Thursday, September 25, 2014

Naughty mom

I am a naughty mom because I had my kids to skip school on Tuesday.  Muahahaha.

We were planning on going to the zoo Saturday but B had a bit of a fever all day Friday. Hubby also had a big test on Monday he wanted to study more for. He is currently in Microbiology with a particular professor that is known for being hard. Not to mention he has failed a different class taught by her in the past.

Anyway with Swaptember still in effect we went to the zoo for free. We tricked the kids so they had no idea. Plan was to get them up on time and leave extra early. Well my boss had given me an idea and I was really tired anyway so we slept in an extra hour. Then we woke up the kids freaking out pretending that we were late for school (we were, but planning to skip) and got them ready to go. Then we told them that after we dropped them off we were going out to breakfast (To explain why we were both driving them to school) I went to the school but rather than make a left I drove past it. As I was doing so I asked them if they wanted to skip school. A said yes but B said no. (Because we saw the school sign said it was his teachers aide's birthday)

We were 50 miles from home before they thought to ask what we were doing.  Hahah.  We didn't tell them till we drove through the gate and they saw the sign for Lowry Park Zoo.  :)  The kids enjoyed themselves but their favorite was at the end. They were picked to hit the button to release the macaws for the fly over event. We have a video of it but I am not posting it since their full names are in it. We do have some AWESOME pictures from it that we bought from the zoo.  I plan on doing the old picture if a picture to let you see them soon.

I popped a melatonin and I am off to dream land.  I will be going to Perry tomorrow (3 hr drive) so I need my beauty sleep.  :)

Monday, September 15, 2014


On Monday, September 15, 2014, I lifted 4,140 lb, earned 141 FitPoints at YMCA Family Center.

Whoo-hoo!  I finally went inside the Y and got set up on the weight circuit machines. Ten machines total that are preset with your full range to keep you on target. Average weight was 40 lbs hence the 4,140 lbs lifted. The Y uses the fitlinxx system on the machines to keep track of your information. That is where I got the information above.

We went to the Y with full changes of clothing since it was raining this afternoon but we wanted to swim. By the time we got there though all was well. We dropped off B at the child area then went to the pool. A, myself, and hubby all swam around the open swim area. After just over an hour we went and changed to go inside. Hubby hit a treadmill while A. rode a recumbent bike and watched cable cartoons. (We don't have cable) I spoke to a trainer and accomplished the above. :)

I was kinda worried about being able to open the car door when we left.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I worked from 10-4 today.

Two different people told me that I looked like I had lost weight.   Umm I love you?

I told them I had lost 40 lbs but had regained half. That I was currently working on taking that gain off again. They both said I looked good.  I am not sure what make me look different other than a sports bra? LOL  Maybe the flatter girls made me look thinner.  Hahah

Today marks one week down of my latest yo-yo attempt. It made me feel good that people were noticing. Even though I have a feeling they are just now noticing from the 40 lb loss period. It made me really want to go to the Y. Problem is I get out at 4 pm and the pool closes at 4 pm and the gym part 5 pm. Yeah... that want wasn't going to get me to far. As I was driving home I had the idea that maybe we could all go up the the Trailhead. Hubby had plans to help a fellow student from his class so it was just me and the boys. I loaded up A's bike and B's big wheel type thing and their scooters.

My plan was to walk the 1 mile loop while they rode the bikes. However B decided that he didn't know how to pedal (Umm I have seen him pedal a big wheels) nor did he know how to scooter so he just walked with me. I made sure not to tell them exactly how far we were going. I did give them the option to turn around at one point but they wanted to keep going. Not till we got back to the car did I tell them how far we really went.  Muahahaha  

I used hubby's spy belt to hold my wallet and phone. Since this was so spur of the moment I didn't think to bring a garmin or even turn on map my run for tracking. No pictures either because I was just focused on completing the mile. I have never walked the mile only there. I had a bit of fear about turning the wrong way with the boys and being trapped in the middle with two kids. All was well though obviously. LOL

Bed now and a half day at work tomorrow.  I am on day 5 of 7 as of tomorrow.  It should only be 6 but had to do a day off switch. One of hubby's family members passed away on 9/11. She was a dear old lady who loved her kids and grand kids. She was 92 and went by the nickname "Icky Grandma" that was given to her many years ago by her grand kids. Two of my hubby's uncles married a set of sisters. She is the set of sisters mother.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


do you run out of receipt paper???  I mean really?  HOW?

