Monday, January 30, 2012

It sucks...

to discover that you are out a toilet paper in the house at 1am on Saturday night.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

In control

I love those days that I feel in control!! Where I am not craving anything and/or able to ignore any temptation foods. I was around food (and cake) today and I didn't want any of it. Granted you will see why below as to where it was prepared so that helped. LOL

Today was my day off and we attended cousin Na (6 yrs old today) birthday. I will use Na for him and No for the other cousin who is 3 since I will not put their names on the net. It was a bowling party at a alley in Lady Lake. I missed out on pictures even though I brought my camera. ::stomps feet:: I forgot I had stolen 2 of the batteries for the wii mote when hubby was running Disney. I need to steal some pictures from family members to post from the party.

Afterwards we tried to go get the boys haircuts but the place was packed!

Instead we went to TooJays and discovered a International Festival that was going on in the square. There were some people there selling fresh kettle corn. They provided free samples. OMGoodness that was deeeelicious! I don't like kettle corn (I thought- but I had only had the microwaved kind) at least I thought I didn't. LOL Hubby wanted a bag so we bought a bag of that yumminess for him to snack on later. Now I just have to ignore it!

Here are three pics from the festival.

Hubbers and B. A was to scared to go stand by the people on stilts. Even with them calling his name and telling him they won't bite.

Random lady that wanted to get a picture between the legs of a stilt walker. After she was done she grabbed his butt and he replied with "Hey, You were supposed to buy me dinner first!" Then this happened.
The random man to the right asked the lady if he could take a picture holding on to her boob. She of course replied with a "Uhh No!" LMAO

We walked around for a while then ate. Round two for haircuts and now both boys are sporting new doo's. Here they are just out of the shop

After we roughed up their haircuts to show what they really will look like. LOL

Then a quick trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look for towels.
We have a towel monster or something as I cannot find them. (Of course I have not looked under A's bed yet so who knows.) LOL We didn't find much there so off to Tar-jay. We actually didn't pick up any towels at all but a bunch of other stuffs. We are now the proud owners of a Magic Bullet. :) We eyeballed the ninja's too but our phones were dead so we couldn't google reviews. Picked up some supplies to make smoothies and headed home. Hubby has already made a smoothie that he enjoyed. I made some SF fruit whipped cream that was yummy. In reading reviews I see that it is recommended to only use it for softer stuff so we till probably adhere to that advice.

Do you have a Magic Bullet? What do you like to make in yours?

PS. is dark still for some reason and it is realllly annoying me. I did repurchase the site and have a forward set up on it but I guess it is going to take the full 48 hours to kick in. Grrrr!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is a post brought to you by vegetables.

Why is it that I ALWAYS forget how yummy veggies are until I am dieting???

Nom, Nom, Nom

That was me eating my yummy ass dinner!!! Here is a picture of it in all of it's yummy.

It is butter sauteed yellow squash, a thick pork chop that was oven baked and smothered in onions and mushrooms that were cooked with A-1. It was a winner!! Even hubbers ate his squash like a big boy. No complaining at all even- Awwww he is all grows'ed up now. Haha

I need to try and *REMEMBER* that veggies are yummy. I picked up some carrots for an experiment that I want to try. It is a really simple idea but I am curious how it will be. We all love carrots/potatoes/onions that have been cooked with a pot roast right? I can eat a whole bowl of those pot roast juice cooked carrots. I am going to try and simply cook some carrots in beef broth and see how that turns out. Well really all cooked carrots are yummy period but I want to try this. LOL

I really do like a lot of veggies I just don't care to do all of the prep work. I luuurve roasted butternut squash but it is such a biiotch to cut up. I don't love spaghetti squash but I bought some to experiment with soon. Any suggestions? I have tried it before and didn't like it that much but I figure I will try, try again. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Personal identity crisis

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?

