Wednesday, January 22, 2014

List accomplished

I managed to get all the things done that I wanted to today. All the cooking and prep that I listed last night and then some. Yeah for having a productive day!  I am also about to have a productive night as I am hitting the hay early. It is going to be way to cold tonight for this thin blooded FL gal. LOL  Therefore I am going to spend it cocooned in my nice warm down alternative comforter.

I cannot take credit for the craft corner. Well other than credit for piling up the junk. Heh! Hubby is the one that cleaned it up for me. I would still be there looking at all the shiny neat things I have hidden away. Heck after I got home and saw it I had to open the drawers. First thing I saw was seed beads. I love those things but I haven't touched them for many years. LOL  I may be a bit of a pack rat.

I am seeing some new faces around here lately. ::Waving::  My name is MrsSwan (play on my last name) and I am married (almost 11 yrs) with two young boys. I call them A. (8) and B.(5.5) here on my blog. I decided enough was enough 12/31/2012 and started the path of no sugar/ low carbs. I had lost 40 pounds at one point in 2013 but then re-gained about 10 lbs from Oct- Dec 2013.(Stress eating that I did to myself) My brother had a major heath problem and with him being single and me being local that meant a lot of time spent at the hospital after 10 hr work shifts then home to the family.

 I re-committed at the end of Dec 2013. My total loss for 2013 is over on the side at -31.2 lbs. So far in 2014 I am at 2.2 lbs down.  (-3.4 since re-commitment) Obviously this is still a work in progress. I look forward to re-losing my re-gain and then moving this weight loss train forward.

First stop- Seeing 208 again   Second stop- Onederland.   Third stop-Move into obesity class 1.

What are your next stops?


  1. Great job! You sound like you are really back on track! :)

  2. I have some starts and stops under my belt as well. I like to think as long as I never quit I cannot fail. I may die trying but I won't fail. Keep up the good work!

  3. You're no trainwreck, that's for sure! Keep it up :)


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