Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I wonder

if my arms will be dead tomorrow. Probably not since they are not right now. I finally made it up to the YMCA today to swim. It was glorious! I had the boys with me since it was a half day at school today. I was so paranoid of afternoon rain that I even checked the radar before we left. Haha

Two hours of pool play time that I really enjoyed so yeah! Neither child can swim. Honestly I pretty much only doggy paddle myself. LOL  The boys don't understand how to float or lift your legs underwater to float forward. They asked me how I knew and I told them I grew up with a pool. This of course got the NO FAIR because we don't have one. Sorry kids- I cannot help that.  A. tried and spent most of his time entertaining himself. B either sat on the inner pool shelf or clung to me for dear life.

We tried the Dollar General waterproof sunscreen today and so far I have no complaints. Ask me tomorrow though. LOL  Last time we went to the beach I sprayed them down with coppertone to lightly and didn't rub. They were splotchy for a few days. Whoops!

Dinner both last night and tonight were DELISH! But I will delve into that more tomorrow. I want to hit the sack early tonight because I have been up to late the last two nights.


  1. If you grew up with a pool, how come you can only doggy paddle? Just wondering.

  2. I can swim proper, I just prefer doggy paddle for some reason. :) I never said I was normal. LOL

  3. We have a pool but there's no water in it. It's above ground and we're actually offering to give it away! When we bought the house we were excited to have it, though it needed some work. When we cleaned it, it started slowly leaking - there is a tiny hole somewhere in the liner and we just couldn't find it. Maybe it had been plugged with the dirt we removed! LOL. We planned to get it repaired but other priorities kept coming up, and now it's to the point we're not sure we want it anymore. The cost of maintaining it, plus stories like the link below are really making people rethink having pools around this area. It's crazy!

  4. Glad you are all taking advantage of the pool. It can be relaxing and a workout too.

    I forgot to schmear and rub in sunscreen on my man's back and he has a white handprint there now. Almost looks like a tattoo of some kind so he thinks it's cool.


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