Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 3 is on the books!

Wow! I tell you, I should have started this 90 day thing sooner. I have a reason to report in every day now. LOL  Even if it is a couple words I expect to be throwing up a post every night. Heck, I actually have a list going of things to blog about. :)

I will cross one thing off my list now and tell you something awesome!! My husband's cousin's wife has decided to do the 90 program with us. She started today and and finished day 1. Yeah!  She is in the process of trying to create a blog so eventually I will link to it so you all can share some bloggy encouragement.

I blog partially for myself and partially for you. I love knowing people are reading what I am doing. No matter if your shaking your head saying how dumb I am or if I am inspiring you. I just ask if your in the "you think I am dumb frame of mind" to please keep the comments to yourself.  I apologize to any English majors that might read. Although to be honest reading blogs has got to be painful to you period in that case :smiles:

Day 3 was Ultimate 10 Minute Cardio Workout. It was interesting.... 10 exercises done for one minute each. My arms and legs were fatigued afterwards for sure. Not jelly like but heavy feeling. My legs are not sore from yesterday but they do have that feeling as if they were worked.  Tomorrow is technically a rest day but I may swap that with Friday. I expect to be super busy at work on Friday and I don't know if I am going to want to deal with a workout after work.

It is raining outside.  If the temp drops anymore there might be some snow in my part of FL. I promised the kids I would wake them up if it snowed. :)

A big thank you to all of you that have been supportive of my 90 day thing.

 I was looking at for her 90 plan when hubby found this one. Honestly, I went with this one because it seemed easier. When your fat and/or out of shape nothing like this is easy but sometimes your mind views certain things as easier than others. I watched a few of the videos and thought it looked doable as I said previously. Almost like being back in gym class (which I LOATHED)

 I honestly didn't read the site as far as where it said it was an advanced program. Yes, I did see the 3 in intensity level but I didn't think it seemed that hard. In at least two out of the three I have done they have said any fitness level can do these workouts. They encourage you to just do the motion without a weight if you cannot handle it. To use soup cans as weights if you do not have any on hand just yet.

So far I am happy and plan on continuing this plan. I look forward to it which I know is a excellent outlook to have.  I did not look forward to the C25K. Maybe I can revisit that in the future but I doubt it.

Off to bed. I have a new snuggle partner that you all will learn about shortly. :)
B- none L- 2 squares of leftover cauliflower pizza S- 1 mozzarella stick D- 2 small porkchops and leftover garlic green beans D- splenda sweetened whipped cream with half a sf hersheys special dark chipped up in it  1 2liter diet DP and 20 oz sf cherry kool aid


  1. Love your enthusiasm, and can't wait to see you kick some A! :)

  2. Just so you know, I'm already starting to design your skin .... THAT'S how much faith I have in you <3

  3. Yay for finding something you like and stickign with it. I trained for a marathon. Twice. And ended up injured both times. Finally I realized that I just wasn't a runner. Short distances were ok, but I loved the *idea* of being a long distance runner, but not the reality. I think it's important to find something you like.

    Anyway, thanks for posting regularly!

    1. EEKKK Well at least you tried right? Hubby's thing is running. He has a 50k coming up in March.

  4. It's so much easier working out with a partner bcause you motivate one another. Keep on truckin' my friend!

    1. very true. without his support I probably wouldn't have even done day 1

  5. Replies
    1. thanks much! Today is technically day 4 now but it is a rest day I didn't want to use now but going to have to. Pooo!


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