Monday, December 31, 2012

Helllllooooo 2013

We all know January 1st is going to bring a new round of people into this big old bloggy world.  I am getting my blogging booty back in gear myself.  I am NOT promising to working out at this point.  I am however promising to watch my food intake.  As of yesterday- Sunday the 30th (minus that iced coffee from DD that I had left from Sat. night) I have started.   Again.  No excuses and no apologies. Today will be my first whole day and I plan on weighing in.  I may or may not share as it is embarassing.  My mom,dad, and aunt all read this soooooo I don't know if I will admit.

I  planned out some food for me to eat this first week.  Keeping it simple and lower in carbs.  I am a sugar addict and the low carbing helps me break the addiction and keeps me from craving sweets. 

Tonight I will be at my brother's house for a small gathering.  I am taking one of two things so that I will have something I can eat for sure.  Either buffalo chicken dip or that cream cheese/cocktail sauce (yes, I know this has sugar)/shrimp dip. Sliced celery sticks for me instead of crackers.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Get out of my house 2012!!

2012 is it time for you to get the bleep out of here.

I am ending the year 10 pounds heavier than I was at the start.  No one to blame but myself on that one though.  I control what I eat.  Ummm I mean- My feelings control what I eat.  That will be a ongoing issue that I have to work out on my own though.  I appreciate those of you that have kept me on your feeds even though I have been inactive. 

I am dusting this bad boy off before the end of 2012 as you can see.  I start to feel lost about this blog sometimes.  Because I want to make it a life blog- but then I want it to be a weight loss blog.  I am not sure if I can ever find that happy in between.  I doubt you all care that I play minecraft on a regular basis.  Heck, I even record my playing and upload it to youtube.  LOL  It started as a way to spend time with my sister.  She rarely plays now though and I do.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Well I am lieing.  It was OW last night but today it isn't hurting.  I have to baby it though as to much pressure on it does make it hurt. What the hell am I talking about?

Back story:  We have a mini dachshund.  We have a Christmas tree.  We have a mini dachshund that will steal anything that falls to the floor that isn't edible and will take it to his tree cave.  A few weeks ago a oven mitt fell.  I didn't really worry about it and life went on.  Hubby clean out the tree cave the next day and mentioned the oven mitt to me.  I told him I knew about it but whatever.  It seems he threw it in the wash and  it got put back up on the hood vent where they are stored.  I bet you can see where this is going huh?  I went to pull out a pan with garlic bread one handed.  Did not look at the oven mitt first and there is a nice hole in the thumb tip on said glove.  There is a 2 blister burn on the tip of my thumb now.

I am off for the weekend so at least I don't have to worry about trying to work with them for now.  Although to be honest there is tons of laundry to be done (ok, really only 2 loads but no matter if it is 1 load or 8 it always feels like tons) and I want to do it I am afraid of messing with these to much right now.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry New Year!!

Christmas has past and now just one more holiday till we can get back to the norm.  :)

SOOOOOoooooo thankful for the fact that I was able to (with help from family) keep this a low debt Christmas. We did one big gift for the family this year and then just supportive things with few toys.  The family got a Xbox this year.  We were up till 4am wrapping and setting everything up.  We figured the best thing to do was set up the Xbox the night before and wrap the empty box. They did not even notice the fact it was set up early.  Haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feeling better

It has been two weeks since my lid flew across the room.  One week ago it almost did again but hubby caught it and put it back on.  I am feeling better.

Marriage is something you have to work on.  We all know it has it's up and downs.  We have been on a bit of a down lately.  It is time to change that and bring it back up to an up.  I have just been stumbling along alone for a month or two. I expected hubby to help, but I never really asked him to.  He is clueless and didn't realize I was stumbling and needed support as not to fall.  It is hard supporting a household on what I make a     month.  My check doesn't even cover the mortgage at this time.   (It would if I was at 40 hours but I am at 36 hr a week- partially from economy and partially from his college classes so we don't need to pay for daycare for B.)  We do live paycheck to paycheck like many others of you.

We are in the process of de-cluttering our house which is a positive thing. I have been at my job six years and I don't know if I want to be there another six.  It might be time to start working on a future plan.

