Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

No Easter baskets this year.

 I only bought the boys each a 2.5 ounce rabbit to gnaw on. I had already discussed it with them as they got the present early in the form of more Skylander people. I told them I would email the bunny so he knew not to drop off the baskets this year.  LMAO They got tons of candy anyway from family like I figured they would. Thankfully most of it is stuff I don't like. I asked hubby to make sure the good stuff was put away (out of sight out of mind totally works for me) before I get home from work tomorrow.

B. was kinda over pictures at this point. At least I have some sort of family picture now.  Next year I plan on being much smaller.  :)  Although it was nice wear that dress again.  I haven't worn it in 8 years- A (in blk) was in my tummy (6M preg) when I wore it to hubby's cousin's wedding.  I even wore my new bracelet but swapped the orange for purple as you can see. 

I am off to bed. I have been staying up way to late lately.  Good night!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What has happened to me??

I got home from a 10 hour day at work that just dragged on and on a few hours ago. I was hungry as was my hubby. Typically hubby takes care of the kids food* but he had a headache. I have two large baked chicken breasts in the fridge but I just wasn't feeling like chicken. I told hubby I wanted Subway (MMM crappy processed steak n cheese with extra veggies)  I knew that wasn't the best choice & I knew damn well I had cooked food available so I had no excuses.  Honestly the thought of Subway at the point while it sounded yum kinda made me feel guilty??  Then I had Publix subs bounce in my head. That made me feel worse guilt over the thought of the bread. (way more dense than Subway- Subway it is easy to have fluff pulled from)  I was telling my husband I didn't know what to do.

 I remembered I had frozen tilapia from Sam's Club in the freezer and I realized that I just didn't want chicken but I was OK cooking.

 I asked my four year old if he wanted fish and spinach (I know he likes spinach) and he said yes. I baked tilapia, sauteed some spinach, and nuked a mixed veggie pack and dinner was done. I had my 7 year taste a bite of fish (I didn't expect him to like it) and much to my delight he liked it. My 4 yr old kept asking me for more spinach and I had to keep giving him some off my plate. LOL  (How do people serve sauteed spinach for dinner? cook two bags?)

I don't know why the thought of bread makes me feel guilty but the 2 squares of the 86% chocolate I just had don't faze me at all. Maybe because I know this chocolate doesn't trigger me but bread might?

Just kinda talking typing out loud here.

I admit they usually eat easy kiddy food since I don't cook till they are practically in bed (pb&j /ham&cheese/grilled cheese yada yada)

Friday, March 29, 2013

90 days

In a few short hours I will have been at this whole new way of eating thing for 90 days.  

  • I am down 21.2 pounds and two pants sizes.
  • I have eaten more vegetables in the last 90 days than probably about 9M of 2012  :X
  • I have drank more water in the last 90 days than I did in all of 2012   :X  
  • I have had zero cake, cookies, pies, ice cream, donuts, chips, pasta, regular soda.
  • I have had grains exactly seven times. 
  • I have mostly kept my carbs at below 85 grams  90% of the time. 
  • I have felt in control of myself when presented with things that used to make me just SHOVE food in my mouth (emotional eater) 

I started this with no expectations of what I was going to accomplish. Heck, I was happy to make it to one month much less three months to be honest. I am happy with being able to say 21 lbs but I obviously do want to lose more. Next goal is to have all of the stupid size 18 pants that I own fit me. (darn companies and the different cuts)

On a side note:
I received my bracelet that I ordered using the gift card I earned from (affiliate link) and a coupon code I found online that made it really cheap.  I love it!!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

I wonder

I have a bag of spinach that says 2 cups per serving with 3 servings per bag. Lets say I take said bag and sautee it down to about 2 cups. (probably less) Do I still have 3 servings or it is now 1? 

Yes I do wonder these things.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yeah- productivity!

The past few times that I have had my three days off in a row the middle day seems to just slip away.

