Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I feel weird doing that.

For me it is writing in books/highlighting.  I buy a used books and see where people have done something like this.  Or flip through my hubby's used college textbooks and see this.  It just seems so very foreign to me.  I cannot wrap my mind around it being OK to write in a book.  Even though I paid for and own whatever book/magazine I feel really odd trying to write in them. I guess it is a weird mental hang up or something for me.

Do you have anything that you see others doing that you feel weird doing?

PS. I tried Karen's idea of changing the battery and I was so excited when it seemed to work. But then it started being wonky again.  I will try again though because I found the battery loose in a drawer and I really have no idea how old it is.  Who really has random 9V laying around anyway?  LOL  (The only reason I am willing to try again is that the scale I have while cheap has really decent reviews)

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  1. Get thee to a store and BUY A BATTERY!!! LOL!!!

    I also can't write in a book ... or bend around the cover on a paperback. I HATE spine creases! It even freaks me out with paperbacks from the library.


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