Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Achy hips?

I know I cannot be the only one with this pain so I figured I would ask the audience. Do your hips ever hurt? Deep achy pain that comes and goes that you cannot seem to pinpoint a cause for?

I don't recall ever having hip pain until a few months ago. I am pretty positive I had a silent (symptomless) bladder infection. I didn't have the normal wee wee problems but the lower back pain was killer. It seemed to spread out into the hips as well. I should have gone to the ER but I kept putting it off thinking that other people needed to be there more than I. I self treated as much as I could with water flushing and taking care of myself and set a feel better deadline. I did start to feel better and the lower back pain subsided. However the hip pain comes and goes periodicaly and I cannot figure it out. Sometimes my body is just tired which makes sense. Others  there is no reason why they should hurt. I don't walk extreme amounts. Sometimes I stand for hours but then my feet hurt, not the hips. I have been at my job 5.5 yrs now so nothing new there.

Anyway as I said I figured I would bounce off of you all.

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  1. I have hip pain all the time. The doctor tells me my main pain is from hip flexor tendonitis, but I know part of it is pain left over from my pregnancy. I would love a new set of hips, life would be so much easier.


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