Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not much, but it is a start! :)

What a beautiful day off today!  I got to sleep in to a ungodly hour that I will not share because it was that late. LOL  Then we went off to the mall for hubbers to look at new flippers. His reef sandals are many years old which is not a problem.  The problem is that a certain little pup decided to chew on the thong part and severed one of the two toe holds. He was excited as he had a coupon for 20% off an item.  As I was trying to contain the boys I asked him if he had read the fine print.  It was 20% off an apparel item so there went that idea.  We pay enough for his running shoes I am not paying $50 for sandals.

The boys kept wanting to ride all the rides that the mall has.  Train rides for $3 or a jumping station for $8 ? (I cannot remember- A. did it a few years ago though)  There is a new ride in front of Belk that the boys did all get to ride though.  It was $4.00 a person and hubbers went on with them.  I stood outside and watched the black and white screen of the ride.

 They picked the Runaway Mine Ride pictured below.

We decided while we were at the mall to pick up A's outfit for my sisters upcoming wedding.  We found a black shirt in his size missing a tie.  I talked to a salesperson who called a manager and they marked it down to $10.  We didn't need the tie as we will need a white one for the wedding but it would have been nice to have a another tie in the house.  The suits were on sale for 40% off so we picked up a black suit as well.  He looks so handsome in his little black suit.  All we need now is to find a boys white tie and his outfit is complete.  He is so excited to be the ring bearer and was practicing the hand motions and marching while trying the suit on.

We spent two hours walking around the mall.  I could really feel it and A. was whining how tired he was.  We brought home dinner from the food court since I had nothing thawed.  After eating I got up and walked on the new treadmill.  Our Valentine's Day present to each other was a tablet.  We got the EEE Transformer so I spent my walk reading on the kindle app.  I finished a chapter and was thirsty so I decided to stop.  I couldn't see the display till I stopped due to tablet so I had no idea how long I had been walking.  I did know it was a 2.6mph pace though.  

Not much but it is a start!

Good Luck to all running the Disney Princess Half Marathon tomorrow!!  Shout out to my girlfriend from high school Jennifer who is running this race tomorrow.  Also for the many bloggers I read that are running as well.

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  1. Hey, like you said its a start... I have no clue what a "EEE Transformer" is, maybe if I actually had a kindle I would know... anyway, sounds like a good start, and you can do more tomorrow!


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