Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm here, I'm here

I know, normally when I go this long without posting things are bad.  I am happy to say that is not the case though.  I just haven't felt like blogging when I can and when I want to I am in a position that I cannot.

I had Tuesday off but instead of the normal do nothing or go to town we chose to do something different.  We finally decided to drop the money on year passes to a nature theme park located near our house.  As far as yearly fees they really aren't that bad (47.99 or 54.99) but yeowch we don't normally drop that kind of money at one time.  After we bought our passes we went inside to walk around a bit.

 First stop the glass bottom boat rides which made B squeal with delight.  Then we wanted to walk to the petting zoo so I could grab a picture of the llama for my sister and her fiancee.  Her fiancee and her have an odd obsession with llamas.

We never got a chance to explore the rest of the park for the additional hour it is open (we went late just to get passes and poke our heads in) as I got a phone call from my work wife.  She had locked herself in the lobby.  Our manager was in Perry, FL so she couldn't go rescue my wife. So we had leave the park which made for a very, very unhappy family as they really wanted to go on the jeep ride.  We were almost half way in the park and the boys were starting to complain of walking to much (of COURSE I left my gowear fit at home @@ The strap has been irritating me so I haven't been wearing it for a few days) after they were told we have to book it out of there.  I work about 25 minutes in the opposite side of town plus we had to walk out of park so I told wife it would be a little while.  She mentioned her fiancee and son were on the way up to see if they could figure anything out.  After we got out of the park and were heading home to pick up my work keys (I left them at home so I didn't lose them in the nature park) she called to say she was in.  The wall we are behind doesn't reach the ceiling for air flow and sound.  They were able to lift her 4 year old over the wall and have him land on the counter to unlock the door.

 So we went to the drink store (Sonic) and to a playground.

 In my almost 7 years of being a parent I saw the most interesting (for lack of a better word) parenting I have ever seen.  How about 6 kids running wild while the two ladies sit in the car "watching" them listening to the radio.  I may hover when they are younger but my boys are at a age I don't feel I need to be right there if they fall or anything but I am standing by or sitting on a bench about 10 feet away. I am way to paranoid about the world we live in to not keep my eyeballs on them.  Even if I am texting I am looking over the top of the phone towards them.

Hubby and A went down on the track to walk/run.  They had a little follower....  no one said a peep about it either.   Just W.O.W.  Circle on left is my hubby and A.  Circle towards center is the random child that just followed them. Not a peep from the two ladies.  That is a actual FOOTBALL FIELD!!!!!
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  1. The place where you got passes to looks like a lot of fun! We had passes to Knotts Berry Farm for several months and loved it! It is $65 and the passes expire on 12/31, no matter when you buy them. We have a lot of kids so it gets pricey. We are saving...

    Okay, last week I drove my kids to the playground and they got out and started running around while I sat in the car and listened to the radio. First time I have done that. Was that me you saw? lol. But after about 5 minutes I felt guilty and got out and sat on a bench, then I started to play with them. Much better than sitting in the car!


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