Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yeah- productivity!

The past few times that I have had my three days off in a row the middle day seems to just slip away.

It started to today but then I remembered that I had been thinking about working on the closet at about midnight last night. As you can see it reallllly needed it.  :)

Hubby and I took out majority of the stuff and piled it all up on our bed. It was a hooooge mess!   We then sorted through the hanging clothing and pulled out stuff that we no longer wanted/fit. I pulled out few really nice dress shirts in 22/24 that were gifted to me by my friend who is a HS teacher. While I hate to get rid of such quality clothing (she is a clothes horse) there is no reason to hang onto them just because. They will all be going to the in-laws so they can take them to their church's thrift store so at least they will find new homes. We pulled out that stack of to small stuff from the closet shelf and I looked through it again. I only had hubby pull jeans a few weeks ago. This time I went through all of the pants. There were quite a few slack 18's in there (from same friend) I have them set aside to try on tomorrow when I don't feel so gross. (TMI- gushy day)  The stack that is left is jeans/slacks that are size 16 or lower.

The dresses hanging on the right side door are for me to try on tomorrow also to see if any fit. Three of them are size 18's. Three of them are size 16's including one I have never worn. I might snap a picture tomorrow to show you that one.

I also have tons of paperwork to sort through and get rid of. I try to be organized then I forget I tried after a while and I try again. Rinse and repeat. I am a yo-yo wannabe organizer!  LOL  Tomorrow I have to tackle my dresser. I kicked hubby out of this dresser as two drawers just were not cutting it for me. He moved into the one in the play room closet that is actually from his childhood bedroom.

I will play it by ear on if I WI tomorrow or not. Only because I plan on weighing in on Saturday also since it will be my NINETY DAYS!!!!  Yes I had to shout that.  :P

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  1. I want pictures! Put the goods on, sister!



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