Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your giggle for the day

Spent the last 24 hours off and on trying to

unclog the bathroom tub (after clearing the

toilet clog yesterday which is what started the

problem) and was about to admit defeat. Then I

had an AHA moment and discovered the tub drain

was closed. @@ DOH!!!

The above status is 100% true and copied from my FB status.



  1. and that is something which would SOOOO HAPPEN TO ME.


  2. I have had enough "DOH" moments to last me a lifetime:)

  3. Once during a shower, I somehow kicked the drain into the up position... so the tub started filling with water while I was still showering. I turned off the water to wash my hair, turned it back on, turned it off to soap, turn it back on. I was convinced I just had to finish my shower then get the stupid thing unclogged. All the while... a simple flick of the dumb drain and it was fixed. I obviously hadn't had my coffee yet! :)


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