It started to today but then I remembered that I had been thinking about working on the closet at about midnight last night. As you can see it reallllly needed it.  :)

Hubby and I took out majority of the stuff and piled it all up on our bed. It was a hooooge mess!   We then sorted through the hanging clothing and pulled out stuff that we no longer wanted/fit. I pulled out few really nice dress shirts in 22/24 that were gifted to me by my friend who is a HS teacher. While I hate to get rid of such quality clothing (she is a clothes horse) there is no reason to hang onto them just because. They will all be going to the in-laws so they can take them to their church's thrift store so at least they will find new homes. We pulled out that stack of to small stuff from the closet shelf and I looked through it again. I only had hubby pull jeans a few weeks ago. This time I went through all of the pants. There were quite a few slack 18's in there (from same friend) I have them set aside to try on tomorrow when I don't feel so gross. (TMI- gushy day)  The stack that is left is jeans/slacks that are size 16 or lower.

The dresses hanging on the right side door are for me to try on tomorrow also to see if any fit. Three of them are size 18's. Three of them are size 16's including one I have never worn. I might snap a picture tomorrow to show you that one.

I also have tons of paperwork to sort through and get rid of. I try to be organized then I forget I tried after a while and I try again. Rinse and repeat. I am a yo-yo wannabe organizer!  LOL  Tomorrow I have to tackle my dresser. I kicked hubby out of this dresser as two drawers just were not cutting it for me. He moved into the one in the play room closet that is actually from his childhood bedroom.

I will play it by ear on if I WI tomorrow or not. Only because I plan on weighing in on Saturday also since it will be my NINETY DAYS!!!!  Yes I had to shout that.  :P

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Just a standard day off for me today. Plus a additional kiddo since A. is on Spring Break.

We both slept in (YES!)  I put on the size 18's that have been teasing me to see how they fit. I can pull them up completely and if do a quick suck and hand movement they button.  I do have to lie down to zip them though. The second pair I have to lay down to button and zip.  The other two pairs I couldn't get past my hips a few weeks ago so they are on the closet shelf and I didn't touch them. I actually wore the first pair (that I can button standing) to get B from VPK and to walk around Target. I can breathe and move in them no problem. They do make my muffin top poke out some but I got around that with a loose shirt. I wanted to snap a picture to show the non saggy legs but the mirror I use was not angled correctly. I didn't want to move it as there was an employee right by me. I did look though and the pants just seemed to accentuate my gut since they form fitting and not baggy like usual. OK for one day but I don't expect to put them in my regular rotation yet.

I got in 20 minutes on the treadmill this afternoon before I gave up with the boys interrupting every other minute it felt like (hubby was at school) Then I had some fun with resistance bands. My arms felt it for a little while afterwards and I thought I might be sore but they seem to have recovered.

Kiddos are asleep and I am on my way to following them.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving on

Today started out as a good day.

 Then something small got blown up at work and it just snowballed down hill.  Guess who was at the bottom of that hill?  Guess who came up with the idea but didn't make the phone calls to share with other locations. Lets just say a certain boss lady wasn't happy with my idea and made it very well known when she called to chew me out. As I told her I am partially responsible as I came up with the idea but I didn't do the sharing.  Oh this vague blogging sucks so I will just share the full story.

  Job ordered 5000 flyers.  1000 per store in my area.  We are to fold into 3rds, tape, hand label with our return address only (no biz name) and the mailing address. Then we are to flip them over and write something like "Hope to see you soon! Mrs Swan and coworker on the outside to hide the business name that can be seen through the paper.  Yeah-  on 1000 flyers. While doing normal duties and helping customers.  AFTER we folded all of ours I was like MAN! We could have written the return address (only) all pretty and photocopied it on them all.  Just the return address mind you. Well it was thought to be brilliant by someone else and they called a few stores to share.  Turns out two stores did that to a chunk of flyers. Someone at another store didn't like it and started something and the ball mentioned above started rolling.

 I have to tell you my handwriting looks like asshole. If you got something in the mail that I addressed and you didn't know it was from a friend you would throw it away.

I do write better with a chisel point marker though I know so I may try and pick up a fine pointed one over the next few days.  These days will be fun as my 7 yr old is on spring break. I am so looking forward to the not having to get up at 6:30 AM to drag his little butt out of bed.

I am off the next three days and I am happy, happy, happy!

