Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I need to get my butt off the couch and start some laundry and straighten the kitchen.  Can you give me a kick in the pants please?  I am just not feeling motivated at all!  

I am happy to report that I found my phone this morning.  Yeah, I know- You didn't know it was missing.  I lost it sometime yesterday evening.  I found it this morning.  Looks like it spent the night outside in the rain.  EKK!  It was under my car some at least so it didn't get full on wet.  I dried off the moisture and plugged it in for a second to check it (All the ports appeared dry) and it powered up to show that the battery was charging so hopefully I can take that as a good sign. I spent Sunday down in Fruitland Park at cousin J's baby shower so I would have been very sad to lose those pictures as they were on my phone. I even made something special for her gift that I wanted to show you all.  I am a little hesitant because I want to make one for my work wife too and she reads my blog occasionally. I will just hope she is to busy to read so she doesn't spoil her surprise. LOL

Ok I will be back later to report in I guess.  That might be the only thing that will get me moving today.  Haha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not much, but it is a start! :)

What a beautiful day off today!  I got to sleep in to a ungodly hour that I will not share because it was that late. LOL  Then we went off to the mall for hubbers to look at new flippers. His reef sandals are many years old which is not a problem.  The problem is that a certain little pup decided to chew on the thong part and severed one of the two toe holds. He was excited as he had a coupon for 20% off an item.  As I was trying to contain the boys I asked him if he had read the fine print.  It was 20% off an apparel item so there went that idea.  We pay enough for his running shoes I am not paying $50 for sandals.

The boys kept wanting to ride all the rides that the mall has.  Train rides for $3 or a jumping station for $8 ? (I cannot remember- A. did it a few years ago though)  There is a new ride in front of Belk that the boys did all get to ride though.  It was $4.00 a person and hubbers went on with them.  I stood outside and watched the black and white screen of the ride.

 They picked the Runaway Mine Ride pictured below.

We decided while we were at the mall to pick up A's outfit for my sisters upcoming wedding.  We found a black shirt in his size missing a tie.  I talked to a salesperson who called a manager and they marked it down to $10.  We didn't need the tie as we will need a white one for the wedding but it would have been nice to have a another tie in the house.  The suits were on sale for 40% off so we picked up a black suit as well.  He looks so handsome in his little black suit.  All we need now is to find a boys white tie and his outfit is complete.  He is so excited to be the ring bearer and was practicing the hand motions and marching while trying the suit on.

We spent two hours walking around the mall.  I could really feel it and A. was whining how tired he was.  We brought home dinner from the food court since I had nothing thawed.  After eating I got up and walked on the new treadmill.  Our Valentine's Day present to each other was a tablet.  We got the EEE Transformer so I spent my walk reading on the kindle app.  I finished a chapter and was thirsty so I decided to stop.  I couldn't see the display till I stopped due to tablet so I had no idea how long I had been walking.  I did know it was a 2.6mph pace though.  

Not much but it is a start!

Good Luck to all running the Disney Princess Half Marathon tomorrow!!  Shout out to my girlfriend from high school Jennifer who is running this race tomorrow.  Also for the many bloggers I read that are running as well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It only took 3.5 hours...

Our nine year wedding anniversary is riiight around the corner. OK, OK 3 months

We had been playing with ideas on what we each wanted.  He has been trying to shop ebay for an inexpensive new garmin 305 or higher. I haven't really thought about anything because I got the stuff I wanted for Valentine's Day (I haven't shared what yet so you haven't missed it)  On Fat Tuesday we met my brother in town and went out for pancakes.  Then my brother wanted some more duct tape as he is a amazon seller who is experimenting with new things to sell. ( My lil sis and her fiancee were up for the weekend and she picked up all of my duct tape and made him a bunch of duct tape roses to sell.  She ended up "borrowing" grr and taking home my duct tape so he couldn't experiment with mine.)  At one point we lost my brother in the store so we stayed near the back of the store.  We finally found him and we all went and looked at the treadmills.  One was all set up off to the side on a huge metal shelf so I figured it was on clearance.  Turns out it was and there were a few boxes underneath it and they had prices.  Normally $749 marked down to $595. It goes up to 12 mph and hubbers can use for his speed work as our current only does 10 mph.  I tried to google reviews on it at the store but I wanted to see the treadmill in person.  The way it was set up in the store you couldn't get to it.

