Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sooooo... I did a thing.

I jumped into a new car which equals 2nd car payment. 😱 Hubby's car while paid for needed a major brake job. I didn't feel it was worth investing anymore in a 2003 vehicle with known issues. One being no AC in Florida.

That means that the income must be budgeted and followed to the letter. I wrote it all out as far as bill and paydays.  It doesn't leave much of anything to play with.  I don't even have things ON the budget that need to be because I will rob Peter to pay Paul kinda thing.  I have been doing it for all these years anyway when hubby was in school.

Speaking of hubby in school. He didn't pass finals by 3 points. Nursing 4.  3 points. He chose to walk away..... 

No, I did not kill him but I did seriously consider it.

He is now working at a local High School as a special needs paraprofessional. Which means there will be a total of 2 more paychecks for the year and then it is all on me this summer.

I will make it work.  I always do.

One of the things not budgeted for is food. While we were at the dealership I was doing the standard joke about eating nothing but ramen noodles for every meal. Of course that isn't feasible.  I did however make a menu plan of meals that the supplies where already in the house for. I made some and also inserted some easy cheap meals (pancakes)  My kids/hubby are satisfied but my jeans are not. I realized I have to work on me as well as keep food costs down. Even if I eat differently then my family- I HAVE TO!  I have 2 pairs of jeans that I am wearing currently that fit.  I should have about 9 or so. My shirts that I bought when I was 30lb less that were comfortable are now so form fitting they make me not want to wear them. I do still have that box of size 18 & 20 (2 currents are 18- 1 was in laundry not put in box and 1 is newer) but I don't want to open it as that will be Pandora's box and will start my decent into weight gain even easier.

I have a plan in place and all I can do is follow it.  I have plenty of eggs if anything!!  If blogger will behave I will post a picture of my "brunch" this afternoon.

I've already gotten out of the habit of buying lunch. Now I just need to make sure to pack and take my lunches to work. I already started by making some Kaluha Pork yesterday in the instant pot. Now I just need to make a veggie and pack it up.

I think I am going to start using instagram to document meals.  My username is   theswaninme if you have any interest. 

I reset my turtle ticker above to what I was yesterday morning. 

Day 1 was perfect. 
Scrambled eggs for brunch
-insert grocery shopping trip-
Taco meat in a bowl with fixins for dinner (including 1/2 avocado-On sale for .79)

I had no sugar (I'm not stressing about taco seasoning) at all.  For curiosity sake I took my blood sugar a few hours after dinner.  94

Day 2 is going well.
Scrambled  eggs with diced sauteed smoked sausage and the other 1/2 avocado for brunch
Roast Sticky Chicken is on the menu for dinner. (whole chicken on sale for .77 a lb)
  -fresh corn for family-  Either green beans or broccoli for me. Depends on what is easiest to get to in freezer. Plus what is best to go with the pork for lunch tomorrow.

I may try and update with a picture if I remember.