Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 20, 2004 Wha??

I found a tiny spiral bound notebook tonight.

I started flipping through it and it was a blast from the past. It had my eating and WI's from Dec. 2003 to mid Jan. 2004. I started out strong but then started tapering off. I started at 221 and ended at 213.5 before I stopped recording.

Obviously I quit or this blog would never have been created. What is totally bizarre is that you can see the next day was 1/20. The other side of the weigh in page is 1/19. I worked overnight as a hotel night auditor at the time so on my way home from work I would swing into Publix to check my weight on WI day. So I took that weight 7:xx AM on January 20, 2004.

Today is January 19, 2012 Is that freaky deaky or what? I guess that is what I weighed 8 years ago. In another 8 years I will be 42 and I sure hope I am not linking to this post as I blog about trying to lose weight.


  1. Here's to not "tapering off" ever again, right? I have a ton of those old food journals from many different years. Never, ever again. Not this time. We've got this, baby. We've got this!

    That is pretty creepy, too. Then IS Edgar Allan Poe's birthday. Dun-dun-DUN!!!!!!!!

  2. I found about four or five old food journals recently while purging my house. Some were spirtal notebooks, one was from the bookstore and all fancy shmancy. Here's to NEVER giving up. Not this time ;). That is creepy cool about the date.


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