Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 of 90

My last day off and I am sad to see it go. :(

Day 2 of the 90 days is down. Today was #1 Home Strength Training Exercise Class. My knees do not like squats. Not to mention my legs are not strong enough to even do a full squat. My knees were doing the whole snap, krackle, pop as usual. I can actually hear the sensation on the back of my neck when it happens. I have no idea why. It isn't painful though- Just weird. So while I didn't get as deep on the squats, I did perform them. :) I hope that as time goes on and my strength increases that I will be able to do lower ones. I used 3 lb weights for this workout.

While I would love to blog more it is already 11 pm and I am feeling tired. Considering I have been wide awake and staying up way to late the last few night I need to jump on this now.

B-none L- 2 slices cauliflower pizza D- 2 small tilapia pieces w/ garlic green beans. 3/4 dt dr pepper 2 liter and 20 sf cherry koolaid  D- splenda sweetened whip cream with half a hersheys special dark chipped up in it. 


  1. be careful with those knees, sweetpea!

  2. Good for you for keeping with the program. For your knees, there are videos on Youtube with instructors showing the proper form for modified squats and lunges. Remember to start slowly :)

  3. Good for you! Gotta start somewhere! Make sure your knees aren't going out over your toes - if they are you are pushing your butt back far enough. Good luck!!!


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