Good night!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What a wonky day.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post we did a bit of running around. This morning when I was getting ready to go to work I. could. not. find. my. wallet. I started with the OMG increased frantic movement searching. Finally I had to leave as I was going to be late. Yelled to hubby before I left for work I couldn't find my wallet and please look for it.  Got to work and tried to call the last store to see if it was left in cart. (Aldi) You may or may not know Aldi doesn't have public phone numbers. I did google up a number that several sites said belonged to that store.  No answer upon calling- I tried off and on all day.  I even rang twice and hung up and called back just in case there was some employee code. (Don't lie, you know your parents used that signal with you growing up when you were home alone) Checked the bank account and credit card account which were normal.

Called hubby who said he would look for it.  10 minutes later I called him back to check in another spot and his phone just rang.  For over two hours he wouldn't answer the phone.  I was PISSED thinking he went back to sleep with the kids up.  I was frantic thinking about my wallet being lost and felt trapped at work. I couldn't just close the store to drive 14 miles away to check.  I was crying a few times in my panic and of course customers walked in.  Ugh. They were concerned and I told them it was nothing huge, just mentally panicking over my wallet missing.  I felt like an IDIOT telling them that was why I was upset but what can ya do.  Finally got a hold of hubby who said his phone was dead.  GRRRRRRRR  Made him go up to Aldi to check with them. They had nothing and he could see nothing in any of the carts.  Siiiiigh.  Ran out the door at 4pm when I closed and come home to search some more. Started going slower and double checking every where.  Moved a bag of pretzels laying on the dining room table and angels sung. Thank goodness!!

I was finally able to relax and let go of all the internal stress from the missing wallet.  Came to read blogs and read Sarah's post today titled Sunday Success. I verbally said "F U" to her and got up off my ass to go use the treadmill.  35 minutes later I left her a comment saying with utmost blogger love I say FU.  It barely makes sense I see as she has published it.  LOL  That is what  happens when you plop and comment.

Now to go figure out what meat for dinner.  I didn't eat much today as I was freaking out over the wallet.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mental realignment

This afternoon I slammed my hand down on my mental horn and honked at myself till I opened my internal eyes.

::Steers car back into the right lane::

 I have been in cruising along under the speed limit but I realized today at 1 pm that my car has been veering off to the right side. A LOT. I say that as I was still in my jammies sitting in front of the computer on my day off.  Just clicking away on link after link. I could have stayed that way the whooole day (confession- I did on Thursday) but I realized that enough is enough.  I was slipping back into old habits. I stopped making an effort at moving more. I stopped getting dressed when I didn't have to leave the house.  I stopped writing awesome blog posts. Sorry if you don't feel that way but as it is MY blog. I do, and your reading this so I must entertain you on some level- even if it is train wreck level.  :P

 My eating has not suffered thankfully.  I think I am on cruise control when it comes to that actually.  I tell you, cutting out added/processed sugar has been THE BEST THING FOR ME EVER.  I have referred to sugar as a drug and it is as addictive as cocaine medical studies have found. I cannot attest to any miracle cures that it has caused (other than *way* reduced cravings) as I am one of the lucky few morbidly obese people that did/do not have pain daily.

I hopped in the shower after my wheel jerk and as I was soaping up I realized that I can finally see some loss in myself. My abdominal pannus has shrunk a little. My feet look leaner as weird as that sounds. My love handles are flattening a smidge. I have an hourglass shape so I am basically just losing a little bit everywhere.

We ran out to meet a friend of hubby's who was in town from 2 hours away and picked up some books for A. that she was getting rid of. Then to Sam's Club to stock up on more veggies and meat. Two other stops into Target and Aldi and our day was complete.  Home to cook dinner and then relax.  No exercise today other than lots of walking.  Well, a lot more than I have lately at least.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'll take it

This weighing in thing has been weighing (har, har) heavily on my mind since mid afternoon yesterday.


Because it may or may not have been the confirmation of a possible losing pattern.  As in lose a few pounds, zero, lose a few pounds, zero. I was really worried about that happening again with a big fat goose egg. To the point that I was telling myself that I was getting a wee bit obsessive here.  My eating hasn't changed really at all as of day one.

