Friday, March 15, 2013

18 + 1 marbles

I was sooo stressing over not losing last week.  So, so, so very worried that I was doing this all for naught.  You may have noticed I barely posted last week. The good thing though is that I never stopped eating the same way I have been for the past seventy five days. (Holy poop! 75 days!!) I didn't even get very much movement in this week because I wasn't feeling it. I am thrilled that I lost this week and that I am now below 230.


I borrowed a darker blue marble from my coworker's "pounds to lose" to signify a half pound. There are now 18 light blue and 1 dark blue marbles in the "pounds lost" jar. :) 

Mr. Kiwi was snipped yesterday on his birthday as I said.  Poor little guy fell asleep snuggling in my arms last night.  I tried to have hubby snap a cell picture but he couldn't get it to not be blurry.  I still put it on FB and will put it here because I think my face looks really great in it.  My double chin is showing less and less.(ignore the clean clothes on the back of the couch- hubby sorts that way)


  1. Yay for moving marbles, honey! YOU ROCK!!!!


  2. Keep moving marbles...they eventually add up to a boulder. :) Hope puppy is back to normal today!

  3. Love the marble system. Very cool visual. I used to loose weight by loosing bigger one week, then not much for a week or two, then a large loss. Very cyclic. Keep going. On my non loss weeks, I lost inches and got lot's of compliments. Helped keep me going.

    As long as you do not derail, you will be okay!

  4. What a great idea the marble system. Really motivation.

    Mr. Kiwi is cute!

  5. I'm really proud of you!! Keep up the awesome work!


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