I think I have felt like that pretty much my entire life. Lately I have been feeling it more so than ever actually. I have been tempted to delete my facebook account more than once in the last few weeks. (As it is I feel like all of the notifications I get are about games anyway) No swan song post about how I am leaving. Just a quiet delete.

Am I just feeling sorry for myself? I really don't know. I have been trying to identify what is going on that is making me feel this way. Maybe it is because I don't really have any friends anymore. The only texts I get are from my sister in response to a question I asked her about her upcoming move/wedding. The friends I would speak to daily/weekly and I have just grown apart and I am not sure I care to reconnect with them. Not that they are bad people or anything. We just don't have much in common and our life paths are different.

I do have a couple core high school friends that I haven't spoken to in a while. I think it is time to touch bases with them. You know, the kinds of friends that you can talk to a year later and it feels like it was just yesterday you last hung out. All of my core live far away though which makes me sad.

I re-added a blog list and if your not on it yet and want to be please let me know. It used to be easier to add if I recall correctly. I know I have people missing from there I wanted to add so it will be a work in progress.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slacker mom

In my perfect little world (in my mind) with my perfect little chilldrens (pronounced chill-drens with funny accent) life was well, perfect. Now of course this perfect little picture was formed in my mind when I was in my early twenties and children were not on my radar.

Now that life is here in my face I find myself doing a lot of things that I never, ever thought I would do in a million years. I will not even admit to them on a public blog as I just don't care to get into the potential for debates on it. What works for one may not work for another.

Anyway this post is brought to you by me reading a facebook post from a HS girlfriend about her daughter not wanting to eat veggies and that she *WILL* eat them as Mom is still boss. I suppose I might get a bee up my bonnet every now and then and I will be the *boss*...but... most of the time I just don't care. :X
I can tell you they wouldn't get a snack but I cannot get all worked up over something like that.

Now I admit I have gotten worked up over my 6 yr old really liking sloppy joes and telling me how much he likes them when I make them. Till I made them one night and he wanted something else. How he suddenly hated them and why to I make them *alllllllllllllllll the time. Now that was a battle that I fought and won. LOL

Did you find the same things to be true about your imagined kids not being anything like your actual kiddos?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loving the locals!

Or somewhat locals I should say- Ahhhh 50 miles away is somewhat local right? LOL
I love seeing the cities in the feedjit ticker and knowing exactly WHERE that city is located. :)

I worked a six hour shift today. I did the absolute minimum that I could do. LOL I just helped the customers and did no other work. I have a lot of paperwork that I could have done. :X
So that means I will have a very paperwork filled day tomorrow to catch up on everything. I really enjoyed my mental day though so I am not complaining at all. Plus I ended up talking to the owner today and got some really good news that will make our lives less stressful. Tax time is our busy season and we need to have certain things available to use to make full use of that. Looks like we will have oodles- yeah!!!

I am off to bed now. When I was on vacation I got used to staying up till 2am. Now that I am back to work my body is saying I am tired but my mind is saying PPAAARRTTTTYYYY!

Friday, January 20, 2012

tisk, tisk at myself

Yesterday I was sooooo happy with my scale. Today my scale and I are neutral as we didn't chat this morning.

However the scale at work has now become my enemy. GRRR (ok, ok, I say this in jest lol) At about 9:30am I realized I still hadn't had anything to drink so it would be a good time to hop on the scale at work. That *bitch* told me I was like 3 lbs higher than what my scale at home has been saying. I was upset for about .35 of a second. But I know they are different as I have dealt with it before. The positive side of it is that I no longer see that number on the scale that I saw in November when I started re-visiting my eating and blog. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few randoms


I love my scale this morning. I wish I had waited to weigh in till today. LOL Oh well- now I just need to keep that number or make it go lower by next week. :)

I need someone to pass me the parenting hand book please. My kids do some totally ass off the wall things sometimes and I don't know how to deal with them.

Edemame? I know it is sold frozen. I know people love them. Umm how do you cook them? I assume you do since they are frozen.

