.  My sleeping is going to look like poop though.  It always has, I am not a sound sleeper at all.  I toss and turn A LOT!  Speaking of which I hear some whimpers so I am off to investigate.  

My girlfriend that ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon made it into a runDisney recap video.
Look for her in the center at about 2:16-2:17. Running in a black hoodie.  

My planned Publix trip with coupons 3/1/12

I did accomplish what I set out to do on Tuesday.  I got a load of laundry kinda sorta done.  Then realized I needed to call the repairman :(   I never mentioned that our washer died the first week of February. We got a new (used) one on Valentine's Day.  It was delivered the next day and they look away my old one and my dead standing freezer. (sniff,sniff I miss that thing) The first two loads or so were fine.  Then it started acting wonky hubbers told me.  The clothing was still soppy wet after the cycle was done.  I finally had it happen to me on Tuesday.  As I told them- It washes and drains but doesn't appear to spin out the water.  The clothing is at the bottom wet- not climbing the sides damp.  I ran the cycle about an hour ago and really payed attention to it.  It did do the spin in the middle of the cycle but as I suspected no spin and the end.  Still have a two hour window of waiting.  I am thankful that they didn't come at 9am though.  I had those rank towels from Tuesday that had to be washed.  Hahah (It is under 60 day warranty thankfully)

When hubby gets home from school we need to go to the dump! Then I am not sure what we will be doing.  It has been really damp and rainy on my days off in my part of Florida.  I might wait till 2pm for the dump so we can hit Sonic happy hour.  LOL

My coworker and I went to Sweetbay the other night and found a great deal on ground chicken.  My freezer is stuffed though so I only got 2 packs.  She got like 10 packs of the ground chicken. (Sell by date closeout special) I pulled one of them out today to thaw for chili tonight.  I actually prefer ground chicken/turkey over ground beef now a days.

Which one do you prefer?

Speaking of deals have you printed your coupons for the Publix Sales this week?  I only printed the 5 main ones I was interested in.  At Publix you can use TWO coupons on BOGO items. So after the coupons the items will be really inexpensive.  I am going to let you know which ones I printed so you can too if you want.
(Cough, cough- this is for you mom!)

Above will take you to the web site I use for my coupon match ups.  She writes all the coupons you can use and the Sunday that they were in the paper.  She also links up any printable coupons that you can print to use. Below are the printed coupons that I am going to use with the BOGO sales this week.  PRINT THEM NOW even though the sale is good till next week.  The coupons only take so many prints before they are exhausted.

  • I printed the Athenos Feta cheese coupon- It is a facebook coupon and you can print one.  I had hubby go follow the link  and it allowed him to print one too so I have two of them.   BOGO use two coupons will be $2.99 for TWO items
  • Nabisco Ritz crackers.  I used the first link I believe it was.  I was able to print off the second one  but it expired yesterday so don't waste your ink. BOGO use one coupon will be $2.89 for two (coupon is for $1 off TWO so only one coupon here)
  • Shedd's Spread Country Crock  (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time)   BOGO use two coupons will be .49 for TWO items
  • Mr's Pauls Fish (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time)  BOGO use two coupons will be $3.99 for TWO items
  • Birds Eye Viola! meals (open tab in separate window- when done printing close window and do it a second time) BOGO use two coupons will be $1.43 for TWO items

Normal price for all of this would be  $44.06 with no sales.  With sales and coupons I will pay $11.79

Worth your time to go print these real quick?  I say YES!!!!!