We ran off to Dick's, Sports Authority and Sears.  No one had this same treadmill in stock for us to look and try.  We ended up coming home and doing our research.  Overstock.com had it for over $677.09  Amazon $805.02 Turns out it is a discontinued model which makes perfect sense with the clearance.  Proform.com has them on special for $1299.00  YIKES  

 We were able to see pictures and read reviews on it.  Proform 850 t  So we decided to make this our anniversary present and I went back up to Walmart at 10:30pm to grab it.  Hubby stayed home as obviously the boys were asleep at that time of night.  I got home at about midnight (I did some shopping first) and we got it into the house.  Two people and about 3.5 hours later we had it all set up.  :)  While it sucked that we both only got 4 hours of sleep it was best to do without the boys around.  Our living room looks like a gym right about now though.  LOL  Two treadmills and a recumbent bike.

Here is the console if you don't like to click links.

It has iFIT technology but we are so not paying for that.  It also has a fan that hits hubby perfectly.  It barely skims the top of my head though. It is soooooo quiet which is exactly what I hoped that it would be!  If I ever want to get on in the morning I won't be so worried about waking up B.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drugs are bad MMKKK?

OH MY GOSH what a nightmare of a night!!

 I got home from work after working a 10 hour shift and driving in a mini monsoon.  I walked into a cluster frick of a night. If it wasn't the 6 year old who's homework looked like ass. Then it was the 3 year old who was acting like a 2 year old with not getting his way and wanting to play and not eat dinner. He is a touch miserable (sick and whiny) but he doesn't realize that is why he is so whiny. Then it is the husband who is stressing over a full day of online school work and quizzes that needed to be done before 11pm who is yelling at the kids for breathing it feels like (so that makes us fight because I am telling him to chill the frick out!)- Oh yeah, he is feeling like ass himself so that isn't helping A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!  So needless to say waayyyyyy to much crap food has entered my mouth tonight.  :(  What isn't helping either is that we are both tired and running on 4 hours of sleep.  

  This sweet white powdery bitch always manages to calm me down.  She also fattens me up too.  Ugh!  She is my drug.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

We are the backwards family

It is before 10pm eastern and I am about to go crawl in bed. 

This is very odd for me.  Yes, I am sick. in the head hubby as would say  Thank you for asking. LOL I am off to go slumber away some of these germies so that I may be well.   I have to work 26 hours in the next three days. (10,6,10)  Today was my Tuesday.

I was just thinking, on my thinking chair, potty about how backwards our family is.  

I work full time and bring in the money.  I also cook the food and do the shopping.  Hubby takes care of the kids and does the cleaning though.  He is way, way better than me on the clean up as I tend to be a slob.  His detailing could use some work - but hey, beggars cannot be choosers right?   LOL

Snake the drain clean out valve from the septic? me. Check the oil in the car? me. Get gas? me. Do the laundry? usually him.  Put away the laundry? him.  He does do the mowing but I cannot start the stupid thing anyway. LOL I could go on and on. But then it would be after 10pm and I wouldn't make my bedtime deadline.

Now quick! Go wash your eyes out from reading my germies!!

Aunt C- got your email but I am hitting the hay.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And the winner of oddest lunch today is?

Well is it you or me?
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
A serving of Terra chips (sweet potato) dipped into a mashed avocado half.
I told ya it was weird! Very filling though. For some reason avocados really fill me up. Must be all the yummy fat. :-D

BAD eats!

I ate horribly all day yesterday. I knew I was doing it.  I rationalized it that it isn't like I was bingeing.  I hadn't eaten all day and we were out and about for hours. Yada yada yada.  I didn't plan on eating like that but I went with the flow.  My tummy was not happy with it this morning though.  Not enough to scar me for life unfortunetaly but hopefully enough that I can remember.  I guess I got my wish in a way.  When I read blogs about people saying that they ate something they know they shouldn't how it effects them almost right away.  Either with tummy issues,aches, or other various problems. I typically have a cast iron tummy and stuff like that never ever effects me. Maybe I can get my body trained to only want good and punish me for bad?  Yes, I know I am a doof!

The only good part is that I did get in mucho steps yesterday.  We went to Sam's Club and Best Buy.... :P (future post about that)

In case your wondering

All from Sam's Club

Fountain drink cherry coke x 2
45% of a salt soft pretzel

After we got home
2 large slices of Sam's Club supreme pizza
1 macadamia and white chocolate chip cookie
2 smaller mini m&m cookies.

Can we say CARB FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I can't even blame my period!  The good news is I have no desire for any of the above today (well except the soda- I am a soda-holic even though I know how very bad it is for me)  I wish places had diet cherry coke!

Now I must shower and get ready for work.  I also need to find an address and get a care package out for my girlfriend who is running the Half Princess Marathon next week.  I have been slacking on keeping in touch with her lately so I hope this is a pleasant surprise for my friend.  Fairy dust and all!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Achy hips?