Especially when the closest office supply store is 45 minutes away.

Busy day at work AFTER my help left for the day of course.

Then I made probably 10+ phone calls to a store that isn't even under me trying to get them situated. I know it isn't the girls fault. They were thrown into a busy store with piss poor training from the former manager of the store. With 9 stores spread out and some of them over an hour away from corporate and 3 hours away from my store (where boss lady is stationed) makes for some interesting fires that need to be put out.

I am responsible for five of the stores. Thankfully mine are all employed by people that have been with the company 3+ years.

Now to bed for me. I am trying to be in bed ready to sleep by 11 pm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I wonder

if my arms will be dead tomorrow. Probably not since they are not right now. I finally made it up to the YMCA today to swim. It was glorious! I had the boys with me since it was a half day at school today. I was so paranoid of afternoon rain that I even checked the radar before we left. Haha

Two hours of pool play time that I really enjoyed so yeah! Neither child can swim. Honestly I pretty much only doggy paddle myself. LOL  The boys don't understand how to float or lift your legs underwater to float forward. They asked me how I knew and I told them I grew up with a pool. This of course got the NO FAIR because we don't have one. Sorry kids- I cannot help that.  A. tried and spent most of his time entertaining himself. B either sat on the inner pool shelf or clung to me for dear life.

We tried the Dollar General waterproof sunscreen today and so far I have no complaints. Ask me tomorrow though. LOL  Last time we went to the beach I sprayed them down with coppertone to lightly and didn't rub. They were splotchy for a few days. Whoops!

Dinner both last night and tonight were DELISH! But I will delve into that more tomorrow. I want to hit the sack early tonight because I have been up to late the last two nights.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More than you needed to know about my coffee drinking.

I have no clue what to blog about today but I still want to blog.

Today was day one of two days off in a row. I slept in way to late then played on the computer. Once hubby and the kids got home we went to Sam's Club. Our membership expired in July and I have been putting off renewing because it costs so much. However we got a flyer in the mail that if we renewed before Sept 30th we would get a $15.00 gift card. That helped take some of the sting out of the $45 fee.

I got a humongous box of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (Decaf) k-cups that I cannot wait to plow through. I am so very weird about coffee.  I like it but I don't have to have it every morning like some. I also cannot make a pot of coffee worth a damn. It always tastes like ass to me when I make it. No matter what measurement or type of coffee I buy.

Hubby and I bought a Keurig earlier this year and we both love it. He dislikes coffee, but likes the smell. He does however like chai tea so he uses it for that and hot cocoa. I went a little crazy at a k-cup sale at Winn Dixie a few months ago so I am using those slowly. I have found that breakfast blend is my favorite type. I got my metric ass ton in decaf so that I can drink them whenever I want without fear. Caffeine typically doesn't effect me but I am getting older so better to be safe. I have plenty of the hard stuff from the above mentioned sale. LOL

My eyes hurt so I am going to bed. Now you know my coffee habits not that you cared.  Haha At least I blogged though. I need to get back into the habit.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Short post

By the time I think about blogging it is usually to late and I am just plan tired. Or I am trying my best to get to bed at a normal time and I know opening blogger will keep me up later. I really need to learn that a blog post doesn't have to be long. I am totally fine with reading short posts so why wouldn't other people be.

I took my second vacation of the year a few weeks ago. The week that school started actually so that I had a nice and quiet house all week. :)  Smart Momma here.  LOL  It was a stay-cation and I cannot wait for the next one!

I was sick Labor Day and spent it in bed watching Netflix all day. Hubby and boys went to his brother's house for a BBQ.

Yesterday we went to the FL Aquarium in Tampa. It is Swaptember for members of MOSI, FL aquarium, and Lowry Park Zoo. If you are a member of any of the three you get free admission into the other two for this month only. We are members of MOSI so all we had to pay for was parking. In a few weeks we are going to hit the zoo.

I was going to keep this unpublished to toss a few pictures in but I know me. It would sit in draft for another few weeks and by then be outdated.  LOL