Monday, July 30, 2012

3 days off

I have 3 days off from work in a row.  One day has passed but I hope to get some stuff done on at least one of the two days left behind.  First on the agenda is sorting through child clothing.  My little guy B will be starting VPK this year so he will need clothing to wear.  We have plenty in his size it is just a matter of sorting it and purging the smaller things.  Granted he is slight for his age so he will be able to fit into some 3T shorts I bet.  A is the biggest problem with clothing as he is a growing boy.  I keep trying to pick stuff up at decent prices as I see them.  Soon I will need to work on more jeans for him.  I had found a screaming deal on jeans in 5T a few years ago and bought like 6 pairs.  He is 7 now though and those 5T's just are not working anymore.  I have picked him up a few shorts and pants in 6 and 7 this summer at least.

OK I am sure I can type more if I work at it but I don't want to stay seated here typing.  I want to get up and start sorting while all the boys are still asleep.  :)

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