Today I am feeling grateful:

While I may not have lots of cash for Christmas, the bills are current.
My family is healthy and my boys are happy and everyone is fed.
I have a job to whine about.
My hubby is staying on the Deans List in school.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


So it seems this blog has turned from a weight loss blog into a complaint blog.  GRRRRR  I dislike that but I just don't give a flying fig about my weight right now.  I know that is the wrong attitude to have but it is what it is. Right now going to work, paying bills, and functioning is my priority. Usually I can put a lid on the simmering pot that is my stress level.  Lately it has been boiling over.  Sunday afternoon the damn lid flew across the room when I got home from work and saw the "presents" (@@) that were waiting for me to clean.  It took me a while of stomping and storming to myself to find the lid to put it back on the pot.  Right now this second it is quietly simmering but I know the littlest thing could cause a boil.  I am off today and trying to suck up all the relaxing thoughts I can.

Technically I HAVE to go to Publix.  Normally I love the grocery store- especially when I have money to spend. However at work yesterday some kind of sickness attacked me and I just want to sleep. I have some coupons for free stuff that expire today so I HAVE to go. If I am lucky I might be able to snag a quick nap when hubby gets home from school.  Depends on his mood and mine.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Any 2nd grade teachers out there?

7 am wake up call from A's teacher. He got all E's on his report card from her but she still wanted a parent teacher conference and had her negative comments still. (unorganized, not on task, blah blah) I left her a message Friday saying how frustrating it is for her to give him E's yet still put down negative stuff. 

It seems the problem is his handwriting (I know she doesn't like- she fore
ver dings him on it.) and his actual writing. As in writing a paper or writing the daily sentences that they do. They get 2 sentences a day and then are tested on 3 of them on Friday. The answers are given to them (which 3 will be chosen) and his scores on that jump around a lot.

Other then sitting him down to write sentences (which would be 100% pure torture to him) I don't have the slightest idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life is driving me crazy

I just want to growl at it.  UGH!

I over slept and didn't wake up hubby to get A ready for school. Yes- I have to be the alarm clock.

Hubby took B to VPK but didn't want to deal with taking B into the elem. school with him to drop off A.  I didn't want to take him myself so I am just as guilty.  Hubby came home and went right back to bed after dropping off B. (his class isn't until 2pm on Thursday's) I got up to check on the dogs and A and got him drink/breakfast.  I went and laid back down.  Called my coworker to let her know where I put something of hers and she had me cracking up. We have some fake spiders at work and I put one in the safe on top of a box that we take out every day.  She said it got her good since she just had a fight with a huge spider at home last night.  After I was done giggling I closed my eyes and hear "Mommy- I need a bath" from A  HUH!?  He had like 5 big farts that weren't farts and had stuff running down his legs and everything.  There went my sleep for the day.  I had to sanitize everything including a couch cushion.

So the moral of my story is: That even though it started as bad mommy it was a blessing in disguise.  I cannot even imagine how he would have felt if he did that in class.

It happened a 2nd time but he caught it pretty much this time at least.

I am just plain grumpy though.  We have a trick or treat function at his school that we already paid for both kids to attend so there goes any chance of a nap or relax time for mommy.  The kitchen/house is a wreck as my housekeeper ran away or something.  I have done two loads of dishes and two loads of laundry in the last few days. He claims tomorrow will be a cleaning day.  We will see.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I wonder

Where my life would be if I took a different turn almost 11 years ago.  >:(

Thursday, October 18, 2012

6 years

Today is my six year anniversary with my job.  It feels so long but so short.  Weeeeiiird!

My longest time at a previous job was 3 years and I thought that was a long time.  Wow how things change!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I really want to vent about something that is annoying me but I cannot.  :(

Even though this is my little slice of the internet I still have readers that know me in real life.  All I am going to say about it is this.  Why is it that the people that make their own problems get bailed out and rewarded??  While the ones that try and do everything properly and not cause problems get nada.  Are we jealous?  yes.   Can we help our feelings? no.  While in theory we agree with the choices and support them it just feels not fair.  But then again- No one ever said life was fair. ::shrug::  So time will march on and hopefully now that I half ass vented I can release some of these annoyed feelings.

I am not sure when I will return to the bloggy world.  I feel like I barely have any time as it is.  All three boys are back in school and then me with my FT job.  A. is in soccer now which is now taking up all of my Saturdays off with his games.  All of our sitcoms are back on TV that we both enjoy.  Lots of dumb little stuff but it makes the days feel so tight with trying to do everything you want to.  Of course I am a procrastinator so I am sure if I was not stuff wouldn't feel so rushed.  LOL

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last day of summer

Today was the last day of summer and boy has it flown by!!!