Limited sugar/carbs/grains.

Really if it had been zero I would have lived and just felt sad about it for a few hours and then rebounded and moved on. I lost a whopping  0.4 though.  It may be under half a pound but it is a hell of a lot better than the goose egg I feared. Plus now I don't need to say "almost 19 pounds"   I can proudly say "19 pounds" if a customer asks how much I have lost. (Several of our regular customers know we are all dieting) There are 5 stores of my company in my area of FL. We have two employees per store typically. I have been working there 6.5 yrs so I know a lot of  my regulars very well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So much for my 2nd 5k.

I planned on doing my second 5k this weekend.

The plan was we would haul ass to my mother's house outside Tampa Friday evening and spend the night. Then we were going to do the 32nd Annual Strawberry Classic. I was going to do the 5k and hubby the 10k.  My mom kindly agreed to watch the boys for us so we could do this.  It was going to be my first 5k initially. We all know that I jumped the gun and did the one local to me on Feb 23rd though. I thought it was kinda cool that my second would be March 23rd.

I just sent my mom a cancellation message though. BOO!  Hubby injured himself kicking a ball at soccer. Since he is in school for physical therapy he has what he believes to be turf toe.  He says walking doesn't hurt but that running does.

I tried to see if there was anything local that I could do instead.  There isn't.  Plus technically A. has a soccer game that day (we were just going to miss it) anyway.

Now we are off for me to run an errand for work.  I have to take some papers up to the state attorney's office. A customer has been naughty and is ignoring us. Then we are going to Target to spend A's money. He really wants Skylander Giants and Target has it on a great sale. A. has 39 dollars saved up for the purchase of it.  This will be his first purchase with his own money on something he wants.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Building a work routine

I am starting a little routine to do while I am at work- spaced out throughout the day.
 So far it is just: basic squats*   10 reps (clicky knees ugh) x2
                        counter push ups   (20 reps) x2

I want to include a few more things in there as time moves on and more reps as I get stronger. No, it isn't a balls to the wall aerobic workout. It is however completely do-able FOR ME.  I tested it out today along with a bit more purposeful movement at work and I was really happy with my burn numbers.  Of course I realize this stuff isn't exact, but it is a nice guideline.   You can see all the various spikes of movement throughout my day. That is very uncommon for me on a work day. What cracks me up is the two spots it dips the lowest are the times I was driving to and from work. (At about 9 am and 7 pm)

*squats are so foreign to my body that I do them in front of a chair for security.  LOL

Friday, March 15, 2013

18 + 1 marbles

I was sooo stressing over not losing last week.  So, so, so very worried that I was doing this all for naught.  You may have noticed I barely posted last week. The good thing though is that I never stopped eating the same way I have been for the past seventy five days. (Holy poop! 75 days!!) I didn't even get very much movement in this week because I wasn't feeling it. I am thrilled that I lost this week and that I am now below 230.


I borrowed a darker blue marble from my coworker's "pounds to lose" to signify a half pound. There are now 18 light blue and 1 dark blue marbles in the "pounds lost" jar. :) 

Mr. Kiwi was snipped yesterday on his birthday as I said.  Poor little guy fell asleep snuggling in my arms last night.  I tried to have hubby snap a cell picture but he couldn't get it to not be blurry.  I still put it on FB and will put it here because I think my face looks really great in it.  My double chin is showing less and less.(ignore the clean clothes on the back of the couch- hubby sorts that way)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have been curious

about what exactly all the CrossFit fuss it about.  Some of hubby's runner friends are really into it.
  In particular a couple named Nik and Dan. They actually used to do a podcast a few years ago called  4 Feet Running if you have ever heard of it.  Anyway they are participating in the CrossFit Open 13.1. Dan wrote a candid blog post explaining how it works. If you have ever been curious yourself this might be a way to get a glimpse like I did as well.

Dan Medeiros

I tried steel cut oats for the first time this afternoon. I am not sure how I feel about them.  I used the overnight method which made the texture great I thought. I added some cinnamon/pecans/banana which made them super yummy. However just 3 hours later my tummy was growling which I did not like.  

