Monday, January 16, 2012

The dresses

I know your panting to see the dresses that my sister picked. First I will show you the dresses that were not picked. As of yesterday this was her bridal choice. This was her bridesmaid dress choice. A good friend pointed out the back issue to me (open scoop) and I just don't think my girls would be to pretty improperly supported.

She ended up sending me a link for a new dress- for both her and bridesmaids. I LURVE both of them!! I think I can really rock the new dress choice! Of course now she gets to deal with her other FIVE girls complaining about that whole $5 increase. Which if you recall I mentioned the site wanted to do a $25 shipping fee anyway. This new one would be free shipping (started to check out to make sure) My sister is starting to get sad with the way one of the bridemaids is being about the dress though. I did offer to step down no harm if she wanted to stick with a different dress but she told me NO! :) I feel so loved! LOL We are 14 years apart and are not very close. We were in the same house till she was 5 and my parents moved north. Now that she is getting older and planning on moving up here we are talking more.

Here is "the dress" It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it! She will be so pretty in it! Here is the "bridesmaid dress". As you can see the neckline is the same which I think is a really nice plus. The dress is chiffon which is what she wanted. If you look in the color chart you can see the chiffon in light sky blue. Strappy silver heels will be the next mission to find.

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  1. OHhhhHhHHhhh.. soooo soo pretty <3 The new dresses are definitely sleeker and so chic.. you guys are going to look AMAZING!


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