Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

No Easter baskets this year.

 I only bought the boys each a 2.5 ounce rabbit to gnaw on. I had already discussed it with them as they got the present early in the form of more Skylander people. I told them I would email the bunny so he knew not to drop off the baskets this year.  LMAO They got tons of candy anyway from family like I figured they would. Thankfully most of it is stuff I don't like. I asked hubby to make sure the good stuff was put away (out of sight out of mind totally works for me) before I get home from work tomorrow.

B. was kinda over pictures at this point. At least I have some sort of family picture now.  Next year I plan on being much smaller.  :)  Although it was nice wear that dress again.  I haven't worn it in 8 years- A (in blk) was in my tummy (6M preg) when I wore it to hubby's cousin's wedding.  I even wore my new bracelet but swapped the orange for purple as you can see. 

I am off to bed. I have been staying up way to late lately.  Good night!


  1. Good for you! We don't really do Easter baskets (mostly because we are just not organized enough, but also because the kids tend to get spoiled silly by their grandparents). I did do an Easter egg hunt with them, but I used probably 1/8 the candy that I usually do.


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