Friday, March 8, 2013

Boo & Hiss


Just as I was afraid of- zero loss this week. :(

I can try and tell myself it is ok.
That it is better than a gain.
I could try and tell myself I had a NSV as the newest pair of clearance XL pants I bought are wearable but I could have gotten a L instead. I can hold them out two inches from me.  They are workout pants but I am treating them like slacks with a long black sweater type shirt on top because they are not clingy and a deep heather grey.

I don't know how well I believe myself though.  :/

I need to change something.

Update: 8pm EST   I was kinda pissy at myself when I wrote the above, I am over it now.  One week of no loss is not the end of the world.  Two or more would be where I know something isn't working right.  


  1. I know your complex carbing it and cutting out sugars but what else are you doing? Are you in anyway counting calories or weighing food or just eating till satisfied. E-MAIL ME! I wanna know!! haha

  2. Hmm I have to admit when I saw yesterday's menu with your post I wasn't surprised-the avocado alone was 322 calories. they're healthy YES but not conducive to weight loss. i've maintained for 9 yrs and eating a whole avocado is not on the menu. [plus it goes straight to my boobs and arms for some forsaken reason]. bacon or anything cured... [too high sodium and fat]. pork also...honestly...not beneficial at this junction, it's hard to diges . the sugar-free koolaid doesn't make you drink water as much as it makes you hungrier, especially for more sweet food. how about trying green leafy veg, or zucchinis sautéed in nonstick pan with olive oil spray along with fresh asparagus with lean protein for dinner? salads with lemon and cayenne, top with baked chicken, salmon or a can of tuna for lunch. anything you try differently should be done for an entire week so you can truly give it a chance to prove itself. water water water

    1. Ty for your reply Ileana :) Yes an entire avocado is a bit much for every day for sure (and the day before WI) I dislike water so much that I actually shudder like I took a shot of alcohol after drinking more than a half a bottle plain. It is irrational and stupid and I have no idea why I do it but it is involuntary. I am trying to replace one bad (diet soda) with a (bad I know, but less bad) of the flavored water. I hope in the future to wean myself off of the fake flavor. I was pissy with myself as I said. I realized earlier I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Where I got frustrated I wasn't losing as fast as I wanted. I keep forgetting this isn't a race. I am trying to make changes that I can keep up forever.


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