Monday, August 28, 2017

I have issues.

Just as the title says. I have issues.
I am on this stupid yo-yo kick right now. There, I am admitting it. I need to figure out what my issue is then for the love of all things holy FIX IT!! 

I follow my plan Sun through Thurs. I have every intention of doing so on Friday but I jump off. Saturday is usually spent off plan also with a strict tighten up on Sunday. I have been doing this for weeks despite knowing it is an issue. It started last month but then I told myself I would stop. I lept in feet first beginning of this month as I was dealing with an IRS audit at work. Well the audit has passed and all went well. But I am still being stupid on Friday/Sat.

Money is getting really tight really fast however so maybe that will help me too. Can't be stupid if there is no money to be stupid. 😒

My chickens have just started to lay eggs. We are so excited. 🥚🍳 It has been 7 days and we have gotten 6 eggs. One gal is early because we were not expecting them till next month. We have 8 girls outside total so we should have quite a few eggs soon.

Have you caught yourself being stupid? How did you stop yourself from being stupid?

I see so many ideas that I could utilize but I just don't.

I performed a wedding 2 yrs ago (notary republic). June was the anniversary and they put up pictures. I look at my  face in the pictures and I just don't even recognise myself. I was 252 ish and was only 6 wks pregnant with baby girl so I cannot even blame that. Several people I have shown the picture to say it doesn't even look like me. But I guarantee that it was me. I never want to go back up there. But I also don't want to be stuck in this yo-yo. 

Time to ponder when I can