Thursday, September 11, 2014


do you run out of receipt paper???  I mean really?  HOW?

Especially when the closest office supply store is 45 minutes away.

Busy day at work AFTER my help left for the day of course.

Then I made probably 10+ phone calls to a store that isn't even under me trying to get them situated. I know it isn't the girls fault. They were thrown into a busy store with piss poor training from the former manager of the store. With 9 stores spread out and some of them over an hour away from corporate and 3 hours away from my store (where boss lady is stationed) makes for some interesting fires that need to be put out.

I am responsible for five of the stores. Thankfully mine are all employed by people that have been with the company 3+ years.

Now to bed for me. I am trying to be in bed ready to sleep by 11 pm.

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