Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shoes for a penny? YES PLEASE!

Today was supposed to be my day off.

I got called it at 11am however. My coworker's 4 year old managed to swallow a watch battery. Hubbers was in school so I had to take both boys (no school for A. due to teacher workdays till Thursday) with me. Yeahhh THAT was fun! Not! I could barely hear a customer at one point. I was so embarrassed with the way they were acting. GRRRRR By the time the local hospital got her son back for an XRAY the battery had traveled down to his intestines already. Now there is just the waiting to see when it passes.

Afterward since I was already halfway towards the side of town I wanted to be in I went shopping. I hit up Payless to see what kinds of silver shoes they had for the wedding. I found the pair I had been looking at online and got them. Since they are on a BOGO half off sale I got a second pair as well. I figure maybe one of the other bridesmaids could use them. I already asked if I could swap for another size if need be and they said no problem.

THE BRIDESMAID DRESS (Imagine light sky blue)


While I was there I found quite a few style of shoes on sale.
I picked up these for $5.00

These were marked $4.00 but they actually rang up for a penny!!! I was stoked!! I bought three more pairs for various people.

I did pop on the scale this morning for a quick weigh in. The extra couple pounds from the Christmas stupids is almost gone! I am in full out diet mode :) I am sad that the reason I am there is because of mean girl. However, today I was mean girl to myself. Before I went into Payless I hit Target for the loo. I was alone in the bathroom (after the employee that was still picking her face even after she watched me enter the bathroom in the mirror- EWWW that is private time there!) and ended up going into the handicap stall to look in the mirror. I got four months to get this wiggle to be a little less wiggly.

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  1. LOL at "Christmas stupids." No...really. I laughed out loud. Good job, girl!

    Also, I love, love, LOVE that dress. Gorgeous. I'm seriously so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see how stunning you look in that sky blue gown.

    The shoes are awesome, too. Don't you just love inexpensive strappy shoes?!?! (I haven't owned 'em since I was a teacher, but...man...do I miss 'em). ;)


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