Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First day of the year 2014

And it was spent playing with electronic toys. Adult toys.   NOOOOOO  not those!!  Perverts!!  :P

We spent New Year's Eve with my brother again this year. This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row now. When I got there he gave me the remainder of my Christmas gift. It seems it took a little longer to come in than the GC's. It was a blue tooth car transmitter and a docking cradle for the car. B didn't make it into the new year awake as you can see. He fell asleep snuggled up on me and then I slipped out from under him after midnight to gather our junk to leave.
He was cold.

We were home before 1am and got the boys tucked in. Hubby and I ended up staying up till about 3am. Well at least I did, I really don't know what time he came to bed as I was passed out. I woke up at 9am today and debated staying up or going back to sleep. Staying up won and I puttered around the net a while. Then I got up and blasted 80's soft rock on Pandora and cleaned the kitchen. Hubby wanted water and we didn't have any cold so he ran up to the Dollar General for a bottle. While he was there he got me another fitbit battery so now I am back in business as far as that goes. (It was misplaced but I found it in my work bag)

Hubby had been talking about spending his Christmas money on Chromecast so we decided to go pick that up. I opened the blue tooth and then we hit the car. Um, I left the instruction manual in the house so we had to wing it. After we realized how to work it I have to say this thing is freaking awesome! The rental car we had in LA had bluetooth installed so I knew how it worked. So cool that my new car now has it as well. Plus I get to torture the family with all MY music on my phone. Muahaha. With having the radio controls behind the wheel (soo fanceh to me) I have been getting so bored with the radio when I am traveling for work. I actually stopped listening to it and instead have been listening to that book on tape that I was supposed to only listen to when I was on the treadmill. Heh. I would have to stick the phone in my bra to be able to hear it well due to the volume not being that loud. Now I will have no problems reading it loud and clear.  I couldn't test that part yet though with the family in the car. The book is in a naughty area currently. LMAO

We hit Walmart and while looking for cream I found sugar free peppermint mocha creamer!! Bought two bottles of it so I hope it is good as I am imagining it to be. :) We found the Chromecast and a few other items that jumped into our cart. Checked out and came home (listening to the bass of my teenage years) to play with the Chromecast. That was a pain the in the ass.  For some reason it would not synch with our wifi. I even reset the router to try and make it work. Screwed up the wifi and had to reset the router a few more times. GRRR. Finally turned off the password hoping that would help (hmm need to turn back on) and nada. Hubby had the bright idea to try and synch it by phone and it worked. After the phone synch the computers are synching as well and we are up and running. We watched a movie still currently in theaters. :X


Pork roast with a little bit of everything for seasoning and left over green beans.

I just slapped two coats of nail polish on my nails and they are just about dry. For the first time in YEARS all of my nails are at a decent length (for me) Every nail has white showing from growth. My nails are super flexible and rip and tear easily. Usually one or more breaks before I can get every nail to this length. I am super excited about this silly thing. LOL

Off to bed as I work tomorrow and it is sure to be busy since we were closed today for the holiday.

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  1. My nails tend to grow easily, but are thin so they split or break easily. Plus as I type for a living, I find I have to keep cutting them anyway or I make too many typos! I hope you are able to enjoy your longer nails for some time to come. :)


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