Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stressed and annoyed

That is why there is a lack of blogging for the last x number of days. The good news is that I work for 10 hours tomorrow then I am on a week of vacation. Of course the week of vacay is for hubby to go play and run in the Walt Disney World marathon on Sunday and for him to deal with school stuff. So I am using a week of paid vacation for the hubby. Yeah!!! I know you can just hear that cheer and enthusiasm in my voice there huh? I cannot go anywhere to visit anyone as funds are tight-ish and he will have his car which is the only one I feel comfortable traveling in. Well and A will need to attend school too. lol



  1. Obviously in love to give up a weeks vacation for someone else :)

  2. Well the good news is, you won't be at work:)

  3. A week of vacation with no place to go & nothing to do? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to help me plan lunches ;)


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