I know I cannot be the only one with this pain so I figured I would ask the audience. Do your hips ever hurt? Deep achy pain that comes and goes that you cannot seem to pinpoint a cause for?

I don't recall ever having hip pain until a few months ago. I am pretty positive I had a silent (symptomless) bladder infection. I didn't have the normal wee wee problems but the lower back pain was killer. It seemed to spread out into the hips as well. I should have gone to the ER but I kept putting it off thinking that other people needed to be there more than I. I self treated as much as I could with water flushing and taking care of myself and set a feel better deadline. I did start to feel better and the lower back pain subsided. However the hip pain comes and goes periodicaly and I cannot figure it out. Sometimes my body is just tired which makes sense. Others  there is no reason why they should hurt. I don't walk extreme amounts. Sometimes I stand for hours but then my feet hurt, not the hips. I have been at my job 5.5 yrs now so nothing new there.

Anyway as I said I figured I would bounce off of you all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Self Perception

Self Perception

I have wanted to do a blog post about this for a long time now.  I always assumed I had a poor self perception of myself.  Apparently I must have a decent one.  I might see a picture of myself that I think is horrible but I accept it.  Because I know just because I think I look horrible someone else may not.  I just try not to dwell on that kind of stuff.  That said, I am sad because I have to distance myself from someone that I really enjoy knowing online.   I cannot handle the negative self view that they have of themselves- It truly upsets me.

I am fat,  I know I am fat.   I could never say I love my body.  I sure as hell do not hate it though. When I was thin (yeah, for a whole 8 months) I still felt fat.  I have seen countless people say that they felt fat at their thinnest.  I just cannot ride that train of self loathe.  Maybe I am naive or maybe I have just grown past that point in my life.  Maybe it is because I have been chubby from about age 6 and up.

I do have those days where I feel really cute.  Then catch a glimpse at myself in the mirror out somewhere and do that internal "UGH"  I do not dwell on it though.  I think those thoughts and move on.  I have a beautiful family and a loving husband so I must have done something right. They love me for me- not for how fat or thin I am.

Happy Valentine's Day from my family to yours!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How do you Brooks?

My first grader A. had a weekend homework assignment.  He was to make something out of items that would have been thrown away.  A. and hubby worked on it Thursday night while I was at work.  My job was to bind the parts they came up with together. Tonight (as the project is due tomorrow) I sat down and actually taped the various bits together.

Hubby is a Brooks ID member so we have a plethora of boxes laying around.  What we have here is a Brooks Ravenna 2 box, 5 empty soda cans, a few fast food napkins that were just hanging out, a empty paper towel roll, the lid to a 100 ct cookie cutter tub,  and 2 empty toilet paper tubes. Plus a fair amount of duck tape as well.  The ears can flop and the tail does move up and down as well.

After we snapped this picture  I happened to catch a glimpse of the rear end of the "fireman dog" as my son calls it.  I of course busted out laughing!!!!

Wouldn't you?

Do you see it?  

Brooks even reposted the first picture.   How cool is that??   :/)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

1am and I am wiiiiide awake

Yeahhh that 4 hour nap this evening would probably be the cause of the above mentioned fact.  LOL

Today was my day off and I had high hopes of starting a project.  Hubby had his 5k this morning and we were going to work on my project when he got home.  After two hour of google to find the right components we would need to get I decided to put this project off till Valentine's Day and deal with it later.  A lovely nap then ensued and then we met my brother in town for dinner.  :)  

I tried to install a new comment system on my blog but I don't really like how it looked so it went bye bye.  I think I fixed the feed issue I was having as well.  I hope I did at least!  Really frustrating to see my posts not updating on peoples blog lists.

If your hitting my blog for the first time because I commented on yours.  Hi!  LOL  I like to read running blogs even though I do not run.  Because my husband is a runner it helps me connect/understand him.  By reading your blogs I am able to mentally feel as if I am running with you . In my mind I am a runner- not in my body though. I just do not enjoy running at alllll. Hell, in my mind I am a lot of fantastically wonderful things actually.  Are you better at anything in particular in your mind than you are in real life?

I saw the picture below on  facebook the other day and I couldn't help but crack up as I imagine I would look and feel like the little girl if I ran.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just another day

I am late to the WI because I wanted to wait for my um visitor to get the hell out of town. :)

I blame that carby sugary goodness of that banana bread for not losing to much. At least I did lose some though so I am grateful of that. I need to get back on the stationary bike even if just 5 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing!

