Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brrrrrr & my thrift finds

I am probably the fattest person you know that is forever cold. I have never been one that is overheated all the time even at my heavist. I currently feel like a popsicle and am under two blankets. My hands and feet are typically the coldest. Sometimes (like now) I even get a blue tinge to my nailbeds. 
They will never look this good again naturally. I have to have a picture for my memory. LOL
You can sorta see it here in these pictures at the top of the nails if you look at them kinda cross-eyed. LOL 

Now I do have an idea as to why I am always cold. I have iron deficiency anemia. I cannot seem to bring my iron up no matter what I do. Even with vitamins and iron supplements. I have lived with it so long though that it is just my normal.

Anyway I wanted to blog about my fantastic day yesterday not my coldness. 

I worked both my days off as you know this week. Therefore my job gave me Friday off. This is a big deal as in my line of work Friday's are the busiest day and you ONLY get one off if you are on vacation. I have been having problems with one of my car tires almost since I bought the car. One tire in particular had a slow leak. Over the past few weeks I had a second tire start to misbehave. I redeemed my first free oil change at the dealer on 12/31/13. I asked them to look at the tires in question. They said one had a nail and never said anything about the 2nd. I declined them fixing it at $55 for one tire.  o.O  I texted my brother I was off yesterday and he knows I have been having problems so he had me meet him at his mechanic. They looked at them and it turned out one had a nail (known) and other other had a nail too. Just the know one the nail had a head. The other one it was just the post with no head so it was practically invisible except to the water bath. My brother treated me to the two tire fixes (Yeah for older brothers! LOL) They were $30 each with his place. Almost like two for the price of one compared to the dealer. It is sooo nice to not have the check tire pressure light showing on the dash now.  

On the way home I swung into a thrift store I like to hit sometimes. It benefits the Foundation of Americas homeless. I found a few things there that came home with me. Here are pictures of two of the items. 
Wood chair
The student school desk on left.
The wood chair is very solid and well made. I can see there was a sticker under the chair at on point because the shape and glue residue is there. There are also letters stamped/engraved under it but I am getting no where with my research on it. The two items make a good pair and hopefully will be helpful with homework. As I told the young men that loaded the car. I appreciated them loading the car but I am quite sure my boys will not appreciate the desk for homework. They got a good chuckle out of that. 

I got home from the store and hubby had started organizing my exploded craft corner. I would just shove things over on my craft table and he would too. Things got piled quite high over there. LOL All of my discount office supplies and the like got shipped over there too. Umm yeah there might have been thirteen boxes of 24 count crayons in that pile. In my defense I didn't pay but a quarter or so each. I love me some cheap office supplies.  I also love me some brand new crayons. Just to look at and smell. :)  Shush you know you do too!  I do have a before picture but I am to cold to go take an after picture.  I will try and get that picture tomorrow and post them both. 

Now I am off to catch some ZZZZZZZzzzzz's   


  1. Being cold, unless you live where I do (Canada!) doesn't sound good. Hope you've got this checked out by the doctor.
    Lucky lady, great deals!
    Good luck with organizing your craft corner... I've got a bunch of shredding of old bills to do tomorrow, fun times! LOL

    1. I live in FL anything fifty or under is cold. LOL We are having a cold snap currently.

  2. I don't know about your theory ... Im always cold, especially my hands, and I have too much iron! Hemochromatosis it's called and I donate blood regularly to keep it in check.

    1. Well your just weird. :P My coworker at another store has that I just found out. She does the same thing with the regular blood donations too.

  3. Hi Mrs Swan,

    Only just hopped over to your blog - although I have seen and read your comments at our other 'blog friends.'

    I am not a medical person, and can only speak from personal experience but your comment "Now I do have an idea as to why I am always cold. I have iron deficiency anemia. I cannot seem to bring my iron up no matter what I do. Even with vitamins and iron supplements. I have lived with it so long though that it is just my normal."

    A very good friend of mine sounds similar to you ... and her recent blood tests showed she is unable to digest iron and HAS to have regular iron injections, I believe every three months to maintain her bodies correct balance. I do not wish to be alarmist but have you had this condition checked by your Doctor? If it were me I certainly would. As I say I am not a medical person but in my honest opinion it may be worth checking out.

    Let us know what you think .... and if you do get it checked out the outcome.

    Thinking of you and sending....

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan! I have noticed you on other blogs as well. :) TY for your input regarding your friend. Never heard of such a think so I will keep that in mind. I have been diagnosed which is how I know what I even have. I was just really cold and being extra whiny last night. LOL

  4. I've noticed that the more weight I lose, the quicker I get chilly.


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