Sunday, January 22, 2012

Loving the locals!

Or somewhat locals I should say- Ahhhh 50 miles away is somewhat local right? LOL
I love seeing the cities in the feedjit ticker and knowing exactly WHERE that city is located. :)

I worked a six hour shift today. I did the absolute minimum that I could do. LOL I just helped the customers and did no other work. I have a lot of paperwork that I could have done. :X
So that means I will have a very paperwork filled day tomorrow to catch up on everything. I really enjoyed my mental day though so I am not complaining at all. Plus I ended up talking to the owner today and got some really good news that will make our lives less stressful. Tax time is our busy season and we need to have certain things available to use to make full use of that. Looks like we will have oodles- yeah!!!

I am off to bed now. When I was on vacation I got used to staying up till 2am. Now that I am back to work my body is saying I am tired but my mind is saying PPAAARRTTTTYYYY!

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