  I did reactivate my gowearfit by (type of body bugg) today just to see the numbers it was putting out. I haven't used it since March 2012.  I am a whopping 4.2 pounds lower than March 2012.  I wasn't able to walk at A's soccer practice tonight which made me sad/frustrated. B was being a total pill.

I may be moving my WI's to Thursdays.  The only reason they were Friday is because my coworker and I work together that day. I don't use the scale at work though- I use my own at home and just report in when I get to work anyway.

I am off to beddie bye land. Our mini dachshund is getting snipped tomorrow.  Did I mention it is his birthday?  LOL

I will leave you with a picture I snapped of him last week in the middle of the night last week

Spoiled little boy snuggled between TWO* blankets.  
*Hubby and I sleep with our own blankets. Umm I am a blanket hog and I will totally steal it from him if we try and share. LOL

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward

As we all know spring forward took effect Sunday AM.  Today has been my first day off since then therefore it is my personal spring forward.

I slept in till I woke up naturally at 9:17am.  Then I fiddled around on the computer surfing blogs for quite a while. Picked up B from VPK and naturally headed to Target (wha? it's a mile away from the VPK) I needed to walk out my foot soreness- yeah, yeah thats it!  Walked around the store some and picked up a few small food stuffs. I found a bowl type dial scale food scale on clearance that I debated with myself about. Hubby has mentioned wanting one but I told him we had one. He has told me before if we do he cannot find it. I thought about the fact that although I may be eating within my personal goals (low carb/ high protein) that I am sure my portions are to large. I really have no idea the amount of calories that I eat in a day. Hubby has been after me for a while to track just to see what it says. But to accurately track you have to weigh your food I would think. Sooo it made it into my cart. 

I ate a late lunch when I got home of something that fits into my plan buuuuut I am not quite proud of. At about 7pm I decided that I HAD to get some movement in but I didn't want to use the treadmill or go outside. Enter Leslie Sansone- I knew some of her videos were on youtube so I googled up a 2 mile walk
I used the heart rate monitor on the Garmin 110 but I haven't DL'ed the info yet. I went in planning on the whole two miles. At mile one I stopped for a min and was like dude I don't want to do this I am DONE. But then I saw there were only 17 minutes left and I figured I got this.  After my walk I went straight into dinner prep. I had lots of potentials to make but no plan. After a brief discussion with hubby, Greek salads were chosen. I chose this opportunity to play with measuring everything.  After dinner I logged it all into one site but then ended up transferring it all to myfitnesspal.  My user name is theswaninme if you want to look me up.

I ordered my ID band with 4 lines of motivation. I am going to wait to share them until I physically have the band though. I used my earndit $10 GC AND I googled up a code for 15% off so that was pretty sweet.

Monday, March 11, 2013

1/4th of an inch

Is how big the splinter that went into my foot was tonight.  OWWWW!

After work for me and soccer practice for hubby and the boys we met at Publix. I stepped on something when we were crossing the street.  Instant pain! I stopped in the middle of the road to take off my shoe. Hubby was yelling at me to move since I was in the middle of the street.  I tried to put my shoe back on and walk a few more steps. Finally I just took it off and walked barefoot the last 4 steps. I then looked at my shoe and there was a half inch splinter of mulch that went through my shoe and into my foot. I was wearing Dogger (see image I googled for you) and they are a croc type material.  I pulled the splinter out of my shoe and stood there with my foot hurting for a min. Then we slowly started our shopping.  The pain went away and I thought all was well.

After dinner when I stood up after siting for a while I felt pain again.  It seems where the splinter went in there is a swollen ball. I looked at everything with a high powered light and I am pretty sure there is nothing else in there. I think it is just the trauma.  I am in bed early and hoping that a good night sleep makes it feel better.

I am off the next three days and I must get activity in!

Good night.                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, March 8, 2013

Boo & Hiss


Just as I was afraid of- zero loss this week. :(

I can try and tell myself it is ok.
That it is better than a gain.
I could try and tell myself I had a NSV as the newest pair of clearance XL pants I bought are wearable but I could have gotten a L instead. I can hold them out two inches from me.  They are workout pants but I am treating them like slacks with a long black sweater type shirt on top because they are not clingy and a deep heather grey.

