Thursday, February 16, 2012

BAD eats!

I ate horribly all day yesterday. I knew I was doing it.  I rationalized it that it isn't like I was bingeing.  I hadn't eaten all day and we were out and about for hours. Yada yada yada.  I didn't plan on eating like that but I went with the flow.  My tummy was not happy with it this morning though.  Not enough to scar me for life unfortunetaly but hopefully enough that I can remember.  I guess I got my wish in a way.  When I read blogs about people saying that they ate something they know they shouldn't how it effects them almost right away.  Either with tummy issues,aches, or other various problems. I typically have a cast iron tummy and stuff like that never ever effects me. Maybe I can get my body trained to only want good and punish me for bad?  Yes, I know I am a doof!

The only good part is that I did get in mucho steps yesterday.  We went to Sam's Club and Best Buy.... :P (future post about that)

In case your wondering

All from Sam's Club

Fountain drink cherry coke x 2
45% of a salt soft pretzel

After we got home
2 large slices of Sam's Club supreme pizza
1 macadamia and white chocolate chip cookie
2 smaller mini m&m cookies.

Can we say CARB FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I can't even blame my period!  The good news is I have no desire for any of the above today (well except the soda- I am a soda-holic even though I know how very bad it is for me)  I wish places had diet cherry coke!

Now I must shower and get ready for work.  I also need to find an address and get a care package out for my girlfriend who is running the Half Princess Marathon next week.  I have been slacking on keeping in touch with her lately so I hope this is a pleasant surprise for my friend.  Fairy dust and all!!

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