I just got home from spending a few day down south with my mommy.  My job has locations all over central FL and they needed help at one two hours south.  The store happens to be 10 miles away from my mom so I went and ran away from home with no kids/hubby.  :)  I worked that store two day while having my mom spoil me rotten.  When I went back to my store on Friday  I told them I wanted to go back to my mom's.  LOL

I have been neglecting blogging big time.  I feel like I have no alone computer time anymore which is when I did typically blog.  My laptop must be plugged in at all times or it dies.  The battery is 100% fried. So I must stay in one spot or have to move the couch to get the cord and yada yada yada.  Well recently my lappy has been having issues which make be very unhappy.  I grabbed a outlet one yesterday with a coupon and it should be here Thursday.  My computer is my lifeline.  I hope to start blogging more once I can actually go to the bedroom for quiet time.

Both the boys start school tomorrow.  A into 2nd grade and B into VPK.  I officially have two school age children.  WHahahahahahah!!!!!   Husband starts college up again himself tomorrow.  I bad I work- That would be a lovely day to SLEEEEEP in a quiet house.  :)

A quarter of my garage is flooded.  Had the washer repair guys scheduled but I will be cancelling them now. I managed to find the problem on my own.  When I first noticed the water I did some troubleshooting but couldn't find anything.  Today I noticed the A/C closet was leaking water.  (oh joy!) and I was feeling frustrated and went out to look at the washer again.  As I sat there stewing I noticed a water drip.  I was able to follow it and thought there was a tiny tear in the rubber water line.  I turned off the water and went to loosen the pipe and noticed that there was a little bit of water seepage at the spigot.  I tightened it and dried it all off.  A few hours later and it is still all dry.  YEAH!!!!!!!   One crisis averted.  I decided to take another look at the A/C.  Yeah,  I have no hope of figuring out that one.  LOL  I did however manage to find the dripping point and have a plastic pitcher there to catch the water.  I tried all the trouble shooting I know.  The drain pipe seem to be together pretty well and I am afraid to wrench them apart.  One thing to deal with a water line but another to mess with a 3K appliance that can electrocute me.

My dad actually prodded me to write.  I find that weird because I didn't even know he read my blog.  So I have my mom and my dad as readers.  WEIRD!!!!    LOL

EDIT::  I got brave and decided to tackle the A/C again.  I KNOW the drain pipe should come off the A/C at the base of the unit.  I couldn't find the proper tools to get it off so I went with the little plug next to it.  Holy deluge of water flow!!  The drain pan was most definitely full.  I got half  if it out.  There is a little wall that is keeping some in though. I am wishing I had a turkey baster right about now. LOL  I will work on it more after work.  At least I know where the water is coming from now.  I have hope I can get it figured out and fixed at some point.

Monday, July 30, 2012

3 days off

I have 3 days off from work in a row.  One day has passed but I hope to get some stuff done on at least one of the two days left behind.  First on the agenda is sorting through child clothing.  My little guy B will be starting VPK this year so he will need clothing to wear.  We have plenty in his size it is just a matter of sorting it and purging the smaller things.  Granted he is slight for his age so he will be able to fit into some 3T shorts I bet.  A is the biggest problem with clothing as he is a growing boy.  I keep trying to pick stuff up at decent prices as I see them.  Soon I will need to work on more jeans for him.  I had found a screaming deal on jeans in 5T a few years ago and bought like 6 pairs.  He is 7 now though and those 5T's just are not working anymore.  I have picked him up a few shorts and pants in 6 and 7 this summer at least.

OK I am sure I can type more if I work at it but I don't want to stay seated here typing.  I want to get up and start sorting while all the boys are still asleep.  :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wee hours of the morning.

We had a blast at Daytona Beach yesterday!!!  The waves were a bit rough though so I didn't let the kiddos go out to far.  We went out to dinner, after getting back to town, and I had some yummy crab legs at a local place.

Friday night while hubby was working on our cake into the wee morning hours (remember mine and my sons birthdays were Saturday) I was reading.

