Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wow-O-Wow (Eyes wide open)

You may or may not have noticed that I cleaned up my WI's over to the side there.  I tried to make it more stream lined and not so splotchy looking. Last time I did this I copied all of the WI's and saved them to a notepad file on my computer.  I did the same thing this time as well.  I ended up marrying the two files and now have all of my recorded WI's at my fingertips.  Wow-O-Wow-O-Wow!  The weight differences between September 2009 when I started till now.   I can see how I started climbing when hubbers got laid off.  I tried to come back but failed a few times.  Then I ended up at my all time high  E-V-E-R!!  Now I am on a slow decline from that weight.

When I had my eyes closed and was gaining I had bought some loose organic cotton knit pants. They were very comfortable and forgiving.  The were carpenter pants style with pockets on the legs.  I knew they were crazy sized when they started trying to droop on me when I had my wallet (coin purse I use usually) in the leg pocket but I ignored.  They buttoned and tied around the waist so i would just tie them tighter.  The pairs I had were 18's and I even grabbed some 16's in the same style but cargo short.  The 16's fit a little bit tighter than the 18's.  I KNEW I wasn't losing but I allowed the size on the pants to fool me and let me hide in my ostrich hole longer.  Finally the pants really started breaking down and were just not looking nice anymore.  I tried to fit into my size 18 jeans and they were not fitting in any way shape or form. I had to admit defeat and buy some jeans in a larger size.  I grabbed two pairs of size 20's from Walmart back in November 2011.  They were right next to each other and were the same cut but the colors varied a bit.  I tried them on when I got home and one pair fit and the other were a bit to tight.  I have been practically living in the larger ones and the two pairs of organic knits that still look somewhat OK. Well I had the bright idea to try on the tighter ones the other night and THEY FIT!  They are still 20's but seeing as they were to tight just a few months ago I am pleased they fit now.

Now to get back into those 18's again!!

Todays Eats:

B-  I slept in
L- 2 ham/swiss wraps with 3 pickle slices inside
D- Large piece of salmon/ small amount of white rice/soy sauce stir fried veggie mix (stir fry mix from EatSmart)
  (saved some salmon for lunch tomorrow even)

S- took all the tired looking strawberries and threw them into Magic Bullet with some splenda/coconut milk./ 3 frozen strawberries and some splenda.  Yummy strawberry smoothie with a few fruit servings in there.

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  1. Don't you just love it when clothes that were too tight now fit you? :-)


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