Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So much for my 2nd 5k.

I planned on doing my second 5k this weekend.

The plan was we would haul ass to my mother's house outside Tampa Friday evening and spend the night. Then we were going to do the 32nd Annual Strawberry Classic. I was going to do the 5k and hubby the 10k.  My mom kindly agreed to watch the boys for us so we could do this.  It was going to be my first 5k initially. We all know that I jumped the gun and did the one local to me on Feb 23rd though. I thought it was kinda cool that my second would be March 23rd.

I just sent my mom a cancellation message though. BOO!  Hubby injured himself kicking a ball at soccer. Since he is in school for physical therapy he has what he believes to be turf toe.  He says walking doesn't hurt but that running does.

I tried to see if there was anything local that I could do instead.  There isn't.  Plus technically A. has a soccer game that day (we were just going to miss it) anyway.

Now we are off for me to run an errand for work.  I have to take some papers up to the state attorney's office. A customer has been naughty and is ignoring us. Then we are going to Target to spend A's money. He really wants Skylander Giants and Target has it on a great sale. A. has 39 dollars saved up for the purchase of it.  This will be his first purchase with his own money on something he wants.


  1. Aww! Sorry girl! :( Darn!


  2. I'm sorry you missed your 5K, but your "second" 5k will come! Keep at it!

  3. That's a bummer...but congrats on already running your second 5K! And 39$? I remember when that used to be a FORTUNE just waiting to be cashed in :)

  4. What does his injury have to do with you?

    Serious question, Mrs S. What reason is there that you can't still do it?

    1. 2 hour drive each way for both of us to do this with no children is dooable. 2 hour each way for only me to do *this* 5k just seems like a waste of gas money. My huband is asst. soccer coach and doesn't want to miss the game. A doesn't want to miss the game. If I was meeting someone there that would be different but I just don't have enough omph on my own to travel so far to do such a big thing (for me) alone. And I just found out this morning that I might have to work Saturday anyway so it might be a moot point regardless. (Retail type job-open 7 days a week)

      I will be doing another one- I am not giving up the concept of a 2nd 5k.


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