 ::Que shimmery picture and music::
 2 years ago my mom gave me a memory book of my life.  I had never sat down and paged through the entire thing.  I did that in the wee hours before I officially turned 35. Lots of mementos and little things that my mom had saved over the years. A letter from my long gone grandmother written to my mom. Stressing the importance of getting a education in life.  I believe at that time she was re-married and was happier in her second marriage after he quit drinking. (that was the jist I got)  Her flowy cursive was a little hard to read but she did mention her life had been hell in the earlier years.  A chatty letter from my aunt that lives in AL that I don't think I have ever spoken to as an adult. (I was sheltered from my extended family when we moved to FL when I was young. Lots of family drama caused this- Wasn't about me, but when you grow up not talking to family or knowing them it is just easy not to contact them)  

Little notes I had written my mom over the years.  Notes that my father apparently had written for me when I was about 4-5. Mentioning our living conditions and where were my Christmas presents. (My parents were separated at the time and she was in FL)  I don't remember one of them mentioned but I DO remember the second faintly.  I only remember due to pictures to be honest, but I do remember.  One thing that jumped out at me in my faint memories was how very poor we were.  We were living on a old school bus on the land my father grew up on. The bus was converted to be like a camper I believe. I am not 100% sure on that though because the pictures just show the steps and I don't remember the inside. Reading those letters now I feel lucky that I was not raised in that kind of poverty.  There is even a letter from the school district about how the title to the bus was lost. 

A copy of a apartment rental agreement.  That is where most of my childhood memories start from. I thought it was interesting that my father was 35 at the time with me at 7.  I just turned 35, and my oldest just turned 7.  My father's birthday is 2 days before mine.  My mom said I was due the 9th of July and late and my 7 yr old was due July 9th and was late as well.  Just a little tidbit I doubt you knew.  :)  

Where the real fun begins- Letters  My mom put all kinds of letters (originals with envelopes) in there that I had written over the years.  It is not all of them but a sprinkling.  I remember writing most of them and where I was/what I was doing/ who I was dating at the time. Talk about a blast from the past in them.  LOL  Makes me happy to see where I have come and who I did not become. I must thank my mother for all the help she has given me over the years. I remember some things forever, but forget others quickly.  I did not remember all the various help till I read myself thanking her. My mother has gone out of her way to help me in any way she can in various ways. They might not be HUGE but they are there and were helpful when offered. Like mailing things/ small $/paying my bills (me send money her write check to company). *Apparently I didn't know about money orders back then and thought it was safer to send cash through the mail?!*  I remember her sending me stationary and stamps just to get a letter or note from me.  I am a all or nothing type writer which is why my blogging lacks at times. When am in the mood I must strike while the iron is hot. Or else I get distracted and feel like I have nothing to write. Anyway reading these letter and thanking my mom in my head I started to feel what it will be like to have older kiddos.  You always going to want to protect/help/love them. Even when they don't want to be. I tend to get annoyed with my mom because I feel like she is just saying "ok" and not *listening* to what I say. I need to take a step back and realize that might just be her way of  listening. I know she reads my blog and will read this so- I love you Mom!  (I could totally see myself with the gentle pestering of stationary/stamps just to get words from my child many states away)

All of that reading made me come right out the the laptop and type a letter to my aunt that I have not spoken to. Some of it is fluff- some of it is telling her about my memory book and how she is in it. 

Anyway I am off to swap out the wash. I came home to a empty house and I like it. It has encouraged me to do two loads of laundry and make some home made ranch.  I am borrowing a book from my brother I plan on reading that I am interested in.  It is in hubby's car though so I cannot start on it now.  I look forward to reading about wheat though.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm boring. I know

Life just keeps plodding along here in my little slice of the world.

 Swimming the doggie paddle to stay afloat.

A and I will be turning another year older on Saturday.  Were probably going to hit Daytona for the day.
Work wife had her uber cute little boy last Monday. I got to hold him today for like 10 minutes. I just luvs hims. So weird seeing how teeny tiny he is compare to my little boys.  We probably going to go register little B for VPK tomorrow.  My babies are all growing up!!!!!  

Friday, June 29, 2012


I am just so friggen meh and over whelmed right now.  I keep cycling through emotions.  You would think something is seriously wrong, but nothing is.

My job is really not fun.  However, being the only one working and having a OK pay for this area and no degree makes changing jobs hard. Plus, I have been at my job almost 6 years now.  I hate the unknown too.  What if I leave my current job for something that sounds better only to have it royally suck. I have always envisioned a M-F office job.  I have always worked places that are open 7 days a week with varying hours. I have never had a job with PTO or sick days.  Of course I have never called out either unless myself or a child was in the hospital.

