Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lost and FOUND.

I have been missing three items for quite a while now.  Today hubby and I ripped apart our room and I am happy to say that we found all three items.

First- my itty bitty diamond studs.

Second- my swan pendant.

Third- this bad boy right here!

I had been missing this dude for well over a year.  Considering where it was found I can safely say it has been missing for 22 months.  (We took a trip to Miami- it was still in the bag, never unpacked)  The little display I have know about the whole time as it kept moving around the house till the armband was found.  We plugged it in for a few hours to charge and it fired right on up.  The display on the other hand is a goner.  We did read it is a watch battery though so we will try and change it.  I have the old style from 2009 so this is exactly what mine looks like. I decided to pay for one month and see if it helps me out.  I cannot believe they charge tax on a subscription though.  That kind of irked me a little but what can you do. ::shrug::

Tomorrow will be a very busy day at work so I am excited to see what kind of calorie output I have. My arm is a little pissed at me right now since I am not used to the band anymore.  I need to look into ordering a new band actually.  The velcro dot has lost most of the stick on the plastic band end.  I tried using nail glue (think super glue) to anchor it but it didn't bond with the plastic.  My sleeping is going to look like poop though.  It always has, I am not a sound sleeper at all.  I toss and turn A LOT!  Speaking of which I hear some whimpers so I am off to investigate.  

My girlfriend that ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon made it into a runDisney recap video.
Look for her in the center at about 2:16-2:17. Running in a black hoodie.  


  1. Strap that bad boy back on your arm and bust a move, chica!

  2. Yeah.... what Chubby said! :)

  3. HOORAY!!! So glad you found your missing goodies! I kinda miss my Bugg but I'm not about to ask for it back from the person I gave it to and I'm REALLY not about to pay for the subscription again :)


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