I don't know how well I believe myself though.  :/

I need to change something.

Update: 8pm EST   I was kinda pissy at myself when I wrote the above, I am over it now.  One week of no loss is not the end of the world.  Two or more would be where I know something isn't working right.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Over 11K steps

2.55 miles of walking around Target this afternoon.
.66 of a mile walking around a trail at the college. I planned on a full mile but I just did not like the pathway. I am on a quest to find what type of material I prefer to walk on. The 2 miles the other night were half rough sand and half aphalt. I didn't like the sand part as I was afraid of twisting an ankle while running. I mean lets face it- I am over 200 pounds running on two little (sz 7) feet. The slightest miss step could really hurt me. 
.80 of a mile with just regular walking around
.80 of a mile on a second trip to Target. (Had to go back into town to get A's glasses fixed that he somehow kneeled!? on he says @@)

3K more steps and I can get my first reward with (affiliate link) I am going to get a $10 off gift card with  I plan on getting the yellow one below (in orange) and personalizing it with some kick ass-ness. Exactly what kick ass-ness? I don't know yet.  I know it is 4 lines  20 char 23 char 23 char 20 char.  So I will have to work on what I want to put there.  

My weight this morning was the same as last Thursday.  I am terrified that will mean no loss for tomorrow. That will make me an extremely sad swan. I put in a lot of walking today and I hope that helps me out. I kinda forgot to eat lunch (hand slap)  I wasn't hungry and I was on the go, go, go! Dinner was sauteed cabbage (no bacon this time) with the last of the pork loin chops and an avocado. I forgot I bought some the other day and all 3 are ripe NOW. Whoops! I will be adding one to a salad tomorrow for lunch for sure. 
So I kinda sorta did a bad thing Tuesday night.  I like hubby's garmin a lot. He used to have a larger one that he liked but it just kinda stopped holding a charge.  Well I went to ebay and found the same type, gently used and it was at a awesome price that ended in 4 minutes. Umm I kinda bid on it- I won.  Whoops!  Hubby was happy with the deal I got. We figure that there will always been one available now to whoever wants to use one. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Clicking/popping knees?

I know I am so very lucky. Lucky in the fact that I do not suffer any form of pain from being so overweight. I do not have a bad back or bad knees or anything of the sort. With feeling that my leg muscles are getting stronger though I am randomly doing slight squats here and there. I am feeling a clicking feeling in the back of my knee (left) when I do that. I have a stair stepper at work that when I use my knee (left again) pops. They are not painful- just more of a discomfort because I am afraid that I am going to hurt something.

Does anyone else have this kinda stuff going on?

I had an awesome day at work today. I was able to accomplish a lot of back filing that needed to be done. I was very happy with the amount of stuff I did.  Now I am off to bed because I was up to late last night and I am tired!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The two miles that almost wasn't

Today started with me sleeping in as long as I could till I had to get B from VPK.  I lurve sleep!  

After I got B we went to Target to walk around. I bought those C9 technical undies because I really, really wanted them. Shush up! I know they are not necessary for my piddly walking. I wanted them because I know that after I wear them they will not stretch out like a sail from the USS Wide Ass. These bad boys should shrink back to their normal size. I hope. I also picked up a purple technical tee. They are on sale this week and hubby has been wanting me to get a technical shirt.

 I snapped a picture of myself in the mirror at Target. I am in the size 22's so they are baggy as you see. They were clean and near me when I got out of bed.

 Little tidbit for ya here about my Target. If you start counting steps where the tile starts near the dollar spot and do the entire main loop around the store that is 546 steps. Which is right about a quarter mile 

I also picked up some more of my new love. This stuff is soooo bad for you (fake sweetener) but it totally makes me drink my water so I am using it for now.

They have it in cherry, grape, orange, and tropical punch.

I walked 3,000 steps at Target and when I got home I felt STRONG.  I felt like I could conquer anything and I wanted to exercise NOW. I impatiently waited for hubby to get home from school. I forgot it was his longer day though so I had to wait an extra 2 hours.  In those two hours I almost talked myself out of working out.  Instead I had the boys get ready and we practically ran out the door to jump in the car when hubby got home. 