I was supposed to have a 3 day weekend but I am pretty positive that I will have to work Monday now.  My coworker is having a last minute C-section first thing Monday morning due to pre-eclampsia signs. My job is super busy the first week of the month and then the holiday and then and then.  BLAH! I have family plans on Monday to take my sister and her hubby to see Silver Springs. Chances are I will have to work as I am the stronger of any of the others that can work that day. I wouldn't mind so much if they would allow me some overtime.  Or NOT cut my hours!!!  They are cutting our hours and it hurts!  Not for performance but trying to save money where ever they can to pay for lawyers and such.  One of our stores up north had a large amount of money stolen and they are trying to take the person to court. The state this happened in requires forensic accountants to be hired and they are not cheap.

And I just got hot pepper oil in my nose.  I think it is going numb.  Shit!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orlando for the day

Our pediatrician heard a heart murmur at little B's appointment last month.  Today we went to Orlando to see a pediatric cardiologist.  I knew it was minor as it was a grade 1 out of 6 with 6 being the worse.  I discovered today that I pee when I am nervous.  LOL  I peed a gazillion times before my sister's wedding and several times at the office today.  B was a stinker during the first test.  Fascinating how they can use what are basically stickers with wires attached to view how the heart beats.  He wiggled so much during the EKG.  The DR had a hard time listening but he finally heard what he needed.

B has what is called a innocent murmur.   Nothing major and no special instructions.  No follow up unless the pediatrician still continues to hear it. He is 4 and this is the first time he heard it so we will see if he hears it again. 

I have sooo much I could be blogging about I just am not feeling it lately.  Maybe one day the blogging bug will bite me again. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kittens update 2

<p>These little guys are right about 3 weeks now. I can already see a difference in just three days time. On Sunday they would sort of wiggle drag themselves. Monday started the wobbly walking.Yesterday evening I had them loose on the living room floor exploring. They were walking very slow but no falling over. My 6 yr old was laying next to them singing a made up song. The bits I heard were that they need to exercise so that they can be healthy and strong in a sing song voice.&nbsp; Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww<br>
Today I had them loose again in living room. They were booking it across the floor. It was funny to watch their little back legs move a teeny bit faster than the front legs.&nbsp; They will bite at wet food/formula mix but haven't figured out the spacing concept. They just suck in a nose full of it instead of eating.&nbsp; They will go about 6 hours through the night without eating. I don't even feel bad about it. LOL Why? Because I realize I read the formula directions wrong. I thought it was 2 tbsp per x oz. So getting grey 1 tbsp and orange .5 was ok but needed work. The first or second 4am feeding I realized it was 2 tbsp total a day per kitten. DOH!!!!

Falling asleep here so nighty night

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitty update 1


It looks like I am going to keep these itty bitties for a few weeks at least. :)

Everyone that contacted me back through Craigslist was just- Meh
I will take them if you do this/this/this and bring them to X.  I didn't like the vibe off of any
of them. I called my super and got permission to bring them to work with me so I don't have
to stress about them starving during my shift.  I figure I will keep them for like 2 more weeks
and work on getting them to eat formula/wet food gruel. Right now we seem to be in a holding pattern with the grey eating more. As long as I can keep them alive that is what is important.

Today we had a family day at Wild Waters. Our year passes allow us to bring people with us on certain days only.  Today was the WW day and we brought my sister and her hubby. It was an enjoyable day in the water with me having the boys most of the time. I don't mind so much though.

My only issue with the water park today

Just because they make a bikini in your size does not mean you need to wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who wants kittens??

Someone come get them!

2 weeks old- 2 of them

Orange tiger and a grey one with orange accents.

I've got them bathed and fed right now. They are so stinking little and cuuuuute! My in-laws tore out a shed 2 weeks ago and found four 2-3 day old kittens. They moved them to the carport and momma was still coming around to nurse them (wild). Yesterday momma started moving them. They got home right about when she was moving the 3rd one. They watched her drag it off. Hours later they realized she never came back for the last one. The went looking and found the third one in middle of yard crying after it had been storming for a while. 

MIL went and bought all the supplies to nurse them but she couldn't quite get them to eat well. Grey (3rd) one does eat some but orange (4th) one barely. Orange is the runt and obviously smaller than grey.

 I picked them up thinking my newly married sister would be able to foster them. Dropped them off and we all went grocery shopping. Got a phone call saying please come get them- we are overwhelmed! Haha So no kids in their future anytime soon I bet. LOL

I got them bathed (twice- friggen fleas! Baby shampoo didn't kill them all) and blow dried. Got the grey to take a tablespoon and the orange to take half a tablespoon of formula from a bottle. They are sound asleep now. I have a listing on craigslist now asking if anyone wants to foster these babies. I work 10 hour shifts and they need to eat every 3-4 so that wouldn't work.