I need to hop in the shower when hubby gets home from school and then get ready for my half day of work. I am off this Saturday and I am looking forward to that. Hubby is planning on running a 5k in Dunnellon with his man love. (his best friend) His bestie paid for his admission into the Disney Marathon. So in return we bought him for his birthday (Valentine's Day) a Garmin Forunner 305 I think it is? The bigger red one- Hubby has the same and loves it. He figured it would be easier to walk him through things if it was the same. We also paid for his race admission into the run they are doing on Saturday. He knows about the paid race admission and thinks that is his b-day present. Boy will he be surprised!! LOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My day off and while it started OK I am ending it with a case of the grumpies!

I am annoyed with my family- I am annoyed with myself. I am just all about annoyed! The boys are going to bed in a few minutes (an hour early) just because I am tired of the constant fighting between them. Yes- it is normal, but, today I had one poop in his pants and the other pee in his pants. All within minutes of each other and I am at my rope end.

I am frustrated with myself over banana bread. I make buffalo chicken dip and 2 loaves of banana bread. Talk about competing aromas in the house! I had a whole bunch of over ripe bananas to use so I just took a recipe I found and ran with it. Basically I just left out the oil/butter and added more banana. It is very dense and not like traditional naner bread but it is still very yummy. Wait? I remember I am watching my carbs/sugar right? Hence the frustration with myself!!! I have had at least 2 slices a day since Sunday. Thankfully it isn't effecting my weight YET. I have put a stop to it as of tonight and ordered DH to either eat the rest tonight or feed it to the dogs. That was my original plan if it turned out like crap. LOL

I am just plain grumpy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not feeling it

Usually a lack of blog posting is a baaaad thing for me.  In this case though it is just a not feeling it. My eating is good and hell I even did ten minutes on stationary bike last night.  The maid of honor posted the bridesmaid dress pictures to fb of her and I. She is a size four so everything looked great on her.  Me 'eh not so much.  I feel like they all look like tents. Blah

I may share them in the future as a before and after.  I don't do humiliation well so no presharing unless your on my facebook.  Right now I am off to bed. A certain little visitor is here and this is basically hell weekend for me at work. My supervisor did come in for most of the day this afternoon to help which was much appreciated.  No to hopefully be asleep in the next few minutes. Good night!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dress- for REALZ LOL

Ok well yeahhh the bridesmaid dress has been modified yet again. The site that the last one was from didn't want to take info and then when it finally did it trigged a fraud alert on one gal's account.

I took a last minute thrown together trip to Brandon yesterday and we went to Clearwater to try on the backup dress. The MOH (Maid of Honor) was able to go with us so that helped bunches! She is pretty much the same size as the others and then myself the largest we were able to get an idea of what would work. After trying on 6-7 dresses we ended up with a completely different dress from the back up dress though. However the real dress is now ordered and PAID for both myself and the MOH. THIS IS THE FINAL SELECTION! :)

I am not looking forward to the alterations though. UGH! Hems start at $30 there. ICK! I did order a matching shawl so at least the bat wings will be covered up some. The dresses are special order though and are not due to arrive till 4/28 or so. That will be cutting it close but at least they are ordered now. The price pointed ended up being a bit much for some and she has lost a few girls though. At least we were able to get $20.00 off since my sisters dress came from David's Bridal. Without further ado here is the dress http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Long-Strapless-Dress-with-Front-Ruffle-Cascade-F14336_Bridal-Party-Bridesmaids-Shop-By-Color#altImage

I wanted to put a picture up but with the way David's site is I guess I just have to do the link. It will be in the light blue color- capri.

Two hour drive at 3 in the afternoon and then a two hour drive at 1am is kind LONG. Oye! I am glad I don't need to do it often. I felt like I was scanning the Tampa stations non stop and I cannot believe I couldn't find better music. Belting out music while your driving is a great way to keep yourself awake. I did end up grabbing a bottled starbucks frap. (and back up starbucks double shot) before I started the drive home just in case. I sipped on it the whole drive home. Holy vanilla/sugar! WOW! I have been avoiding sugar for so long that was just BAM! LOL But I figured it was better to go with some sugar on something I know how a react to than to try a SF energy drink. Of COURSE like 2 blocks after the Walgreens there was a McDonalds that was still open. They have SF iced coffee. Oh well- What can ya do?

* I never elaborated on the toilet paper all gone. Usually I am 100% on top of that as that isn't something you want to run out of. However the last few times I was in potty and needed paper (it is stored in linen closet in hall) I asked B to bring it to me. The last time time when he brought it he told me there were three more. I believed him like a big dummy. I should have known better LOL