I envisioned going to a certain park that has a 1/4 mile track and running that while he was with the boys on the playground (that overlooks the track) He had the better idea of another park that has lights so that if it got dark we could still be there. Original plan was the same- I would walk while he took the boys to the playground. He decided that maybe we could all walk instead. I wanted to walk by myself so they took off in front of me run/walking.  I pumped up the music and RAN?! for .10 then walked with little running spurts here and there. My original plan was for 1 mile as I have been doing. However the park has a great 2 mile loop so we did that instead. I did my first mile at a speed pace then the second one was a more leisurely one.
Mile 1
Mile 2

I paused for a few minute rest between the two so I made them into two different work outs.

Hubby and the boys kicked my ass!  They were always well ahead of me running and walking. They would stop at a fitness station while I got closer then take off again.

I kinda want to steal hubby's garmin because I think the whole path thing is so cool. He won't let me though and they cost to damn much new. He got the one he has from a running friend for really cheap because he didn't use it.  

Here is a picture of me in my new shirt showing off all of my bakery rolls.

 I set the picture from Target as my phone and computer wallpaper. I hope to remember to
 look at the picture the next time I want to eat crap.
The next time I want to snack just to snack. 
The next time I even *think* about eating 
something that I know I should not. 

I stopped with the x/xx days because it was kinda
dumb. Yes I am proud that I still am junk sugar free 
but I don't need to put that on every single post. 

Here is the both of them together. Both are from today in different clothing. Be grateful I didn't show you my lopsided love handles. I will save that for a future post. :P

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Need a little push?

 I just wanted to offer each and every one of us a push.  A push forward when needed to help us break through the slump (ice) we may be in.  :)

I tried quinoa for the first time tonight.  I rinsed it and cooked it with chicken broth. It was different.  I didn't love it or hate it.  I suppose that is better than hating it flat out.  Hubbers thought it would be better mixed into something.

I hope your push helped!  Today was kinda like my Wednesday and tomorrow is my Thursday/Friday combined. I really do live for my days off.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Just a boring post to say that today was another on plan day.

Every night I try to go to bed early but then I start clicking on blog links and following them all over the world. I read way to much!!!  I am forcing myself to shut the computer down and go to sleep.

Good night my bloggy people.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Monday and my lost marbles.

Today was my Monday.  It also was a verah, verah busy day for me and my coworker at work.   I am tiiiiired!  I didn't do a actual work out tonight.  I did however make a consious effort to get 2000 steps the last hour of work. That is a mile for me so BOOM done.  LOL  10 hours at work make a long day.

My shoulders around my neck have been sooooooo sore! Started yesterday, got worse overnight into today. I think it is my body saying FU for all the walking I have done recently. Generic aleve just isn't touching it.  I am also having some weird ass sickness going on.  Wednesday I started wheezing with my breathing.  I usually only do that when I am getting over a chest cold.  I have had no colds at all.  Yesterday I started that icky feeling in the back of your throat like you can taste the infection? Still wheezing and now a non productive cough has started.  Really weird.  I can breathe no problem though so it is ODD.  Really it is more annoying than anything.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was sore from all the coughing today.  Coworker and I were joking that I am releasing some of the fat toxins and I must have had these germs hidden in there.  Yeah we are dumb- We know.  LOL

If your blog is currently on radio silence expect to hear from me.  I don't like that- when I go silent it is BAD so I can only imagine it is the same for you.  I have only not posted 1 day in the past two months.  Even if I just say HI and goodnight.  I need you all to be on your game to help me be on my game.  I could not have been as successful as I have been without some of ya'lls blogs. Your most simple post might have saved me from a dumb mistake. You never know who your post will help. Even if it just helps you it is worth it!

Now- a funny for you

My almost 5 year old son likes fat bottom girls and boobs. I am scared. Fat bottom girls as in he looooves the Queen song. Boobs as in he points them out in pictures and points out bras in stores. Silly boy!

                          That is what 16 marbles look like.