The kittens 5/27/12

Grey one after his first bath tonight.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stress lock down

I am quite sure that you noticed I am no longer blogging regularly.

When I get super stressed I completely shut down.  I just want to live in my own little bubble and stay to myself. No one wants to share the negatives about their lives.

 Due to some unexpected expenses (tooth pull for hubby and new tires for his car) we are completely tapped out.  I am doing that whole rob Peter to pay Paul and it sucks.  However the bills are getting paid (except that niggly little car payment- it will just have to run a month behind for now)  and there is plenty of food in the house.

All the other bills are on time so at least there is a roof and lights.  I should call for a mortgage modification but I hate the idea of opening that can of worms.  Plus I know that BOA runs all that stuff through a call center and you have to jump through so many hoops that causes a whole new kind of stress. (I fax people's paperwork doing modifications at work regularly)  Our property insurance doubled last year which cased the escrow to be short so they jumped the payments by $90 a month this year.  Realllly sucks!  Then my job had a massive amount of theft in our SC stores so now we all have to pay the price for that.  Hours being cut and shaved off to help get money together for forensic accountants and a legal team.  (I work in the financial industry but for a small Pop place.  We have 14 locations through out Central FL and  South Carolina)  

That is the story of my life lately and why my blog has been silent if you were wondering.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My sister's wedding. In pictures


You didn't know that a day or two translates to over two weeks in my mind?  :)

The wedding feels like it just happened to be honest.

This is going to be VERY picture heavy just to warn you

The wedding in pictures  :)

(You would think after all this time I would have gotten permission from everyone to use their pictures.  I didn't so just in case their faces are at least partially blocked)

Gym of the Church- Everything the Church provided was free to them.

The wedding Llama's I made.
All done up- waiting to pull those spanx on last minute.

My two brothers and I

Gotta tame the tata's some how! Hehe


Older brother and I  (Same parents)

I now announce MR & MRS!!!

My family  (Mom & Stepfather, full brother behind me and younger half siblings)
Although as I have gotten older that half doesn't matter and I usually don't mention it.  Mentioning it here as you can see the coloring difference on the younger two. They favor their father's side with that curly hair.

The wedding party

This was hilarious!!!!  We tried picking him up and it was a FAIL. The groomsmen picked him up then handed him off to us. You can see the best man in the foreground in case we looked like we were going to drop him.

This makes me tear up every time I see it. The end of the Father Daughter dance

My husband and I

Us with A.  B stayed with in-laws here as it would have been hectic with me and A in the wedding.   

He's got this!

Off to the Honeymoon!!
(3 days on Tampa Bay overlooking the water)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding update

Will be coming in the next day or two.

I was waiting for the pictures to start rolling in.

Boy the stories I have for you!!!  LOL

Leave it to me to cuss in front of a a church...  WHOOPS!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's only three days away!

My sisters's wedding is in less that 3 days!  My vacation was supposed to start today but I will pick up two hours tomorrow.  Then I am going with my brother to Tampa for the wedding.  Hubby and the kiddo will follow along on Friday after school.

I have all my stuff packed and ready.  

Of to bed!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just pictures

Sneak peeks (sort of) 

I tried on my bridemaid dress tonight.  This time with all the proper underclothing.  Hubby got the center hanging strap caught in the zipper so I had to cut that loop. Thankfully it still works just tied instead of looped.  Just a few pictures of me in my dress holding my little kiwi.  

Wedding is in just a few short days!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Early Mommy's Day baby for meeee

6 weeks
7 weeks

8 weeks sleeping on Mommy 
Look at those eyes!  They are about 4 colors swirled around almost like marble.  I wonder if they will stay that way.

Snuggling with mommy in mei tei baby sling.

Meet Mr. Kiwi

Isn't he friggen ADORABLE?  He is such a calm little sweetie pie baby.  He is a 8 week old mini dachshund.  His dad is 9lbs and his mommy about 11-12 lbs not nursing.  Today was his first day in our home and he is doing great.  Our other pups are fine with him but they do love all other doggies.  Of course he keeps freaking out Maggie.  He is thinking she is his mommy and looking for num-nums.  She is like WTF!?  Jumping away from him. LMAO  She has been fixed since she was 8 weeks old so she has no idea what he is trying to do to her.