Thursday, September 25, 2014

Naughty mom

I am a naughty mom because I had my kids to skip school on Tuesday.  Muahahaha.

We were planning on going to the zoo Saturday but B had a bit of a fever all day Friday. Hubby also had a big test on Monday he wanted to study more for. He is currently in Microbiology with a particular professor that is known for being hard. Not to mention he has failed a different class taught by her in the past.

Anyway with Swaptember still in effect we went to the zoo for free. We tricked the kids so they had no idea. Plan was to get them up on time and leave extra early. Well my boss had given me an idea and I was really tired anyway so we slept in an extra hour. Then we woke up the kids freaking out pretending that we were late for school (we were, but planning to skip) and got them ready to go. Then we told them that after we dropped them off we were going out to breakfast (To explain why we were both driving them to school) I went to the school but rather than make a left I drove past it. As I was doing so I asked them if they wanted to skip school. A said yes but B said no. (Because we saw the school sign said it was his teachers aide's birthday)

We were 50 miles from home before they thought to ask what we were doing.  Hahah.  We didn't tell them till we drove through the gate and they saw the sign for Lowry Park Zoo.  :)  The kids enjoyed themselves but their favorite was at the end. They were picked to hit the button to release the macaws for the fly over event. We have a video of it but I am not posting it since their full names are in it. We do have some AWESOME pictures from it that we bought from the zoo.  I plan on doing the old picture if a picture to let you see them soon.

I popped a melatonin and I am off to dream land.  I will be going to Perry tomorrow (3 hr drive) so I need my beauty sleep.  :)

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  1. That's not a naughty mom - its a cool mom thing! I would have LOVED that growing up :)


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