I am the queen of run on sentences so umm yeah sorry about that. I cannot help it sometimes I have so many things in my mind concerning that particular topic and I struggle to try and convey it all in one sentence much like I would say it all in one exhale of breath while talking. You must be ok with it though as you are still here reading me eh? Unless your just here for your dose of how not to write, then I think you will find that this is the perfect place to get that dose. Tee-hee

I can sleep- Give me a dark/cold room and I can sleep for like 24 hours. Then I can lay there snoozing for a while after.

I do not like high percent chocolate. I don't know how some of you can eat that 80% and up chocolate. ::shiver::

January 20, 2004 Wha??

I found a tiny spiral bound notebook tonight.

I started flipping through it and it was a blast from the past. It had my eating and WI's from Dec. 2003 to mid Jan. 2004. I started out strong but then started tapering off. I started at 221 and ended at 213.5 before I stopped recording.

Obviously I quit or this blog would never have been created. What is totally bizarre is that you can see the next day was 1/20. The other side of the weigh in page is 1/19. I worked overnight as a hotel night auditor at the time so on my way home from work I would swing into Publix to check my weight on WI day. So I took that weight 7:xx AM on January 20, 2004.

Today is January 19, 2012 Is that freaky deaky or what? I guess that is what I weighed 8 years ago. In another 8 years I will be 42 and I sure hope I am not linking to this post as I blog about trying to lose weight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shoes for a penny? YES PLEASE!

Today was supposed to be my day off.

I got called it at 11am however. My coworker's 4 year old managed to swallow a watch battery. Hubbers was in school so I had to take both boys (no school for A. due to teacher workdays till Thursday) with me. Yeahhh THAT was fun! Not! I could barely hear a customer at one point. I was so embarrassed with the way they were acting. GRRRRR By the time the local hospital got her son back for an XRAY the battery had traveled down to his intestines already. Now there is just the waiting to see when it passes.

Afterward since I was already halfway towards the side of town I wanted to be in I went shopping. I hit up Payless to see what kinds of silver shoes they had for the wedding. I found the pair I had been looking at online and got them. Since they are on a BOGO half off sale I got a second pair as well. I figure maybe one of the other bridesmaids could use them. I already asked if I could swap for another size if need be and they said no problem.

THE BRIDESMAID DRESS (Imagine light sky blue)


While I was there I found quite a few style of shoes on sale.
I picked up these for $5.00

These were marked $4.00 but they actually rang up for a penny!!! I was stoked!! I bought three more pairs for various people.

I did pop on the scale this morning for a quick weigh in. The extra couple pounds from the Christmas stupids is almost gone! I am in full out diet mode :) I am sad that the reason I am there is because of mean girl. However, today I was mean girl to myself. Before I went into Payless I hit Target for the loo. I was alone in the bathroom (after the employee that was still picking her face even after she watched me enter the bathroom in the mirror- EWWW that is private time there!) and ended up going into the handicap stall to look in the mirror. I got four months to get this wiggle to be a little less wiggly.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The dresses

I know your panting to see the dresses that my sister picked. First I will show you the dresses that were not picked. As of yesterday this was her bridal choice. This was her bridesmaid dress choice. A good friend pointed out the back issue to me (open scoop) and I just don't think my girls would be to pretty improperly supported.

She ended up sending me a link for a new dress- for both her and bridesmaids. I LURVE both of them!! I think I can really rock the new dress choice! Of course now she gets to deal with her other FIVE girls complaining about that whole $5 increase. Which if you recall I mentioned the site wanted to do a $25 shipping fee anyway. This new one would be free shipping (started to check out to make sure) My sister is starting to get sad with the way one of the bridemaids is being about the dress though. I did offer to step down no harm if she wanted to stick with a different dress but she told me NO! :) I feel so loved! LOL We are 14 years apart and are not very close. We were in the same house till she was 5 and my parents moved north. Now that she is getting older and planning on moving up here we are talking more.

Here is "the dress" It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it! She will be so pretty in it! Here is the "bridesmaid dress". As you can see the neckline is the same which I think is a really nice plus. The dress is chiffon which is what she wanted. If you look in the color chart you can see the chiffon in light sky blue. Strappy silver heels will be the next mission to find.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bye bye vacay

I have to return to the real world tomorrow. I is sad :( Only good thing is that tomorrow is a short day of only 6 hours.

Oh well had a nice week of sleeping in and relaxing. I got to go on a girlie date with an online friend yesterday. We had sushi and then went to see Joyful Noise. It was cute! Like a church glee without the cattiness of girls. The mother daughter had a little catness but what 16 year female old doesn't? (Holy hell, in the previews the new movie with Zac Efron- WOW he grew up quite nicely!!)

I will be changing the web address really soon so you might want to update to the blogspot addy if you can.

The .me website is due to expire any day. For some reason the renew fee is going to be like $40 and that is just crazy!

I am a little nervous about my sisters upcoming nuptials. Last I knew there was a dress she liked online at David's Bridal. It wasn't shown to come in the color that she wanted though. It did say to call for details so hopefully someone did. (I don't want to overstep my boundaries in that aspect) I am the heaviest bridesmaid as you know and the dress would be "ok" on me. I found another one that I really, really like that she was ok with and it came in her color. It was a little more costly than the one she originally liked though. Her friends are all college students so $$ is important. She did tell me if I want to get that one it was fine and the girls would get the other. The maid of honor mentioned on facebook today dress shopping so I am hoping to get some answers from her on if they found anything in her colors. I am hoping she will do that popular thing now of get what you want in this color from here so I can get the one I like.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday the 13th (baum baum)

Hello there Mr thirteenth day of the month.

I wasn't expecting you to sneak in like you did. Please wipe your shoes on the mat that says bark shaped like a bone.

I will not say welcome because you have already decided to play havoc with my life. You chose to be a cool day therefore the potential beach trip I had been entertaining in the back of my mind for today is a bust. I cannot take my 3 and 6 year old to the beach to play in 50 degree weather. My vacation is almost over and you ruined my end game plan. As if that wasn't enough on this day I discover a very bad thing. A potential to cost me $123.00 problem. You see this does not make me happy one bit. That college textbook is a rental and needs to either be returned in good shape or the balance of $123.00 must be paid. YEAH! I was really looking forward to throwing my money away so I appreciate that. (Side note: anyone know how to get animal pee smell out of a book?)

Now that we got this unpleasantness out of the way can we please just get along? I really don't want to be adding to this blog post all day long.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stressed and annoyed

That is why there is a lack of blogging for the last x number of days. The good news is that I work for 10 hours tomorrow then I am on a week of vacation. Of course the week of vacay is for hubby to go play and run in the Walt Disney World marathon on Sunday and for him to deal with school stuff. So I am using a week of paid vacation for the hubby. Yeah!!! I know you can just hear that cheer and enthusiasm in my voice there huh? I cannot go anywhere to visit anyone as funds are tight-ish and he will have his car which is the only one I feel comfortable traveling in. Well and A will need to attend school too. lol


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your giggle for the day

Spent the last 24 hours off and on trying to

unclog the bathroom tub (after clearing the

toilet clog yesterday which is what started the

problem) and was about to admit defeat. Then I

had an AHA moment and discovered the tub drain

was closed. @@ DOH!!!

The above status is 100% true and copied from my FB status.


Hello 2012

Day 56

January 1, 2012

Not much good eating going on in the last week since Christmas. :X At least it has not been binge style. Just making wrong choices style. I have been WI every day to attempt to keep an eye on it so there was no HUGE spiral up. There has been a small gain so I must work on that.

New day- new start along with 80 thousand other people. Hah! I hope to run into some new bloggers again this year. This is always a good time for finding new bloggys to follow.

Now I must go attend to the child that has a stench following him. UGH!